DIY Christmas Card Display & Our 2014 Cardstore Christmas Card

mailing cards

I consider it a small miracle that I got Christmas cards out before Christmas this year considering the fact that about half of my wedding thank yous were still waiting to be written only 2.5 weeks ago. But really, how could I deny the world the chance to see MORE of my wedding pictures? It would be selfish of me, right? ;)

cardstore box

I used Cardstore to make our cards this year and it was so easy! Seriously, the hardest part of the process was choosing which one of their hundreds of adorable designs to use (and which of our wedding photos to use, of course!). Cardstore even printed our return address on the envelopes at no extra charge! Such a huge time saver. They will also print the recipient addresses and add postage for you so you never have to touch the cards to get them to your friends and family! I wanted to make sure I got my thank-yous out before my Christmas cards so I didn’t take advantage of that service this time, but you better believe next year (when I maybe have my life together a little more) I will be defiantly be utilizing those services.

The cards have started rolling in from our friends and family and I knew I wanted to find a cute way to display them in our entry way. Our house is fairly new so I have a lot of blank space (baby) to work with! This washi tape tree came together in about 15 minutes (plus the several hours it took me to locate red washi tape…isn’t it Christmastime?!) and I could not be more happy with the way it turned out!

washi tape christmas tree washi tape card holder up close up close washi tap tree

(Of course ours had to go on the very top. I could look at those beautiful pictures and my handsome husband all darn day.)

I think this project overall is pretty self explanatory, but I let me offer just a little advice if you are considering recreating…it’s HUGE. It takes up almost the  whole wall from top to bottom and I’m hoping to fit 22-25 cards on it. If you get tons of cards this would be a good way to display your favorites, but probably not all of them!

How to you display your Christmas cards?

Stocking and christmas cardI was offered 50 free cards from Cardstore for my review. Opinions are all my own. Use code CP4192 to get 40% off your holiday card order!


Friday Five 12.12.14

Guys…it’s been a long week. I always seem to forget just how crazy December gets between work (our busiest time of year), coaching cheerleading (tournaments mean our busiest time of year) and it’s everyone’s busiest time of year personally, I’m sure. As much as I have always lived and loved a super busy lifestyle, my husband and my pup are making me stop and think about my priorities at this stage of my life.

Anyhoo! This week wasn’t all work and no play so here are five highlights from my week!

house lights

1. Nathan risked his life last weekend to make our house Christmas perfect! I love seeing our house lit up every night when I get home and I already have big plans for what I want to add next year. Get excited, babe ;)


troop beverly hills
2. Guys, Troop Beverly Hills is available to stream on Netflix now. Stop what you are doing and go watch it right now. I can tell you that is what I did a few times this week.

3. Like I said, this week has been crazy and this weekend will be no different so Nathan and I took the time to go to dinner and then to see a huge Christmas light show at one of the parks in our town last night. It was so nice to do something with just the two of us! We always neglect that part of our relationship this time of year in lieu of hanging out with friends or family.

4. So…I started my half marathon training this week. To say those three miles were “rough” would be the understatement of the century. Apparently, if you take approximately 10 weeks off of all of your normal physical activity, starting to run again is hard. I’m putting off another run as we speak actually. Should be a fun next few months! (<— Sarcasm)


christmas card5. I finally got our Christmas cards in the mail yesterday. I am so thrilled with how our Cardstore cards turned out! I can’t wait to share them with you (along with a DIY) on Monday.

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Currently – December 2014

currently dec 2014

LISTENING // I’m pretty much solely listening to Christmas music at this point with a smidge of Taylor Swift mixed in here and there. I can barely remember how to do long division but I can certainly sing you every word of NSYNC’s Home For Christmas Album that came out 16 years ago. The lyric thing really has proven much more useful throughout the course of my life, though.

WATCHING // All the Christmas movies. We started a few weeks ago and have already made a pretty good dent in our collection! Very currently we are watching I’ll Be Home For Christmas. You know, that one where JTT has to get home from college for Christmas? #classic (P.S. Where in the world did Jonathan Taylor Thomas go?)

WRAPPING // I bought some wrapping paper over the weekend…does that count?

MAKING // SO MANY Christmas crafts. I seriously have five in various stages. None of which are in the stage of “complete.” It’s excessive I know but I just can’t stop. My own versions of this, this, this, AND this included.

ANTICIPATING // So many things over the next month! Christmas parties, going to the Nutcracker Ballet with my littlest sister, driving around to look at lights, and doing all sorts of other Christmas-y things! I’m so intentional with our time during Christmas because I want to make the most of all the fun things there are to do in our town this time of year!

