Saturday Morning Reading

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Saturday mornings are for blog reading (or long runs if your name is Rachel) so here is a round up of some of my favorite things from around the web this week. Hope you enjoy!

I love Target. Who doesn’t love Target? Glitter Guide rounded up 25 Target Pieces That Look Way More Expensive Than They Are and you’ve got to check out what they found. So fab.

If you have been to Paris or not (raises hand) I think you can appreciate this Walk Through Paris post from Ma Nouvelle Mode. She literally walks from one side of Paristo the other, snapping gorgeous pictures along the way. It’s like a virtual tour but better!

I have a deep love for the entire Bud Lite Lime Rita family (Cran-ber-ita and Stra-ber-ita being my faves!) so I’m always excited when they announce new flavors. Lemon-ade-rita will be out soon and I’m so interested to try it!

I have dreams about these Chicken Pesto Sandwiches from Damn Delicious pretty much any time I am not eating them. Run don’t walk to the grocery and make these today. So simple but so so so incredible.

Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere has the greatest interior decorating style so I was over the moon when she post about Rugs For Under $300 this week. Yes!

If you haven’t listened to Ed Sheeran cover Dirrty yet, we just can’t be friends anymore. Ed is just the coolest and I’ve listened to it at least 100x so far. Obsessed.

I fully intend to install some of these 26 Widgets to Dress Up Your WordPress Sidebar ASAP. Great list with several different options for each thing she suggests.

Did you guys know you can Schedule Out Your Photos on Instagram? Mind. Blown. And a total game changer! I don’t even post on Instagram a lot and even I can tell that their are certain times during the day that I get more engagement.


Friday Five 2.27.15

Happy FriYAY! This week flew by with work and coaching commitments yet again. I’d love to be able to say I’ll be joining you all in a House of Cards binge this weekend but the next three days are jam-packed too so it will have to wait. For now, here are five things that are keeping me sort of happy, I guess, until we get around to House of Cards ;)

Please tell me you guys aren’t tired of pictures of this adorable guy. I came home from work on Monday to find my freshly replenished stash of Thank You Notes strewn all over the living room. Never a dull moment with this guy. This picture of him wanting to play while I’m trying to clean up his mess cracks me up.

Thanks to the Tax Man this sectional sofa and this outdoor table set will soon be ours! Holy heart eyes, am I right? I plan to spend most of my free time this weekend buying all decorative pillows I can on Etsy.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that this week I realized I left a biggie off of my Tried & True Makeup post. This Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel is a staple in my routine, I don’t know how I missed it! If you aren’t filling in your brows at all, I’m not sure what you are doing with your life at this point but IT MAKES THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE – I’ll leave it at that. This gel is a great place to start! I use the Espresso color.

As most of you know very well, custom blog designs are not easy on the wallet. This goes triple (literally) for WordPress designs which is of course what this blog is. I’m not loving my current design anymore – it just doesn’t feel like me! Instead of shelling out the really big bucks for a custom design I’m leaning towards a pre-made theme. I’m loving the options from DinosaurStew, 17thAvenueDesigns, and ShinyMagic. Have any of you used a pre-made theme? Any suggestions on where to go?

I’m dreaming of spring so badly that I started a Pinterest board dedicated to nothing but the prettiest floral inspiration. The fact that the floral trend in clothing seems like isn’t going anywhere this year just makes my little heart soar. You can follow this board full of pretty hereflorals for spring

Have a great weekend everyone! Sorry if my pictures are flipped the wrong way, they look correct on my computer but my husband is seeing something different on his phone so I’m not sure what’s going on!

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Wednesday Confessions


I confess that…I’m really glad the radio seems to be done playing Blank Space and Shake It Off on repeat. I still love those songs but now I can listen to them whenever I choose to. Which is not all day every day.

I confess that…half marathon training has not been going so well over the last week or so. And by not going well I mean not going at all. The treadmill and I had a bad break up about 6 months ago so now that the streets and sidewalks are covered in snow/ice I’m out of luck.

I confess that…I miss my cheerleaders. It’s been over two weeks since I’ve seen them at all and I can’t wait to see them after school today! The season is only about a week away from being over and I’m going to miss this team so much.

I confess that…I’ve watched all nine seasons of Criminal Minds on Netflix over the last couple of months (I usually watch an episode of something just for “me” in the morning as I’m getting ready) so I started Gossip Girl yesterday! I used to be a huge fan (who wasn’t) but I think I gave up before the last season was over so I’m excited to see how it ends.

I confess that…now that I’m re-watching the show I’m really contemplating reading the Gossip Girl series again. Yes I’m almost 27. They are some of my favorite books of all time after all.

I confess that…we booked our family beach vacation today and I already have a countdown started in my planner. 87 days!

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Realizing it’s Monday, it’s still winter, and it’s going to be below freezing every day this week so this snow is not going any where is proving to be a hard pill to swallow this morning. Has any one else come to realize that snow being on the ground is actually a really great way to save money? Before Saturday the only thing I had charged to my debit card all week were our regular groceries. I’m not trying to go any where or do anything when it’s one degree out there. #nope

weekending feb. #3 Collage
Have you taken advantage of Chik-fil-a’s free coffee February? Iced coffee all day, even when it’s 2 degrees. // Vacay dreaming // Our dog’s new favorite spot. INSIDE the lining under our mattress // Bundled up to be Nathan’s personal Macy’s shopper

Our weekend was pretty laid back with several different things being cancelled because people didn’t want to get out in the cold/freezing rain (go figure). Friday we tried a new burrito place close to us  and watched The Judge. Verdict: The burrito place is no Chipotle but it will do in emergencies. Yes, I have Mexican food emergencies often. And The Judge was really good, much better than I anticipated and definitely a must-see.

