Guysss I read four books this month! In case you didn’t graduate from elementary school – that’s a book a week! Can you tell that I’m super impressed with myself? Because I am. It was really hard for me to leisurely read after seven years of college and I really thought I would never learn to love it again. So suffice it to say I am thrilled to be back in the game!

The four books I read this month were kind of all over the place genre-wise (and it seems super weird that none of them were written by Liane Moriarty) but here are my thoughts on each of them…

PicMonkey book Collage

Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews (3/5 Stars)
I’ve proclaimed my love for MKA several times and Save the Date was pretty good. Not great, but pretty good and worth a read if you are a MKA fan. It’s about a divorcee/florist/wedding planner in Savannah who lands the wedding of a lifetime when – in typical MKA fashion – everything starts to go wrong. Oh, and she falls in love :) I love MKA’s strong, yet vulnerable and relateable female characters. (You can find my favorite book I’ve read so far of her’s in this post).

Grey by E L James (5/5 Stars)
Read it. Loved it. Sue me. Judge me. Do whatever you want with me.

The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan (5/5 Stars)
This was definitely my favorite book of the month! The Royal We is a fiction loosely based on The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (AKA Will and Kate)’s early relationship. The main differences are that the main character, Bex, is A) American and B) a twin but other than that it hits a lot of the major relationship marks. Obviously, they fill in the details with fiction for us. If you love Will and Kate (raises hand) or love British literature (raises both hands) this book is for you!

Anxious for Nothing: God’s Cure for the Cares of Your Soul by John McArther (4/5 Stars)
My sweet friend Brenda sent me this book after I commented on her post about it how it sounded like something I would find useful. Next thing I new, it was in my mail box – what a doll! I have struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember and try to do everything I can to manage it without medication (not that I judge people who chose that for themselves). If you are interested in a biblical perspective or biblical encouragement when it comes to anxiety, I HIGHLY recommend this book. Thanks again, Brenda!


Happy Monday Loves!

Since our weekend could be mostly summed up with the words “eating, watching Harry Potter, and listening to the dogs wrestle” I thought I’d spare you what you may have already seen on Snapchat (rachelemily_49) and switch it up a little today.

I’ve been really trying to take more daily outfit photos and I have been better about getting them on Instagram in general, but mostly they just sit on my phone because they were not Insta worthy for whatever reason. Does this selfie make me look awkward? The answer is always yes. Anyways, instead of my usual “week in pictures” here is “my week in outfits.” Hope you enjoy!

Outfits Collage 3

Outfit One: Alex and Ani Pineapple Bracelet | American Eagle Sandals | Lilly for Target Dress (Sold Out – Similar Here) | Banana Republic Clutch (Not Available Online – Similar Here)

Outfit Two: Pink Gingham Top | JCrew Factory Skirt
Gianni Bini Sandals (Old – Similar Here) | Michael Kors Bag | Michael Kors Watch

Outfits Collage

Outfit Three: Swimsuit Coverup | American Eagle Sandals | Tommy Hilfiger Sunglasses
Lilly for Target Bag (Sold Out – Love this one though)

Outfit Four: Francesca’s Dress (Old – Similar Here) | Sandals (Old – Similar Here)
Michael Kors Bag | Sunglasses (Only $12!!!)

Outfits Collage2

Outfit Five: Tribal Dress | Michael Kors Bag | Sandals (Old Similar Here)

Outfit Six: Hot Pink Top | Old Navy Soft Pants | Target Bow Sandals | Tassel Necklace

Can’t wait to see what you babes have been up to lately! Linking up with Biana, Meg, Bella, Erin, and Ashley.


Saturday AM Collage 7-24-15

1. Give me coffee flavored an-y-thing. I can’t believed I didn’t think of these yummy-looking Chocolate Dipped Iced Coffee Popsicles before this moment.

2. I love these tips from My Domaine on how to achieve that perfect Instagram flat lay photo we all want. (See my most recent attempt here)

3. Have I ever mentioned how unbelievably tight my hips are? If not, consider yourselves told. I’ve been doing yoga semi-regularly for over six years and they are not getting any better. Enter these very specific poses for tight hips. They are on heavy rotation, buh-lee dat.

4. Rugs, art and plants. I think we can mostly agree that these things can sometimes get neglected in our home because they may not seem justifiable in their expense. I have felt that way at times, no doubt. This article from The Everygirl really opened my eyes to the transformations these things can have on a room.

