Fall is almost here! The end of summer is always a little bit of a bummer, but in another few weeks we’ll start to be reminded why this time of year always ends up so delightfully cozy. There are pumpkin spice lattes and Oktoberfest beers everywhere, the temperature becomes perfect for outdoor meals, and it’s no longer too hot to curl up with a blanket and re-read Harry Potter. In addition to embracing those aspects of the season, it’s time to put away the light fabrics and minimalistic garments and stock up on autumn attire.

This year, we’ve already seen a number of major fashion shows and style publications pushing various looks for the change of seasons. In some respects, it feels like a more inventive transition than normal. Here are three trends in particular that have stuck out so far.

Sparkle & Bling

I like to start seasonal trend watches with jewelry, because if you do end up buying up some new accessories it could chip in pretty significantly to your fashion budget. While these are smaller pieces, what (if anything) you spend on jewelry could affect your next trip to the mall. With that in mind, Elle’s fall 2015 trend round-up kicked off with a blurb about sparkly, bling-ish, and small pieces of jewelry overtaking the long-standing prevalence of oversized accessories.

This is particularly fun for this time of year, because it presents a unique challenge. As clothing gets at least somewhat bulkier and more monotone (as tends to happen later in the year), finding smaller accessories that can still stand out can be tricky. But don’t mistake the trend for being about size entirely. Rather, it’s about sparkle and shine being emphasized, as opposed to largeness. Pendants, various styles of earrings, and brooches were all highlighted in Elle’s reveal.

The Chunky Sweater (Or French) Look

This is one of the biggest and most atypical trends I’m seeing for the coming season. It could be described in a pretty simplistic way as “bulky outerwear is back,” but I took to the characterization on Lyst’s homepage: “Do fall like you’re French.” That just sounds fun and fashionable, and it actually encompasses a number of individual style movements popping up in fall collections (like structured and/or pleated skirts and heavier ladies’ boots). But the main focus is on chunky, oversized sweaters taking over women’s fashion for the months ahead.

The site pointed to Isabel Marant and Acne Studios as leading the wave of vaguely French attire, though the BB Dakota collection also has a lot of thicker, stretched looking sweaters that fit in perfectly. You should be able to jump on board with this trend without sacrificing comfort or too much money, and that’s always the best kind of trend!

Return Of The Stole

Fall is always a nice time to break out a few favorite scarves, but this year there’s a little bit of a twist on the traditional scarf making the rounds. Indeed, Style reported in a write-up on fall fashion trends that stoles appear to be back in action. They credit the idea to Rihanna, and specifically an outfit she wore at Paris Fashion Week more than a year ago. It does make some sense that it takes time for a bold celebrity look to actually result in the release of designer apparel, so there you go; maybe Rihanna really did bring back the stole.

At any rate, these oversized scarves are a lot of fun for the season ahead, and they’re popping up all over the place. In fact, getting back to Lyst’s BB Dakota collection, one or two faux fur items described as vests even approximate the functionality and look of a nice fur stole, so there are really a few different ways to act on the idea. Basically, anything furry that wraps around you and keeps you cozy will do!

Hopefully these trends can give you inspiration for your next wardrobe update! It’s looking like a fun season, and I’m already anticipating taking advantage of these popular styles.

This is a guest post and was not written by me. However, I only ever post things I think you all would enjoy reading!


image via Ashley Ella Design

Happy Thursday! Does anyone else hate Thursdays? I have probably said this before but I’m always O-V-E-R the work week by Thursday evening but then ready to go with a positive attitude by Friday! Being a woman is strange…

Anyhoo, I hope you all are ready for some random today. It’s all I’ve got and, let’s be honest, it can be refreshing to just let all the randoms swimming around in your head out every once in a while, right? There are lots of things I need your help with so please power through the randomness and help a sister out!

• Confession: My straightener broke like, 3 months ago and I haven’t replaced it. That’s why you have seen so many curly haired photos around these parts. I’m almost fed up with all the curling and I’m ready to take the plunge and buy a new straightener. Do we all still agree that the ghd Classic 1-inch Styler is the best bang for your buck? I’ve always been happy with it but if any one knows of a comparable (cheaper) option let me know!

