2015 Golden Globes Fashion Recap

Award season is here! Award season is here! AKA the second most wonderful time of the year in my opinion. I didn’t like many of the movies nominated this year, but am obsessed with most of the TV shows (go figure).

But honestly, the actual show doesn’t do much for me. It’s more laid back than the Academy Awards sure, but throw in a performance of some kind, please! Such a long three hours of celebrities talking about each other. I was really excited for Tina and Amy to host again this year and they were funny! For the 10 total minutes they were on stage.

The red carpet is really what I love about award shows so here are my top four hits and misses from the Golden Globes red carpet.

THE HITS HEADER The Golden Globes 2015 Hits CollageAnna Kendrick in Monique Lhuillier – Maybe she can just do no wrong to me but I loved her look! She almost didn’t look like herself with the understated eye makeup but I loved how different it was compared to what she usually does on the carpet. Someone tweeted that blush is “so last season” but I thought her dress was 100% perfect.

Reese Witherspoon in Calvin Klein - Silver was a big trend this year on the carpet and I loved it! So glam. This dress by Calvin Klein was a perfect fit for Reese and I loved her soft hair. I haven’t been a huge fan of her last few red carpet looks but she is BACK!

Emma Stone in Lanvin - THIS is how you do a pant suit! (I’m looking at you, Lorde.) I almost have no words for how much I love this look. From the jeweled top to the huge bow in the back to the slim cut pant, it’s perfection. Best dressed, hands down.

Kate Hudson in Versace - I didn’t immediately love this look when she was doing her interview with E! but when I looked at it again in photos I fell in love! I can’t think of anyone else in the world who could have pulled off this dress. She is the most perfect mix of thin, but not too thin and just looks killer.

THE MISSES HEADER The Golden Globes 2015 Misses Collage

Keira Knightley in Chanel - You all know I’m obsessed with almost everything British. One thing I don’t get is British fashion. I don’t even know what else to say here besides #no. In the words of my husband “I’m really disappointed in Chanel.”

Naomi Watts in Gucci - Yellow is my least favorite color of all, especially when it comes to formal wear. It’s just my personal preference. This dress also gives her zero shape. She can do better!

Allison Williams in Giorgio Armani – The shape is nice on her but I could not get over all the beads. So. Many. Beads. Just not a fan.

Rosamund Pike in Vera Wang – I know, I know, she just had a baby. But this dress looks like it’s about to fall off of her. That’s really it for me. Pull that thing up! Also, I don’t know if I will ever not be creeped out by Rosamund after she played Amy the psycho in Gone Girl.

Overall, I was actually pretty disappointed in the dresses. Hopefully they redeem themselves at the Academy Awards. 41 days!

Friday Five 1.9.15

I think I watch too much TV. The thing is, I watch significantly less than I did a year and a half ago and still lead a pretty active lifestyle so…that’s all the justification I’ve got. Whatever.

I’m divulging this semi-embarrassing piece of information to you today because instead of my typical “Friday Five” week recap, I’m going to share five shows that premiered this week that I am obsessed. I’m doing this so that you will want to watch them too and I can feel less guilty about what I’m doing with my life. (I just realized I’ve already admitted to being a TV junkie here.)

downton abbey

If you are a day-one around here this is should come as no shock as I’ve already admitted I think I was born in the wrong country but YOU GUYS. I can’t even put into words how much I adore this show. Like, it hurts. Why was I not born during this time? Run to your local library (the only appropriate place because HELLO it’s on PBS), rent all the seasons, and catch the eff up NOW before you miss any more. It is incredible. You can also watch them on Amazon Instant Streaming here if the library isn’t really your thing.

the good wife

Julianna Margulies is hard for me to stomach, but Alicia Florrick is one of my favorite people. This show took some crazy twists last season that made me wonder if I was still going to be into it but thankfully, I am. When I’m not busy being British I’m busy solving crimes aka watching ALL THE crime shows. You can stream this one on Amazon here.


I told you all a few months ago that I was catching up on the seasons of Pretty Little Liars and I SO glad I did. This show is so sick and twisted and I love it. Catch up on this one on Netflix!


I’ve tried to quit The Real World a few times, but I’ve never been tempted to quit The Challenge. This season is the second time they have put exes on a team together and I don’t think I need to explain to you why that makes for great TV. There is also another really big twist this year that I won’t spoil for those of you who may still be waiting to watch but it’s awesome.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


I just Googled and found out that this is the 16th season of this SVU. And I’ve watched every single episode at least four times with only minimal exaggeration. Doing some math that is approximately 1,500 hours or 64 DAYS of my life spent watch SVU. If that doesn’t make you want to put the remote down for a minute, I don’t know what will.
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Currently – January 2015

currently jan15

PLANNING // All the things. Because it’s January, duh. I went with a Whitney English Day Designer (currently sold out I think) instead of my usual Erin Condren Life Planner and so far I LOVE it. My Life Planner was beginning to get overwhelmed with trying to write my schedule AND to do list in the same third of a page.

HOPING // That Winter (who only just decided to show it’s super ugly face) doesn’t stick around too long. I have lots of long training runs to do and the treadmill and I are no longer speaking. But…BRRRR.

