Friday, I’ve never been happier to see your face. This week flew by with me feeling like a chicken with my head cut off every single day so I’m ready to slooow down, play with our Godson, visit with my sister who is in from out of town, and eat some yummy food – I mean enjoy some awesome commercials – I mean watch football.

+ I’m so glad I waited to pull the trigger on this Nate Berkus Fringe Stool I want for Camden’s nursery. It’s $20 off this week during their home designer sale! And OMG this tufted chair I’ve been drooling over (normally $300) is well under $200 with code DECOR10. I’m not sure I should pass that up either…

+ always has the cutest Valentine’s Day free printable cards. Last year, I used these that she posted (Amy and Tina references for the win) but the three red and white options from this year are adorable too! Super cute and easy to put in a friend’s mailbox or on a co-workers desk to brighten their day.

+ My sister and I are going to see Room this weekend. Has anyone seen it? I’m dying to so I hope it lives up to my expectations! I also have got to finish reading The Choice this weekend so I can see that ASAP! If you are looking for a book recommendation right now, I would highly suggest The Choice. It’s so so so good.

+ I’ve got Old Navy cash burning a hole in my pocket! The problem is, I can’t decided if I should spend it on myself or the baby! (My husband is a snob and would never wear there clothes so I don’t have to worry about him). I’ll probably go 50/50 😉 Obsessed with this gingham shirt and bowtie onesie and blue tie shirt/leggings combo for Camden, and these adorable scalloped flats, light pink flats (I really do need more flats), and these maternity terry-fleece joggers for me.

+ I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m all in on The Bachelor this season! If you are too, you NEED to read my friend Jessica from Little Bits of Joy’s recap posts. Hilarity. A few of them are so crazy this season that they make it too easy!

+ I’m a chocolate person.  Like, I don’t think dessert is worth eating if it’s not chocolate. But my husband is a vanilla person which makes dessert hard in our house! So we usually just don’t bother (or head to Dairy Queen…) BUT I think we would both really like this easy sugar cookie cake with M&Ms from Julie Blanner! Triple points for you if you have a heart shaped dish to bake it in.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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It’s time for another Currently link up with Jenna and Anne! I can’t wait to see what you all are sending, eating, dreaming, smelling, and hearting in February!

CURRENTLY 216 CollageCURRENTLY 216 Collage 2
I think I technically got my Christmas thank you notes out in January…but it was definitely close! Whoops. They were written for literal weeks waiting for stamps. What can I say? I loathe the post office. PLUS, the invites for my first baby shower are going out today! I’m not technically sending them (thanks sista), but still! So so so exciting.

If I have learned one thing during this pregnancy, it’s to always have snacks in my purse! Now that I am well out of my first trimester and not feeling sick all the time, hunger can basically strike in full force at a moments notice. I thought I knew hunger before I got pregnant, HA. The ones pictured above (apples, wasabi almonds, protein bars) are my go tos! Some new dinners we have tried and loved lately have been this slow cooker tortilla soup and these baked chicken chimichangas.

Working on the baby’s room has really been making me want to get our room together. It’s has been neglected thus far, that’s for sure! We don’t even have a cover on our duvet right now because the dog ripped a huge whole in the one we got after the wedding. It would of course be a dreamy, neutral space just like this one from Refresh Style but first up – a king sized bed! Between this belly, the dog, and a husband IT’S BEYOND TIME.

Currently obsessed with this candle from Target that comes in all sort of sizes and cute vessels! It smells SO MUCH like the expensive Capri Blue one that we all know and love at less than half the price for the biggest size!

This bump! We are starting to get stares and double takes in public, and I love that it gives something positive for people to start conversation with me about (if that makes sense). Getting dressed every day is becoming more and more difficult – thank goodness for my go to pieces! This bump also connects me to so many of you! I have loved becoming closer to so many other moms and moms to be here in blog world and over on Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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First off, The Bachelor. We all agree that Lauren B. is the clear winner, don’t we? As precious as I find Amanda and Caila I just FEEL IT with Lauren B., you know? Oh, and one more thing. How amazing is it that this show is on at 7:00 PM? Pregnant women and moms everywhere answer, AMEN.

Now, on to the real reason we are here…

February Goals

Hashtag goals.

Last year, when I was in the thick of trying to perfect our house, I wrote some goal posts and tried to keep up with documenting all of the changes we were making. It didn’t stick. Mainly because I realized over this last year that I refuse to settle for stuff that I don’t 100% love just to fill up our house with “things.” So I’m embracing the natural process.

What I’m trying to say here is these are different kind of goals, the general kind. I do believe in setting intentions for myself on the regular because guys, I need a lot of work. I’m keeping it pretty simple this month because I have A LOT going on between late night training nights at work and finishing up the cheer season.

Be More Intentional in My Prayer and Quiet Time
So cliche, amiright? But seriously, all areas of my life are just better when I make these things a priority in my daily routine and I’ve got to be more consistent with it.

Stress Less
Specifically about the baby and this pregnancy. I spent far too much of January stressing over what I was eating, if I was overexerting myself during my workouts, when he was kicking, and every other little change to my body and if it meant something was wrong. No more. Ultimately, I am not in control of this pregnancy and I need to stop acting like I am by freaking out 24/7.

House Goals
There are a few things I want to get done this month! We (Nathan, obvs) got the man cave painted over the weekend so I need to finish transitioning that to the office. Then, I’d like to paint Camden’s room and at least have an IKEA trip on the calendar for February (preferred) or March. Weekends are filling up fast and that one will take some planning.