• If you follow me on Snapchat (rachelemily_49) you may know that the Michael Kors bag (looks kind of like this one) I use everyday for hauling a few things to work (ie the device I need to actually work – my laptop) broke yesterday. Insert agonizing emoji face here. I can’t decide if I want to be super basic and just repurchase, or find something else. What do you guys use to haul your crap? Laptops specifically.

• What do you think the likelihood is that Jessica Garvin will adopt me? Or maybe just design all of my (non-exsistant) children’s rooms for ever and ever?

• I have been staint-like in my shopping purchases lately. As in, I haven’t purchased one thing (that’s probably not true but I can’t think of anything). It’s a hard, sad life over here saving money for all these fall trips I will be taking 😉 So to make up for it I’ve been pinning anything and everything that strikes my fancy to this board. You know, just in case someone takes pity on me and wants to buy me something. Totally swooning over these flats, this pair of jeans, this bucket bag, and this bracelet stack.

• The fact that I have still not made these salted watermelon margarita popsicles makes me almost ill. I have zero plans for the weekend and my husband has all-the-plans so maybe I shall still around, alone, and eat these popsicles. That sounds like a good time to me. Oh, while I watch Grey’s. Obviously.

I think that’s enough foolishness for today!

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It’s time for another What’s Up Wednesday with Shay! I had so much fun meeting some new bloggers and recapping July, I knew I had to join in again this month!

August was probably the most laid back month we had all summer, if not all year. I didn’t realize how much we needed it after this spring/early summer and going forward into the next few months. Nathan and I were going over our schedules last night and it’s going to be insane! The best kind of insane, though.

whatsupwed1 WUWquestions edit

I’ve been intentionally keeping our meals supper simple lately. Protein, veggie, protein, veggie. Cut it up and grill it. Amen. Can it be summer forever?

Over the weekend I had four of my oldest friends over for a girls night. We ate yummy food, drank too much wine, and played games! Have you all played Card Against Humanity? It’s basically the adult-rated version of Apples to Apples. So bad but SO fun! Catching up with good friends who you have been through so much with over so many years is so good for the soul. <3 you girls! 
PicMonkey Collage2

My new watermelon door hanger! Megan and I spent last Saturday obsessing painting our newest creations. Megan opted for a turkey because she is not in full denial that summer is coming to an end. And I did a watermelon because I can’t give it up. #sorrynotsorry
PicMonkey Collage1

Nathan’s employer recently built pickelball courts for their employees to use and we have been taking full advantage! Has anyone else played this? It’s pretty new to our area but I know it’s big other places. For those of you who aren’t familiar with pickelball it’s basically a scaled down version of tennis. Way more up my alley : )

Honestly, I can’t really think of anything I am dreading, so I’m going to say the end of sandal and short wearing weather!

Finding a better work/life/cheer/blog/exercise balance. Aren’t we all always trying to work on balancing these things? I do feel like I’m making progress with this and not just completely drowning in everything there is to be done! Finally.


Guys. As you may know, I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix and I. Am. Obsessed. Like, I have to refrain from giving every single person I come across a full recap of whatever I have just watched. The obsession is REAL and I feel like a fool for waiting this long to watch it. Also, can we talk for a second about Shonda Rhimes (the creator of Grey’s, Scandal, and How to get Away With Murder)? She could not be any better at creating beautiful love stories, ripping them apart, putting them back together, then ripping them apart. First it was Olivia and Fitz (Scandal) and now it’s Meredith and Derek on Grey’s and I just can’t handle it.  

Maybe “all the books I started reading but didn’t finish this month” would be more appropriate. I started reading The VacationersLove The One You’re With, AND Beach Town without finishing any of them this month. Even though I actually really liked them, there are two reasons I can pinpoint for not being able to finish them. 1) See above and 2) I keep trying to rent books on my iPad from the library instead of buying them. The two week time limit is just not enough because…see above. #givemeallthegreys
PicMonkey Collage3

Cheer season has started so basically I hear 30 sixth through eight grade girls chanting/cheering in my head 24/7. “We are the Continentals yeah, and we’re – number – one!” Make it stop. (Just kidding I love it).