BAKING // Other than the occasional chocolate chip cookie, I don’t really bake in the traditional sense. I did however roast some delicious red potatoes last night tossed in EVOO, salt, pepper and minced garlic and they were DIVINE.

WEARING // Well, this. And this. This, these and this for starters. So basically everything from my post-Christmas JCrew Factory haul. What can I say, I’m a total sucker for an additional 40% off absolutely anything.

RESOLVING // To decorate this house at least a little bit this year! It was definitely put on the back burner over the last six months while paying for a wedding took priority, but not any more. I’m not naive enough to think it’s going to be my version of perfect by the end of the year, but we are working on it. I’ve already begun working on recreating this gallery wall look in our entry way.

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Top 10 Life Moments of 2014

I think the return-to-the-blog is real this time, guys. I can actually FEEL the mental space up there that this thing takes. Guess we will find out in a week or so. Or less. Who knows really. Are you confused yet? Me too. Let’s move on.

Are you all tired of these “year recap” posts? Sorry I’m not sorry if you are. This was a BIG year for us, and I did a realllllly crappy job of documenting it all as it went down so Top-Tenning it feels much less cumbersome than trying to get individual posts together at this point. Lucky for you, I’m not really a resolutions type of girl or I’d be doing a post on those, too. Cliche all the way!

Anyhoo, here are the top 10 things that went down this year in semi-chronological order.

1. Started a Blog
Notice I didn’t say “did a great job at blogging.” But it was something I had been wanting to do for a while. Here’s to hoping my 2014 average of 1.62 posts a week increases in 2015.

2. Nathan Started a New Job
Nathan beginning a new job at a company he loves almost made our entire year right off the bat! Buh-bye retail hours, hello (semi) normalcy!

3. Hosted a Wedding Shower and a Bachelorette Party
Both were snow much fun! Oh, and Huber Winery outside of Louisville is the bomb dot com.
audrey'sbach IMG_0655

4. We Bought a House
No more moving every 14 months for this girl! If that’s not winning, I don’t know what is.
front of house

5. Our Godson Was Born
This smiley guy brings so much light into our lives. Love him.
griffin's dedication

6. My Sister-In-Law Got Married
And was such a beautiful bride! If you look closely at my dress you may notice the “cups” I had put in my dress to hold it up have maneuvered themselves completely down the front of my dress and outward. Such a good look. Thanks for nothing seamstress.
audrey's wedding

7. Two Wedding Showers & a Bachelorette Party FOR ME
I have the best family and friends, hands down. I’m still planning to recap my bachelorette party in Nashville because there are definitely things you need to know about that.
amy's shower bridesmaids shower bachelorette party

You know, casual. But really, it was magical and I’d like to do it  exactly the same at least 100 more times please.

9. Went On a Beautiful Honeymoon
This still needs to be recapped also. Lord knows the internet needs more pictures of the beautiful Mexican scenery but for now I’ll leave you with this…

10. Adopted Our Pup Percy
He has already grown so much since this picture! Never a dull moment with this baby. How could you not love that face…those ears?!
percy 2


See? BIG year. To be honest I get really emotional when I think about how good God was to us in 2014. Like…I can’t even put it into any more words than that. We were beyond blessed and I could not be more grateful! I can’t even begin to dream about what is in store for 2015…


DIY Christmas Card Display & Our 2014 Cardstore Christmas Card

mailing cards

I consider it a small miracle that I got Christmas cards out before Christmas this year considering the fact that about half of my wedding thank yous were still waiting to be written only 2.5 weeks ago. But really, how could I deny the world the chance to see MORE of my wedding pictures? It would be selfish of me, right? ;)

cardstore box

I used Cardstore to make our cards this year and it was so easy! Seriously, the hardest part of the process was choosing which one of their hundreds of adorable designs to use (and which of our wedding photos to use, of course!). Cardstore even printed our return address on the envelopes at no extra charge! Such a huge time saver. They will also print the recipient addresses and add postage for you so you never have to touch the cards to get them to your friends and family! I wanted to make sure I got my thank-yous out before my Christmas cards so I didn’t take advantage of that service this time, but you better believe next year (when I maybe have my life together a little more) I will be defiantly be utilizing those services.

The cards have started rolling in from our friends and family and I knew I wanted to find a cute way to display them in our entry way. Our house is fairly new so I have a lot of blank space (baby) to work with! This washi tape tree came together in about 15 minutes (plus the several hours it took me to locate red washi tape…isn’t it Christmastime?!) and I could not be more happy with the way it turned out!

washi tape christmas tree washi tape card holder up close up close washi tap tree

(Of course ours had to go on the very top. I could look at those beautiful pictures and my handsome husband all darn day.)

I think this project overall is pretty self explanatory, but I let me offer just a little advice if you are considering recreating…it’s HUGE. It takes up almost the  whole wall from top to bottom and I’m hoping to fit 22-25 cards on it. If you get tons of cards this would be a good way to display your favorites, but probably not all of them!

How to you display your Christmas cards?

Stocking and christmas cardI was offered 50 free cards from Cardstore for my review. Opinions are all my own. Use code CP4192 to get 40% off your holiday card order!