Life Lately

Hello Patriots! I hope you all had a safe and fun holiday weekend. I know I did. I have what I like to call a “busy weekend hangover.” Not to be confused with an actual hangover, this one happens on weekends like these when we’re goinggoinggoing, 24/7 and only at our house to sleep. Ok, maybe there were a few adult beverages thrown in for, you know, social purposes.

Anyhoo, because of said busy weekend hangover I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking today. Here’s an update on our Life Lately.

IMG_4756Obligatory puppy pic. Super obsessed with these sandals ($28!!) and this comfy dress.

Cheryl's CollageBesides the long holiday weekend, another reason I was so blog-quiet last week is because I was super busy preparing to co-host my mother-in-law’s surprise 60th birthday party at our house on Friday! It was the first time we had more than a handful of people (almost 30!!) here at once and I was so nervous, but it went off without a hitch! (Except for that one 20 minute window where it poured rain and everyone had to come inside, but whatever). My MIL has twelve siblings and only a few of them live in our town so I know that the fact that FIVE of them came in for her party sent her over the moon with happiness.

IMG_4684After literally (LITERALLY) months of searching I finally found pillows I love for our couch (from Target and TJ Maxx). Hallelujah, Praise Jesus, Amen.

IMG_4730Merica. On the 4th our dog allowed us to sleep in until 8:00 (thank you parent’s dog for wearing him out the night before) then Nathan and I went to play some Pickleball at the courts his company built. (Have you all heard of Pickleball? It’s like a scaled-down version of tennis.) If you know me you know organized sports are not really my thing, but I did it for Nathan and it was actually really fun! Then we headed to my mom’s for lunch on her patio and visiting with my aunt and her fiance who were in town. We ended the night with ribs and s’mores (and lots of other delicious food) at my dad’s!

S'more CollageReally though…Can you think of anything s’more American?
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We ended the weekend celebrating our Godson’s first birthday. Holy cow, time flies. I obviously had to get him the largest, most obnoxious gift I could. I also made that adorable chalk board (Yes I’m tooting my own horn – LOOK at that thing!) that was used as decoration at the party.

Griffin's Birthday CollageMy favorite boys.

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July Fourth Inspiration

Everyone’s favorite summer holiday is almost here so to celebrate I rounded up some 4th of July inspiration for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

4th of july Collage

1. The prettiest festive garland from Tell Love and Chocolate.

2. I would totally wear this Star Spangled Swimsuit!

3. Blood orange is an obsession of mine so this take on a margarita is a no brainer for Saturday.

4. An easy, breezy, blue-and-white dress.

5 I’m not one for sparklers (fire makes me a nervous wreck) but these DIY Confetti Push Pops would be a good substitute.

6. This pallet tutorial not only makes for pretty 4th of July inspiration, but the way she does her lettering is genius and I will be using it for sure!

7. Such a cute idea for sprucing up wooden flatware.

8. Single Thread Boutique is where I’ve gotten my 4th of July outfits the last few years and this top is first in the running to be worn on Saturday!

9. Love love LOVE these stars and striped pillows from Target. Give me all the holiday pillows.

Life Lately

Good morning and happy Monday, friends! Our life the last week could be summed up pretty quickly by saying the words “No AC” and “Cheer Camp” for me but since we are all tired of talking about a busted AC and it would be reeeally unprofessional of me to post pictures of middle school girls who don’t technically belong to me, here are some other things going on in our life lately…
Cabinet CollageCall me completely insane but organization makes my heart skip a beat. I had A LOT of extra time at home last week with repairmen so I took the opportunity to reorganize my entire kitchen. I could stare at my super organized (albeit very small) pantry all day. #swoon

IMG_4634Order and pay for a grande, get a venti. Is there any better type of “accident?” NOPE.
IMG_4643Reason #182 I am out of shape. Just trying to do some ab work here but do you need somewhere to lie? He’s lucky he’s so darn cute.

IMG_4648Sunshine? Check. Cold Drink? Check. Good Book? Check! The mild temperatures this summer are EVERYTHING and this is my favorite way to kill some time. (And get some sun!)
IMG_4670We had a charity fundraiser/festival in our town this weekend and part of it was an air show where they had different teams of airplanes come and perform tricks. It was a beautiful day on Sunday so we headed down there after church to check them out. It was actually really awesome even though my anxiety was going crazy the entire time worrying they were getting to close to each other. I can’t even imagine doing something like this!

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Friday Five 6.25.15

Helloooo Friday it is so nice to see you!

YOU GUYS, I managed to get an outfit photo up on Instagram three whole times this week. That’s roughly 2.75 times more than ever before! Hopefully, I’ll keep this momentum up because I really am loving having more of a presence on there. Follow along here to see how I do!
Outfit Collage 6-25-15

First necklace from Rocksbox (use code rachelemilyxoxo for a free month!)

(Ok fine, I’m done now) I couldn’t even wait until tomorrow’s Saturday Morning Reading to share this post about the best Instagram hashtags by Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars with you all. She literally researched THIRTY of the most popular hashtag options and tested them out to see how effective they were! Talk about blog post dedication. But really, it’s an excellent read if you are trying to improve your Insta game! (Whoops, I lied.) I’ve already tried many of them out and have been loving the response I’ve gotten.

As in “God Bless Air Conditioning.” It’s just one of those things we take for granted this day and age. That is until we are without it for four and a half days at the end of June. Holy moly have the last few days been a hot, sweaty, smelly adventure. Never a dull (or inexpensive) moment when you are a homeowner. I don’t think I’ll ever get the sound of 15 buzzing fans out of my ears.
no ac

Nathan and I just started watching this Netflix original series this week and we are hooked! It’s kind of like a cross between Revenge annnnd some sort of cop drama that I can’t put my finger on. Whatever that is, this show is incredible and we can. not. stop. It’s set in the Florida Keys (perfect) and is essentially about a big family with a ton of issues and secrets. It’s the perfect summer binge! Have you watched this series yet?

Just owning it on this one today. 9 months later and I’m finally working on our honeymoon recap (my nickname is A+ blogger). I’m hoping to have it written and up sometime next week – but even so let’s all keep our fingers crossed. What I wouldn’t give to be laying in one of those beach cabanas right now… #takemebacktomexico

Well, this post was a little more quirky and random than usual. Thanks for sticking around and I hope you have a great weekend!

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Best Sale Ever – Get an Extra 25% Off Sale Styles at Shopbop June 23-25 With Code!

Hi All! Just stopping in really quick today to let you all know about the AMAZING sale happening at Shopbop for the next three days. You all know I’m obsessed with Shopbop (especially their sale section) so when they sent me an email that all sale items would be an additional 25% off for the next three days I did the happiest of Monday dances. I was up bright and early this morning and here’s what I picked up…

shopbop sale purchases
BB Dakota Striped Dress ($34 after discount) | BB Dakota White Dress ($33 after discount)
BB Dakota Romper ($26 after discount) | J.O.A. Romper ($21 after discount)

Yep, that is the romper from my Lilly Inspired post, why yes I did buy three BB Dakota pieces (obsessed) and YES I did get all of these pieces for less than $120, S-C-O-R-E! Oh, and apprently I have a thing for black and white. Hmmm. Anyways, here are the sale details…

sale code

Make sure you get over to their site ASAP! The good stuff will go fast, I’m sure! Happy shopping!