My husband is actually the busy one this weekend so I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of this (pup snuggling and Grey’s watching). I’m going to soak up the lazy this weekend since it is the last commitment-free weekend we have until November!

SO MANY THINGS to look forward to in September. First, I’m heading to New Mexico with my parents and brothers to attend my aunt’s wedding. We are stopping in Vegas on the way overnight and I’m super excited to go there for the first time (even if it is only for 15 hours)! Then, it’s our one year wedding anniversary (being celebrated by an overnight trip to the town where we got married and my favorite wine festival). Lastly, we will be heading to Chattanooga to watch one of our best friends in her first Ironman race. It’s going to be a busy, fun month! I’m ready.

Thanks for stopping by!

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One of the only good things about seeing the f-word (the season, not THAT f-word) on the horizon is that my favorite season’s clothes are going on major sale! This time of year is perfect to stock up on some of those pieces you wouldn’t normally indulge in, but rummaging through online sale sections can be torturous. (You know I’m right.)

So out of the kindness of my heart, I spent some time doing it for you 😉 Bonus – all of these pieces are $55 or less. I’ve already scooped up several pieces below, make sure you check them out soon because they won’t stay in stock for very long!


1. Line and Dot Pleated Mini Dress ($55) | 2. House of Harlow Pendant Necklace ($32)
3. Three Dots Drawstring Skirt ($52) | 4. Rebecca Minkoff Spike Earcuff ($24) | 5. Deux Lux Fringe Clutch ($45)
6. Splendid Sandal ($55) | 7. Gap Denim Vest ($30) | 8. Jessica Simpson Embellished Sandal ($41)
9. H&M Sleeveless Trenchcoat ($30) | 10. J. Crew Factory Embellished Tank ($35)
11. BB Dakota Tribal Dress ($52) | 12. J. Crew Striped Shorts ($10) | 13. H&M Straw Hat ($7)

Do you love shopping end of season sales?

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Happy Friday Friends!

This week was here and then WHAM it was gone, it’s crazy how fast time flies when you are just a little busy. But I’m not complaining, there are a lot of things I’m looking forward to this weekend! Hanging with old friends, getting creative, seeing family from far away and hopefully doing some more work on the blog – it’s going to fly by too, I’m sure!

So, I have no idea how I’ve been sleeping on this gem for the past FOUR years but if you have not watched the lifetime movie about Will and Kate (aka The Royals) you are MISSING OUT, just like I was. Luckily, the bestie and I remedied that situation last night and now I’ll probably watch it once a week. Watch it on the Lifetime app here or on Netflix here.

GUYS. I searched for a pair of these booties last year in my size for FOR-EV-ER. You better believe I scooped up the ones below (found on Amazon for only $26!!) as soon as I found them this week. They come in 46 other colors and range between $7 – $40 depending on the color/size you choose so run over there and grab some! The color I got is hazel.

hazel booties

Actually, there are many. But the one I’m talking about today specifically can be traced back to the day they started bottling single serve margaritas and selling them at the grocery store. Because as delicious as they are, I think we all know they are not the lowest calorie drink on the shelf. The Bud Light Whichever-rita has been my jam for years but a few weeks ago I discovered these Cayman Jack ones and holy cow, I’m doomed .


If you follow me on Snapchat (rachelemily_49) you got a sneak peak into my latest Rocksbox set (including this gorgeous Gorjana Mara Cuff). I feel like if your nails match the ribbon on the box that can only mean good things are coming, right? If you are still on the fence about Rocksbox use code rachelemilyxoxo for your first month free!


My cheerleading team went back to practice this week! I was talking to someone about how I missed last year’s team and it just doesn’t feel like it will ever be the same when my friend pointed out to me that I said the exact same thing at the beginning of last year. It’s never a lot of fun teaching a 80% new team your expectations and the basic, not-as-much-fun stuff but I guess I feel that way every year :)

Have a great weekend, friends! I’ll probably be watching Grey’s every spare minute I have, lol.

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