Saturday Morning Reading | Volume Four

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Good Morning! I’ll be back Monday talking about where the heck I’ve been for the last two weeks but for now, check out some of these great articles and enjoy your Saturday morning reading!

The Ultimate Free Gallery Wall Resource is something we all need to save, am I right? I love that she organizies them by color! So helpful.

I found this post on How to be Your Blog’s Own Graphic Designer so interesting. I can honestly say almost all five suggestions were things I had never considered but am now thinking about.

You all know the affection I have for Meagan (aka The Modern Tulip) but this post about her First Week of Mamahood might have tipped me right over the edge. She is so raw and honest and I just love her heart!

This home tour and this home tour are exactly what I’d like my house to look like. Can someone make this happen? Please and thank you.

I just love this free spring printable. If that particular one doesn’t make you swoon there are 20 others at the bottom of that post!

Weekend Recap || March 13 – 15

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Friday is pretty generally my busiest day at work, so I was there “late.” When I got home we made pizza and a use what you have version of the margaritas I talked about in my post on Friday. Fail. Big fail. But you can’t come between this girl and a good marg so I’m going to keep at it. If you have a tried and true, lower-calorie margarita recipe send it my way!

Was rainy, boo. Nathan and I went to lunch at our favorite Mexican place because at this point my craving for a good margarita was all I could think about. Kidding. Kind of? It was basically a Mexican food/drink emergency situation in general. Saturday night my step-mom threw an alumni event at my high school so we headed there for dinner and dancing to a live band. It made me feel old and nostalgic since it’s been almost ten years since I graduated. Holy cow. They had a ton of old year books out so don’t miss that photo up there ^ of freshman year Rachel. Insert crying-laughing emoji here. Gah, I LOVED that shirt.

Was 100% gorgeous weather-wise. My running buddy and I did our long run for the week in the morning and it was glorious! Well, the weather was glorious but I’m still paying for the 10 miles. Woof. It basically left me (my legs) out for the count so I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the patio, reading in the sun, doing nothing productive. Not sorry. Then we made our favorite dinner ever – grilled chicken and grilled veggies with feta. Cue the hallelujah chorus. Perfect Sunday!

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Saturday Morning Reading | Volume Three

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How perfect are these DIY mimosa caddys from A Fabulous Fete? They might be front runner for most perfect hostess gift ever. Who doesn’t love a mimosa? It’s just such an adorable idea – I can’t get over it.

My husband and I love popcorn and we love thin mints (who doesn’t?!) so this white chocolate thin mint popcorn from Lolly Jane is a complete duh. Can’t wait to make that.

When I saw this home tour on Style Me Pretty this week I swooned. It spoke to my neutral loving heart! THEN I saw that Parris has an online shop and spent the next hour trying to decide what I need from it. Definitely this. And these.

I love doing HIIT workouts at home, especially in the summer when I can be outside! Jess from Glisten Fit has been my go-to for them for years so when she post this 30-minute home HIIT workout this week I was thrilled. Can’t wait to try it!

I’m a dip girl. I would say “I love a good dip” but really I’ve never met a dip I didn’t like. This Homemade French Onion dip from How Sweet Eats has my mouth watering constantly. YES.

You just have to see this mug to appreciate it, I think. Seriously, just click it appreciate this perfectly adorable mug’s wittiness.

Friday Five 3.13.15

Happy Friday Loves! Here are my Friday Five for the week.

I love spending time with this precious boy and his momma. I can’t believe we were talking about plans for his first birthday this week! Where does the time go? Also…THOSE CHEEKS.

Is anyone else excited to see the newest Cinderella remake? I’m usually a “don’t mess with the classics” type of girl but I can’t wait! My sister will be home this week for Spring Break and we have plans to see it ASAP!

There you go again Target, feeding two of my latest obsessions. I snapped a picture of this chair while wondering around my neighborhood Target this week and I can not get it off my brain! It’s $70 off right now which is as good a reason as any to buy it, right?

I have expressed my love for Bud Lite Cran-ber-itas more than a few times on this blog (and PS they are no longer just a seasonal offering – I’m in trouble) but the amount of calories in one can makes me cringe. This recipe from Valley & Co. looks like it could be a better substitute though! They are on the agenda for tonight so I’ll let you know the verdict next week.

I think it’s finally here! I’m still cracking up at the fact that we were snowed in two days last week and I ran outside in shorts AND we ate dinner on the patio yesterday. Cool Indiana. Spring also means long, daily walks with my two favorite guys!
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Have a great weekend!

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