5. You all know I love She Reads Truth. I read it every day while taking my dog on his morning walk. I reflect over it every day but some days definitely hit closer to home than others. This day, covering Martha, really spoke to me because I can 100%, totally relate to her type-A personality.

6. So a few weeks ago I finally got around to trimming the landscaping in the front of my house and, much to my surprise, discovered two boxwood bushes! I thought to myself “I lusted after boxwood wreaths all Christmas season and there was some in my front yard this whole time?!” All that to say, this boxwood wreath tutorial will be used in a few short months without a doubt.

7. Watermelon. Sangria. Can you think of one thing that sounds more refreshing? #NOPE

8. Confession. I love mommy blogs. I just love watching their children grow and how they deal with the stress of motherhood. Natalie from At Home With Natalie is one of my favorite mommy bloggers, hands down. She posts the most beautiful photos of her three kids so I knew  as soon as she said she was writing this post on how she edits her iPhone photosit was going to be something I needed to read. (PS. It was actually stuff I hadn’t heard before. BOOM!)


Now that I’ve reclaimed the office from the junk room it was being used as for the past year, I’m ready to start working on sprucing it up! (You can see a picture of what it looks like currently in this post). I’m excited to have a space for limited distraction blogging and when we have kids I will likely work from home a bit more than I do now – so this space is needed!

I’m also ready to have a space in our house that I can make ever-so-slightly girly. Nathan (like most men, surely) has an aversion to over-girly things. I know, how can someone not like the color pink or say no to flamingo print sheets? Mind blowing. Anyways, since this space will mostly be used by your’s truly, I’m going to add a few girly touches. Sorry hubs.

We (Nathan) have already begun the process of painting this room Snowbird White by Sherwin Williams (buh-bye ugly dark beige) but here are my other plans for the decor in this room:

Office collage

faux peony | desk | light fixturerug | ghost chair | bird print
gold metal wall art | spotty chair | pineapple pillow | bookcase

What do you guys think? This is pretty much my “too buy” list so if you know of any better pricing on similar items (or something better in general) send your ideas my way!

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Happy Monday!

Our life lately has been slow, relaxing and not really blog-exciting at all…and I love it!

I’ve been really challenging myself to find more beauty in our simple, every day moments because those simple moments make up our life and I don’t want to take them for granted. Who knows how long it will just be the three of us and I want to be able to look back and remember these less-chaotic times :)

So here are a few pictures from our life over the last week. (I’ve already shared a few of these on Instagram and Snapchat [Add me – rachelemily_49] so follow me there for even more!)
harry potterI hope I never tire of reading these books over and over. I’ve been slowly reading them again for the past yearsand I started the fourth book (for the millionth time) this week.

IMG_4925I love subdivision life. It gets a bad rep but I feel like I’m never alone (which I love) and the scenes of our daily walks are constantly slightly changing. Love these pretty flowers in a neighbors mail box. And my husband loves the basketball goal in the background :)
IMG_4916Saturday date night look.
Single Thread Boutique Dress (Only $36!)| Sunglasses (Only $12!) | Bag | Shoes (similar)
IMG_4897My boys. Love our perfect-for-us cuddly pup!
IMG_4863Tales (woes) of my green thumb. I can not remember to water flowers to save my life. Luckily, whatever type of flowers are in this pot (Mom? I can never remember…) are really resilient and bounced right back after giving them some water. I’m doing some real soul searching next year before planting anything than can not water its self. 
IMG_4932Post-church Starbucks breakfast is becoming one of my favorite traditions.

IMG_4931This guy…I just love him so much. Sometimes, when I start to think he could not understand me any less, he does something or says something that reminds me that not only is that not true but that God made him exactly for me. 
IMG_4928Well, I told you on Friday how badly painting needed to happen this weekend and even though it didn’t get on the walls, decisions and purchases were made so it was totally a step. Nathan totally came out of no where and really wanted to try that peach color in the lower right-hand corner in our laundry room. Do you think he is trying to tell me something about our mostly neutral house?! 
IMG_4898The real reason no painting was done this weekend. Summers are for pools, winters are for painting houses. AmIright?
Cover up | Hat | Book
IMG_4890Summers are for cool treats and this Not Your Father’s Root Beer float was UNBELIEVABLE!

Can’t wait to see what you all have been up to lately! Linking up with Biana, Meg, Bella, Erin, and Ashley.