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Gifts for Others Christmas 2014 – Under $100

My general philosophy on gift giving boils down to two things. 1) Give them something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves and 2) Would I want this for myself? Frankly, the second one gets me in trouble because sometimes I want these things so badly I buy them for myself too. Whoops!


I’m excited to be linking up again today with April, Elise, Katie, Zelle and sharing some gift ideas for the men and women in your life. Bonus…they are all under $100!

gifts for her under 100
Gifts Under $100 Collage #1

Voluspa ‘Maison Holiday’ Votive Candle Set ($50)
I’ve never met anyone (worthwhile) that didn’t love a nice candle as a gift. With this set you get THREE limited edition holiday scents.

Subtle Luxury Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf ($48)
ashionable and practical. Everything I look for in gift giving. These Subtle Luxury ones are so nice and come in the most neutral colors so you can’t go wrong whichever you choose!

Gifts Under $100 Collage #2William-Sonoma Peppermint Bark ($50)
I remembered the other day how my mom LOVED this William-Sonoma peppermint bark the other day when I was browsing their website. It’s so delicious and would be a nice gift for any sweets lover in your life.

22″ Preserved Boxwood Wreath from Pier One ($90)
These beautiful boxwood wreaths are all over Pinterest right now but I can’t justify the cost, so I figure some of my gift-getters are in the same boat. This Pier One version is the best I could find that balanced looking nice with not being $200. Your welcome.

C. Wonder Gold Leopard Dessert Plates ($48)
I mean these are just adorable. Who wouldn’t want them as a gift?

gifts for him under 100

Gifts Under $100 Collage #4

Pottery Barn MLB Glassware ($24)
We got these exact Pottery Barn glasses for the guys in our wedding party as one of their gifts and they are NICE. Super heavy. We customized them with everyone’s favorite MLB or NFL team and their name and they were a total hit. Such an affordable, thoughtful gift.

Versace Pour Homme Gift Set ($84)
If you know the guy’s favorite scent a gift set like this is really a no brainer. Nathan LOVES his Versace (we stay at the mansion when we in Miami) body wash and deodorant. It makes him feel fancy.

Gifts Under $100 Collage #5

Triple C Bluetooth Speaker ($60)
Not only does this speaker wireless play your music you can use it to make hands-free calls too. Love the sleek look of this.

Hugo Boss Men’s Wool Scarf ($70)
Even men need a stylish, warm scarf. This Hugo Boss is such a great option.

Express Men’s Merino Wool Zip-Up Sweater ($88)
Another tried and true men’s gift. Thank God men’s style stays/has stayed relatively the same for-ev-er, am I right?

Can’t wait to see what you guys came up with for your gifts under $100!

Scenes From The Weekend – Thanksgiving 2014

Well, we survived our first official “family” holiday as a married couple. By that I mean I survived being away from my family for the first time on Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, his family is great, but your girl does not do change well. So it was hard not being with them for the first time in 26 (27? How old am I?) years. I think it was really good in the long run and made me realize that this family that Nathan and I are creating is my #1 priority and responsibility from here on out.

Anyways, enough of the deep stuff.  Here are some pictures from our long, fun weekend!

Thanksgiving started with breakfast, watching the beginning of the parade, then making the trek to Nathan’s grandparent’s house where we spent Thanksgiving day. We love a selfie.

thanksgiving 2014 selfie

My mom and I went shopping early Friday and scored all the dealz. I think we have narrowed down the perfect time to go; between 6 – 10 AM. All of the crazies have come and gone! Our mall was dead, no joke. It started to pick up with all the normal people around 10 when we were on our way home! So perfect.

We spent the rest of the night with my dad, step mom and sisters. Pizza, glow-bowling, driving around to see some Christmas lights, and ice cream made for such a fun night and we are going to try to make it a tradition on the years were aren’t able to make it to Thanksgiving.

black friday bowling photo 9

Saturday we went to see the newest Hunger Games (loved it!) then to pick out our first Christmas tree. We had such a blast decorating the tree and our house for the rest of the night! Until we started to put the lights on and my arms broke out something fierce and ITCHY. I guess I’m allergic but I popped on some gloves and went back to business.

During all this I think it finally hit Nathan how expensive it is to decorate a house. He kept saying “oh we need this” and “we should get this” and I was all like “yes but where are the dollars for these things?” It wasn’t pretty but we did start an official list of things we want to work on/get this next year.

christmas tree shopping
our first chirstmas tree collage christmas tree hands

Sunday we finally finished up our wedding thank you notes and went to my mom’s house to have dinner and decorate her tree. Crazy woman got a TWELVE foot tree this year. Also, I don’t ever realize how HUGE my baby brothers are until I see myself in pictures next to them. I think I’ll be the shortest one pretty soon…wah.

mom's tree


Ugh, my hands are itching again after looking at these pictures.