We did ok last month with working out several times a week early in the morning and I want to keep that streak going. I’m going to be conservative (because like I said earlier my schedule is cray this month) and my goal is at least three morning workouts and one yoga class per week, plus daily walks with the pup.

Fingers crossed I can make these things happen this month. Do you all set monthly intentions for yourself? Do you find that they work or no?

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Ahh maternity clothes. It took me a while to really wrap my head around the fact that I needed them, but once I did I couldn’t figure out why the heck I waited so long. Life truly is much more comfortable once you just embrace it, ladies!

Maternity CollageWith several of my friends becoming newly pregnant over the last few months, I figured it was about time to round up my favorite maternity pieces I’ve found so far! I apologize in advance for the terrible pictures. And the messy room. And the dog. Jk, I’m not really sorry for any of that.

IMG_0518top | pants | shoes

For some reason, active wear was the thing that took me the longest to take the plunge on. My old workout clothes were stretchy enough in my mind, I guess. Wrong. We went hiking over Thanksgiving with my family and I saw a picture of myself and knew immediately it was time to make the transition. I went to my old trusty (and fave!) for workout clothes, Old Navy and got these compression capris, this long-sleeved workout top (both of which I love) and a few other things that are fine, but I wouldn’t in good conscience recommend. Like, just don’t with their yoga pants, ever. That’s a general ever, but I found it to be true for their maternity yoga pants too because I was dumb and tried.

IMG_0591top | vest | leggings | shoes | bag (<– DISCOUNTED TO $20 RIGHT NOW)

I have all three of the color options of the top pictured above because they are so comfy, cute, and the perfect length. One of those, a vest (I use my pre-pregnancy maternity ones from Old Navy which are sold out now), and leggings and I’m set. As for other tops, I love this burgundy sweater because it is the perfect weight, also comes in white, and is on sale for less than $8 right now. And these Target v-neck tees are the best I’ve found by far – not too long or too short. My trusty chambray become too small quickly so I picked up another from Target and just sized up so I could layer it. It’s perfect for leggings because it covers your bum! I couldn’t find the exact Merona one on the website but this one looks the exact same and is the exact same price point.


I bought a similar dress to the one pictured above at Old Navy (found here if you’d like to see it), but they can not keep smalls in stock so I tried a medium, annnnd lol. I was swimming in it! So I was thrilled to find this similar style (pictured above) at my Target store this week! I can’t find the solid black or grey (yeah I bought both…) versions online but the striped ones linked are super cute! And you can always check your local store! This dress has also been on heavy rotation. I want basically everything in H&M’s Mama line!

IMG_0622chambray | tshirt | scarf | leggings

Scarves. If I had to tell you my general style philosophy for this pregnancy it would surely be “Put a scarf on it.” They not only add a layer of warmth but they distract your eye (my eye?) from the bump so I don’t feel like I’m walking into a room saying “HI LOOK AT ME I’M PREGNANT”. Scarves like these have been my favorite but I am also loving my blanket scarf for when I want even more coverage or warmth. On that same layering note, I can not say enough good things about this sweater. It’s basically like wearing a blanket, covering you from left to right, which rocks because all these hormones make you hot and cold at a moments notice so layers are your best friend.

In the beginning of my pregnancy I got away with unbuttoning my regular pants then adding one of these BeBand’s to hold everything up and smooth everything out. It was great for a while, but again, once I’m embraced the maternity pants my life got much more enjoyable. I tried on, ordered and returned at least 4 pairs of jeans before settling on these Gap full panel jeans as the ones I liked best. Oh and Blanqui leggings totally live up to the hype! They are kind of ridiculously expensive (I got them half off on Black Friday) but really, I’d pay full price for them knowing what I know now. Which is that I tried about ten other pairs and they were by far (far far far) the best.

What was a piece of maternity wear that you can’t/couldn’t live without?

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Happy Friday! First and foremost, Happy Happy Birthday to this stud! You guys, this man is a saint for dealing with me – especially throughout this pregnancy! I’m tired, emotional, anxious, insecure in what I’m doing every step of the way and…gassy. It’s been a trip but he has been right there beside listening to my crazy, talking me down, and praying over me. I don’t brag about him enough (because I know so many people who are struggling in their marriage and sometimes I feel guilty to be so happy in mine) but he deserves it! I love you to the moon and back, babe! I can’t wait to celebrate you all. weekend. long. :)

Here are some other favorites from the week:

+ GUYS. Have you seen the Emily & Merritt Line from Pottery Barn Kids that came out last week? Holy cow, I want every single thing but the activity mat, wet/dry pouch, lion towel, stroller blanket, and stuffed lion went straight on my Amazon registry. Swoon!
emily & merritt collage Collage

+ My sweet blog friend Brittany from Life As the Mrs. wrote an excellent post this week on How to Help a Mom with a Newborn. She keeps it real on how not to help, as well :) As a person who is always worried about overstepping with new moms, it was great a great read. It was also a great reminder for my type-a personality to accept all the help once Camden is here!

+ I’m so glad you all were as obsessed with this gold jewelry tray from Target as I am! It brings so much pretty to my disorganized closet.

+ This is an oldie, but I’m trying to finish up my registry so I was ecstatic to run across this post on Jessica Garvin’s baby registry must haves. I’m super obsessed with her and her trendy little girls! Do you all have registry posts? Leave me the URL in the comments – I can’t get enough!

+ My husband is generally not a fan of soup, but I keep making them, trying to find one that he will really like and after years of trying last night I found a winner! This crock pot Chicken Tortilla Soup from the Pioneer Woman was a true winner. Hooray!

+ I’m thinking next summer (only a few months post baby) is going to be a one-piece summer but this scalloped one is pretty enough to not make me too sad about it.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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