Simple Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers (21 Day Fix Approved!)

slow cooker stuffed peppers - main
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Now that I’m deep into my 21 Day Fix I’m constantly scouring Pinterest looking for simple and delicious dinners that are not only Fix-Approved, but Husband-Approved. I’ve also been trying to think of ways to change up our favorite dinners to fit into The Fix diet guidelines. These stuffed peppers are a direct result of that! What could be easier than about twenty minutes of prep work, throwing everything into a slow cooker (one of the best life-hacks ever in this busy girl’s opinion) and having a complete, healthy meal on the table whenever you are ready for dinner? I’ll wait while you think about it. Bonus? You can change these up so many ways to suit your families tastes!

Side note: If you know me IRL you know that I am obsessed with Schnucks grocery stores (and if you don’t know, now you know). I do all my regular grocery shopping there and have for as long as I can remember. Their produce, deli department, meat department, and just general selection is just…the best. For years, I have put up with their slightly-higher prices because the quality of their produce and meats were noticeably (I’m talking LEAPS and BOUNDS) better compared to the other grocery store options in my area. BUT NOT ANY MORE FOLKS. The first time I did my shopping after they rolled out their new Savings Salute program I almost kissed the bag boy. I saw a difference in my bill right then and there. Less money weekly on groceries means more margaritas on vacation, am I right?!

Schnucks Collage

Finding the ingredients for this recipe at my local Schnucks seriously could not have been easier. Walk in, grab a few peppers and an onion from the produce section, turn the corner to grab a pound of lean ground beef, then head to Aisle 3 for your tomato sauce, diced tomatoes (we like it HOT) and brown rice and you are DONE. I’m here to make your life easier guys, it’s what I do.

Here’s a more official shopping list for you:
4 Green Peppers (the bigger the better!)
1/2 White Onion
12 oz. Can of Tomato Sauce
8 oz. Can of Mexican Style Diced Tomatoes
1-1.5 lbs. Lean Ground Beef (or your ground meat of choice)

Schnucks Collage 2
Here’s what to do with all of it:
1. Finely dice onion
2. Brown onion and meat in a large skillet (seriously make it big)
3. Drain meat/onion mixture if needed after cooking and return it to the pan
4. Add tomato sauce and diced tomatoes to the pan and let it simmer for a few minutes
5. Cut off the top of your peppers and clean out the inside. DON’T cut them vertically! You want them to be able to stand up on their own.
6. Fill peppers with meat mixture and place in your slow cooker
7. Cook on high for two hours or low for fours hours
8. Sprinkle a little bit of mozzarella on the top and enjoy! Yum.


21 Day Fix Meal Details (Per One Pepper)
2 Green
1 Red
1/2 Purple
1 Yellow
1/4 Blue (if you use a sprinkle of cheese)

What are your favorite slow cooker recipes? Let me know in the comments! And make sure you check out the Schnucks Savings Salute site to keep up with all of the low prices at your local Schnucks.

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*Do you ever start writing a post and it turns out completely different than you originally planned? That’s what happened here. My apologies. 

The weight struggle post. Does it make you want to roll your eyes reading that? Another blogger struggling with her weight.

Truth? I’m not sure if I think it’s cliche to talk about your weight struggle OR being the perfectionist that I am, it’s just really hard for me to admit that there is one area of my life that just cycles in and out of control. Probably the latter if I’m being honest. Even though it is 100% obvious to everyone looking at me now compared to looking at me a year ago that I’m in the middle of a weight struggle saying it out loud makes it so much more real. Like I’ve failed (again). Is there any worse feeling in the world?

I have been through it all when it comes to my weight. One of my earliest memories of elementary school (third-ish grade at the most) was an “exercise” we did in the middle of class where a few people stood at the front of the room and the rest of the class had to make comments about things that we all had in common or things that were all different about us (really not sure where the teacher expected this to go besides south but ok…). Someone said “None of them are fat – except Rachel.” Umm, heartbreak. Even for my 9 year old self. Heck, my 27 year old heart breaks for that little girl. (Side note: I was chubby, at the worst. Not morbidly obese like some of these sad babies you see now.)

Fast forward to high school where I wore sweatshirts to school EVERY DAY because I was so insecure about the fact that I was still a little chubby. Enter competitive cheerleading. Turns out, bouncing around for multiple hours a week was just what I needed to shed some of that weight and become slightly more self-confident. Go me.

Fast forward to college, moving out, fending for myself for dinner every night, cheerleading career over, drinking…the whole nine yards. I gained all the weight back plus some a lot. About two years in I took a break, headed to Vancouver, BC to nanny for my cousins, had all the time in the world to work out at the gym my aunt and uncle paid the membership for and I could walk to from their house. Surprise, surprise I lost the weight again!

A year later I came home to mostly the same things I left but, desperate to not gain the weight back, I developed an eating disorder. I wouldn’t eat, and if I did eat I would eat “too much” and promptly go it throw up.

Around that time I started seriously dating my now husband and like, you can’t have an eating disorder that you expect to keep secret in a serious relationship. My weight went up ever so slightly (and I fought every day to keep my food in my stomach) before I realized that is just not what I wanted for my life.

