I’ve got a few things I need to get off my chest…

I confess that right now it seems like I have just enough time to blog, or read blogs but not both. I’m missing my blog friends! Also, the Olympics are not helping my productivity on either front.

I confess that I’ve only had one HelloFresh meal and I’m 100% hooked. I’ve said approximately 1000x times that I am already tired of cooking dinner and this seems like a way to make it more fun!

I confess that even though we cut cable this week we started watching Homeland on Hulu so basically we are watching more tv than ever. Holy cow this show is awesome!

I confess that I never knew the real meaning of the phrase “I need a vacation” until recently. I desperately need to get out of our day-to-day routine, recharge my batteries, and connect with my guys with less distraction. Orlando is soon!!

I confess that I desperately want to change so many things in my life (read more, pray more as a couple, eat better) but at the end of the day I’m just lazy.

I confess that I have no less than six books on my nightstand waiting to be read and I haven’t cracked one in weeks.

I confess that I have teared up during our last few nursing sessions because I want them to last forever. I’m so fully aware that some day we will have a “last feeding” and I probably won’t realize it when it’s happening.

I confess that I finally broke down and bought a bigger pair of pants from my Stitch Fix shipment this month because I’m realizing this baby weight is not going to fall off with breastfeeding like everyone told me.

Do you guys have anything to confess?

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camden month 3 edited

…started taking one pumped bottle a day from dad and it has really helped their bond. (BLESS YOU to the mother’s that pump all day everyday. For real. It’s so much more trouble/work!)

…rolled over from his stomach to his back.

…loves to play in his Baby Einstein Activity Saucer. The whale and the octopus are his best friends :)

month 3 collage

…is still a sleeping angel and an early riser (like mom)! He sleeps from about 8:15 until anywhere between  5:45-6:30 every single day and doesn’t wake up once.

…even though he sleeps all night it is restless sleep. He tosses and turns all night long just like daddy!

…pretty much only wants to be sitting up. He spends most of his time either in his Bumbo seat or sitting up on mom’s lap.

month 3 collage 4

…has a smile that melts my entire heart and goes all the way from his mouth, to his dimples, to his eyes.

…has discovered that TV is entertaining. He has watched so much Olympic coverage he could probably swim if we threw him in a pool already.

…is beginning to realize that crying & fussing gets him attention/what he wants. Remember last month when I said that he never cries? He must have read that and said “I’ll show her” because that changed the very next day.

month 3 collage 3

…loves to watch his Infant Zoo app. He giggles once the shapes turn into animals.

…has a genetic reflex that causes him to sneeze when he goes from inside to direct sunlight (thanks for that, dad). Full disclosure: I’ve been calling my husband crazy for the last eight years for saying this was a real thing.

…stayed with his Aunt Gretl while mom & dad went on their very first baby free date to see the new Bourne movie. Actually, he stayed with all three sets of his grandparents at some point, too!

month 3 collage 2

And just for fun…(or if you want to burst out in to tears about how big he is with me):

1-3 month collage

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I knew right away after getting pregnant that I wanted to do everything in my power to be able to breastfeed our son for as long as possible. I read all the things. I took all the classes. i sucked all the information in and I could not get enough. And once I was done doing all of that, you know what I did? I let it all go. Not the knowledge I had gained of course but just the feeling of control. I had complete peace knowing that I had done everything I could to prepare myself, I knew that my body was physically made to sustain the life of my children, and ultimately, I knew it was pretty much completely out of my hands – so I let it go.

Thankfully, breastfeeding came very naturally to both me and my son from our very first feeding. It has been a little over 12 weeks (omg) and we are still going strong! I feel so lucky because I know that is absolutely not everyone’s experience and I don’t take it for granted! Now that we’ve got a little bit of experience under our belts I thought I would share everything that has been essential to our breastfeeding sessions for all of my soon-to-be-mama friends!

nursing essenitials

Water Bottle
Drinking enough water is so essential to keeping up your supply! I can totally tell when I have not been drinking enough because I get the driest mouth and a headache. This bottle keeps me on track by reminding me to drink every hour.

Aiden and Anias Burpy Bibs
These a&a burp cloths are everything. They are HUGE, soft, and ultra absorbent. I’m pretty sure there is at least one in every room in our house.

Nursing bra
I bought I few different options but these are by far my favorite. They are way more flexible  than some of the others (so important when you are trying to re-hook the straps with one hand) and super comfortable. Buy them way bigger than you think you need.