Saturday I dragged Nathan kicking and screaming to the Macy’s to buy a new pair of khakis and a sport coat. Getting that man to spend any money on himself is not a task that I hope to continue to have to argue about for the next 50 years, but I guess we will have to wait and see. Macy’s is right next to Old Navy so of course I had to pop in and buy a few of the spring staples I have seen around Blogland.
old navy spring

Shoes // Blazer // Socks

Ok, maybe the socks aren’t that popular but they are the best athletic socks I have found and I grab some almost every time I go.

Sunday we celebrate my sweet Grandpa’s 75th birthday with brunch (Where Nathan could not wear his new sport coat thanks to the lovey lady at Macy’s who did not take off the security tag. Nothing makes my blood boil more for some reason.) I also spent a lot of time vacation planning! We are going to our usual beach place with my family in May but my girlfriends want to do a girls only trip this summer too, so I’ve been researching places to go. My brain is stuck on Hilton Head for some reason, I’ve never been! Would any of you all recommend Hilton Head for a laid back girls trip? Or is there some where else? Help a girl out.

Image from Google here

Sunday also meant the Oscars! Duh. I thought the show its self was incredible. Neil-Patrick Harris killed it with that opening number. Thank God no one told me about that Sound of Music tribute too far in advance because there was no relief from my over-excitement once I knew. Obsessed. I thought Lady Gaga did incredible justice to the songs, too! I love the more serious side she has been showing lately. Then Julie Andrews came out and I died.

As great as the show was, I must say the fashion let me down once again, but maybe my expectations are too high. I don’t know. No one blew me away. No one! So disappointing. That being said, there was no one that I thought “OMG that’s terrible” either, everyone was just ehh, whatever. But here are my top three (click the link to be taken to the image source):
1424658463_jenna-dewan-tatum-zoom chrissy-teigen-at-the-oscars-2015 Jennifer-Lopez
Jenna Dewan in Zuhair Murad – Jenna always looks great and I loved the way this white dress fit her! Perfect. I also love and embellished belt so I was sold on this look!

Chrissy Teigan in Zuhair Murad – I just realized Jenna and Chrissy were wearing the same designer! Looks like I have a new favorite. I love Chrissy in general but her dresses have been hit or miss for me this season, but this one was a hit! I love the icy-blue color, the plunging neckline offset by the long sleeves and the ruffle on her hip! So pretty.

Jennifer Lopez in Elie Saab – You can proably guess by now why I love this gown. Sparkle, nude, full skirt – it’s just classic! I am tired of seeing JLo’s cleavage though.

I’m not even going to bother with my least faves, because none were really terrible! Honorable mentions in this category to Emma Stone (never lime green and NEVER at a formal event) and Dakota Johnson (blah dress with even more blah hair), though. Click the blue links to see their looks.

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Friday Five 2.20.15

Happy Friday!

Every one of my “Friday Five” today could be It snowed, more snow, really cold, really REALLY REALLY cold, and ice rain on the way. But I don’t live in Boston so it definitely could be worse. Stay warm out there this weekend, friends!

Due to the snow, cold, and school being cancelled every day it’s been a pretty laid back week! My work was closed one day plus no basketball games or practices for my cheerleaders to be at = a much needed break for this girl.

Here are five things that made me happy this week:

1. Galentine’s Day. 
My favorite. Thanks to this post from Lauren Conrad I found the perfect card for my bestie’s Valentine gift this year. If you know us at all you know this is 100% perfect for our relationship. I’m just not sure who is Amy and who is Tina… Or who I would WANT to be, they are both so great! (Amy Poehler any Tina Fey)
bestie valentine

2. The Blacklist
My husband and I finished up the final season of True Blood last weekend and had almost the ENTIRE day on Sunday completely free (gasp), so obviously we needed a new Netflix show to binge upon. Enter The Blacklist. We’re hooked! Do you watch The Blacklist?

3. Heart shaped pizza.
We make home-made pizza almost once a week in our house, but last Friday was my first attempt at fresh dough. It was actually really, really easy and tasted incredible! It obviously needed to be heart shaped because, duh, Valentine’s Day was the next day. (I used this recipe for the dough.) In all honesty I did not expect it to actually look like a heart when it came out of the oven so I was thrilled to see this:

4. What’s two when you’ve got one.
We kept my parent’s dog Stella while they went out of town last weekend and it’s always fun to see these two play together. Turns out, we’ve got a very territorial puppy on our hands! Percy was not a fan of Stella sitting on “his” couch or when we gave her any love, but didn’t care one bit about Stella eating his food or chewing his bone! It was so entertaining and well, exhausting. Percy is usually worn out fairly easily by going for a walk or playing catch for a while but apparently that does extend to playing with another dog. These two did not sit still for four days straight! 
percy and stella edited

5. Anticipating the Academy Awards!
Everyone knows how I feel about award shows (obsessed in a word if you need to catch up) and this is the holy grail of award shows every year! Can not wait. Make sure to come back Monday to check out my Oscar fashion recap post. My Twitter game is always top notch on award show night so make sure you are following me here

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