So I engrossed myself in eating healthy and working out. I wanted it so badly to become my new lifestyle and it was for that five(ish) year period of my life. Fast forward to last summer, planning a wedding, buying a house, getting married, adopting a dog and I got off track AGAIN. I’m sitting here now and I still can’t believe I let my weight out of control like it is AGAIN.

You might be thinking “Dang! This girl is vain worrying about her weight so much” but it’s really not that. My worth comes from Jesus, I have a husband who loves me and thinks I’m beautiful, and I have more family and friends than I can keep up with. My life is not lacking in meaning because I feel like I’m overweight – I don’t want it to come off that way. Here’s what I do know. I am not the best Christian, wife, sister, daughter, friend, WHATEVER I know that I can be in the mental place I go when I’m feeling bad about my body. I have spent the last six months trying to make small lifestyle changes (no soda, making healthier dinners) in hopes that those things would bring the changes I was looking for. They didn’t.

If you are a regular around here you might know that I am in the middle of a health and fitness challenge called the 21 Day Fix. To me? It’s not a quick fix (though the results I’m seeing are definitely coming quickly than I thought they ever would) it’s a lifestyle change. Being conscience of the food I’m putting in my body, getting proper nutrition and working out thirty minutes a day in the comfort of my own home. Not to mention a community of people in the same boat as me lifting you up and ENCOURAGING me on this journey.

Part of the challenge is access to a private Facebook group where we check in every day, share our struggles and triumphs, post recipes that we are loving and just generally support each other for the entire 21 days. Without this group I would have no doubt skipped a workout (or two) or maybe been a little more lax in my eating. It has really provided the accountability I personally need.

I’m no where near where I want to be yet so I’m going to keep going. Would you like to join me? I 100% believe in this 21 Day Fix program but maybe you just want healthy eating and working out accountability? I’m starting my first group October 12th and I would love to have you join me. Fill out the form below so I know you are interested and we will chat about the details!

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 On a completely unrelated note I’m taking part in another awesome Facebook group right now where I’m connecting with some other really awesome bloggers. Check them out below and win yourself some cash!

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Happy Fall Ya’ll!

(How many times have you read this across all social media/blogland today? Truly, I’m interested. Tell me in the comments.)

I haven’t done a Clicks & Pins post in a few weeks, and I’ve been missing them! With this being the first day of fall and my girl Katie hosting a fall themed linkup today I decided to give today’s Clicks and Pins a fall theme. Super original, I know.

Hope you enjoy!

fall themed Collage

1. Slow cooker meals scream fall to me. Maybe it’s because life gets so much busier in the fall or there are just so many hearty soups and chilis I love to make in there. This slow cooker chicken marsala from Creme de la Crumb sounds like a perfect fall rotation! Love chicken marsala.

2. The fall DIYs are rolling out and per usual, I want to do them all! This giant distressed fall sign from Love Grows Wild is adorable and seems like something I might actually start and finish. (But no promises. Because that’s like MY THING. Tell me you have this problem too.)

3. I’m obsessed with fall smells and if we are home, I am always burning a delicious smelling candle. It can become a mildly expensive obsession so I’m totally going to try this apple pie potpourri from Classy Clutter a whirl.

4. I’m going to shock and awe you all here really quick – I’m obsessed with Liz Marie Blog’s fall house tour. I know, I know I haven’t told you guys 1000 times how much I love her house BUT IT’S DECORATED FOR FALL NOW. #housegoals #lifegoals #allthefreakingoals

5. I really want all the seasonal pillows but I really want this Cuddle Weather pillow from Paris Chic Boutique. She has about 20 other beautiful fall themed pillows you should definitely check out.

6. We all know that Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere knows what she is talking about when it comes to beauty (umm maybe actually everything?) She picked 5 of her favorite new fall lipstick colors and I want to try them all.

7. Did I mention I love all the fall signs? I love this Welcome Autumn sign from Just Destiny. She did a Merry Christmas one last year and I actually got it printed and hung it above our back door. LOVE it.

8. Have you seen the new fall home line at Target? Obsessed. This Nate Berkus for Target Gold Metal Lamp Base needs to get in my house like, today. I’m having a lot of trouble picturing what type of shade I would put on it though. Thoughts?!

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Well guys, Nathan and I made it a whole year 😉 Juuust kidding. It was a great year! Not without it’s growing pains but maybe we’ll talk about that more later. I can definitely tell you the growing pains were worth it! I can say with 100% certainty that I love Nathan more than I did one year ago when we got married and I don’t see that slowing down. What more could you ask for?

Friday after work we headed back to where it all started a year ago (aka where we had our wedding) – New Harmony, Indiana. It is a big wedding destination in our area and we loved celebrating our wedding there! It is a super quaint, pretty, tiny town just about 40 minutes away from where we live – just far enough away to feel special.  It will forever be an easy, but special place to head for our anniversary to have a nice dinner and a night away from the house/dog/whatever. I hope we get to spend a lot of anniversaries there!
nathan rachel first anniversaryAnniversary CollageOnce we checked in and threw on something more presentable than driving clothes we headed straight to a nice dinner at the Inn’s restaurant The Red Geranium. I totally cheated on my 21 Day Fix over dinner and it was totally worth it! It’s all about balance. Side note: I’m super sad the only picture I got of us is this super-grainy selfie but what can you do?