Robe (on sale for $25)
I wore this robe the second day in the hospital with yoga pants and a nursing tank. So perfect for the millions of feedings you will be doing! It’s lightweight and super soft. I still wear it all the time!

Nursing Tank
Unfortunately, you will still have some shirts that need a tank underneath – possibly even more than you did before if you are anything like me! Eye roll. I have this tank in white and black and wear them both constantly.

Nursing Pads
I honestly have not struggled with my milk leaking, but I know it’s a real problem for some people! I bought these to be prepared for that but honestly I used them pretty exclusively to protect my nipples. There is just no way to avoid the soreness for the first few weeks and these are incredibly soft on one side and also protect your bra/tank from the yucky (and staining) nipple cream.

A Good Book
You will spend so. much. time. feeding those first few weeks, you are really going to want to have something to entertain yourself! I read a ton of books on my iPad using the Kindle or Overdrive (library) app so I could read in the dark without disturbing the baby or my husband.

Lanolin Cream
This is what they passed out in our hospital and luckily a good friend gave me a regular sized bottle as a baby shower gift. This stuff will save our life those first few weeks but be careful because it WILL stain your clothes no matter what it says on the box.

Bare Naked Boppy
Hopefully this is obviously. And if you think you can get away without one…I think you’re wrong.

Boppy Cover
So many cover options out there! This one that I got from Etsy was fairly reasonably priced and so much softer than the ones you can get at Target or Babies R Us.

More experienced mama friends, is there anything you swear by that I am missing?

See our other newborn essentials in this post.

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We made it! It was a long week with Nathan being out of town but we made it and we are ready for the weekend! We’ve got a busy, FUN weekend on the horizon with small group, family visiting from out of town, birthday celebrations, and baptisms. I can’t wait! Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope you enjoy yourself and enjoy these Friday Faves!

+ I love how brave my friend Brittany was this week when she wrote about her postpartum struggles. This is a real struggle for so many people and I know someone out there was encouraged to know they are not along after reading her post!
+ Book reviews are some of my favorite posts to read (perhaps because my own reading time is so limited these days) and I look forward to Shay Shull’s every month! July’s did not disappoint.
+ I LOVE Nashville and feel like I have been a million times but Erin’s guide was full of places I had never heard of so I think we need to plan another trip ASAP!

+ Emily post about these Thai Burgers on Wednesday and I have been thinking about them ever since! Definitely on the dinner list for next week.
+ Watermelon. Rosé. Margaritas.

+ Love love love this bookcase for our living room but thinking about styling the shelves makes my armpits sweat. Perfectionism is hard.
+ Of course the tennis shoes I want weren’t part of the NSale but I can’t get them off of my mind. I really want the white, but black seems more practical. Thoughts?

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Top Ten
Best Pieces of Farmhouse Decor on Amazon

Have a great weekend!

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Ahh, Chip and Joanna Gaines. God love ’em and their perfect TV show that inspired a nation to want to gut their house and start over. If it was up to me, Nathan and I would be living in a full-blown “farmhouse” in our brick house in the middle of a Southern Indiana subdivision. Nathan is convinced that “that really wouldn’t go with the style of our house.” Men. I think people would forget where they were as soon as they walked in to our beautifully styled farmhouse. It’s an ongoing debate.

Since my husband doesn’t want to come home to “a barn”, I have to subtly slip in farmhouse decor in small doses so he doesn’t really notice. And while I love every single thing Chip and Jojo sell at Magnolia Market I would also like to keep this roof over our head and not lose to foreclosure as we wouldn’t be able to pay the mortgage if I did that. (Though we do have this sign from their shop in our bedroom and I love it!) So one day as I was brainstorming new ways to use our Prime membership (ha) I thought I would check out the home decor on Amazon and let me tell you guys, they have some awesome Farmhouse/Fixer Upper Style options!

amazon farmhouse collage

5′ Reclaimed Wood Ladder | Metal Industrial Chic Dining Chairs | Rustic Window Barnwood Frame
Metal Tray Table w/ Wood Tray Top | Wood Wall Clock | Metal Arrow Wall Decor | 3 Tier Display Stand
 14″ Preserved Boxwood Wreath | 3-Light Bronze Vanity Light
Wall Mounted White Wood & 5 Black Metal Hooks | 8-Light Chandelier

I have been looking and looking for a new light fixture to go over the table in our kitchen and I really think that chandelier might be the winner! I love it.

What do you guys think? Are you in to the farmhouse look? Where do you go for good pieces? Spill!

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