BB Dakota Dress (Sold Out – Similar Here) | Happiness Boutique Necklace

first anniversary new harmony CollageThe next morning we found coffee and breakfast before just wandering around town for several hours. New Harmony is pretty notorious for having not a lot going on – except for the weekend we chose to get married. This specific weekend in September they have a German festival called Kuntsfest which is basically a huge craft/vendor fair with tons of German food mixed in. New Harmony also has some unique stores (I got a delicious smelling bar of locally made soap) and cool landmarks like the one above. That third picture is of a place called “The Roofless Church” and it’s actually where my dad and step-mom got married over 15 year ago! I spent a good amount of time in New Harmony as a child but Nathan had never been outside of our wedding. Obviously, we didn’t have a lot of time to just wander last year so it was cool to show him around.

rachel first anniversary flowersExcuse the super awkwardness of my face but aren’t these the most beautiful first anniversary flowers you have ever seen?! They make my house smell fantastic too. What are the odds they’ll last forever? A girl can dream.

IMG_5692Other than that, life was pretty crazy busy last week! Nathan was out of town which in all honestly sometimes makes me think I’ll have a break to maybe watch a girly movie or something but in the end just really makes me grateful for all he does to help me around the house. Trash and DISHES? Blech.

My work schedule was off the charts crazy last week but I’m pretty proud of how well I stuck to my 21 Day Fix plan! Life happens and I’m sure I didn’t eat perfectly (I tried really hard!) but I did do every workout. I can’t tell you the last time I worked out for seven days in a row so… #BOOM. I call that a win. I really want this to be a lifestyle change anyways, not just a quick fix. And let’s be honest if you told me I’d never be able to have an indulgent meal again I’d throw your clean eating right back in your face :)

PS. I’m really loving Live Love Lead by Hillsong Church’s founder Brian Houston. I would totally recommend it for any level of “leader.”

Thanks for all your help on this Instagram post. I ordered Me Before You, Girl on the Train and (of course) The Hypnotist’s Love Story. What would YOU say the best book you’ve read all year is?

I can’t wait to see what you all were up to this weekend! Linking up with Biana, Meg, Bella, Erin,  Carly, Carylee, and Rachelle.

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I know, I know, I’m a day late and several dollars a dollar short but here I am! Life this past week has been fairly laid back in some ways, but crazy pants in other ways. AKA we spent some much needed time this weekend chilling out after a long week and before the next few weeks are complete, utter insanity from start to finish. But that is our life and I wouldn’t want it any other way :) Here is a glimpse into our life, lately!

IMG_5580Any time I am at home this guy is either touching me, or near enough to me he could touch me if the mood strikes. I think it is because he likes me best (obviously) but Nathan keeps saying absurd things like “It’s because you give (DROP!!) him food.” Like I said, nonsense.

IMG_5573Cheer season is in full swing! This week involved multiple practices, money collecting (THE WORST), t-shirts and fundraisers (THE SECOND WORST). And of course all of these things happened on the same day because I’m either the worst planner OR think I can do everything and have a hard time saying no. One of those statements is true. Which brings me to…

IMG_5613On Thursday I shared a little of my heart over on Instagram. About how I am a people-pleaser and DOER by nature. Head over there if you want the full run down but long story short, I’m making a conscience effort to put myself first more often. My health has taken a a backseat this year while I adjust to married, homeowner, dog mom life and let me just say, it shows. (See exhibit below)

IMG_5635I picked up this mirror last summer at a yard sale for $15 and I just got around to filling the holes and cleaning it up this past weekend. It didn’t even take me all day Sunday so now I’m kind of kicking myself for not doing it sooner! It’s now a very pale seafoam green color that I got on clearance for like, $1 at Lowes. I can’t wait to put this in our room and start taking more selfies 😉

fall CollageTechnically fall doesn’t start for SIX more days and even though I’m not one to waste a second of summer, you can’t argue with 61 degrees at 11 AM on a Sunday.  Light sweaters were worn to church and many hours outside were had. Glorious. Fall, I’m ready for ya!
Happiness Boutique Necklace | Single Thread Boutique Sunnies | Lou & Grey Sweater


So I started my first 21 Day Fix Challenge Group on Monday and I am loving it! 30 minute workouts I can do at home? Support and encouragement from other women doing the same thing for 21 days straight? Right up my alley. I was skeptical at first because I normally do longer workouts but I am LOVING this workout program! Quick and effective. I’ve been eating super clean too and I already feel so different. Did anyone else start on Monday?

IMG_5654For me, so much of keeping my eating on track is meal planning and prep. Sunday I made a big batch of egg muffins and they couldn’t have been easier to throw together! Whisk up 12 eggs and all the veggies you want then bake for 15-20 minutes at 400 and bam! SO yummy and so good for you. I put a little Sriracha on the top, too. Over the top.

So that’s our life lately! Happy Thursday friends! We’re almost there :)

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