Friday Five 4.24.15

I’ve been waiting for this Friday for forever because…

It’s finally here! We are heading to Nashville after lunch today and this time tomorrow I will either be running or have completed my first half marathon. I’m pretty excited but it’s supposed to rain the whole time so we shall see how enjoyable it really ends up being.

Love these Tone It Up girls! I can not wait to getting back to my regular HIIT workouts now that all this running will over with for the time being. This one will be first up on my list – I can’t wait to try it out! Click here for the full workout in a PDF or video version.
hiity bitty

I finished Dark Places this week and I really liked it! Maybe not as much as Gone Girl – but still really good! It was pretty tame throughout then WAM it gets dark and twisted real quick (same as Gone Girl really!) I’d definitely recommend it if you were a fan of GG though. Now I’m on to What The Lady Wants. YES to historical fiction.
4.25 book Collage

I mean look at that sweet face. Can you even?! I’ve had more than one person comment on how “unusual looking” he is this week and I just don’t see it. A mother’s love I guess?!

I’m giving away this Lilly Pulitzer for Target clutch over on this post and I would love for you to enter! The contest ends Monday at midnight so go go go!

Here’s to a great weekend! Cheers!

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Get The Look For Less: Lilly Pulitzer & A Lilly For Target GIVEAWAY

main lilly inspired
1. Old Navy Seahorse Shorts | 2. Francesca’s Flower Bursts Beach Tote | 3. First Impression Flat
4. World Market Fuji Foliage Napkins | 5. World Market Underwater Floral Stacking Mugs
6. Design Darling Hot Pink Turkish Towel | 7. Old Navy Palm Romper | 8. Paradise Pom Pom Set
9. Pier 1 Peyson Flamingo Pillow | 10. konfetti Multi Pom Pom Shorts

I was lucky enough to score some great Lilly things at my local Target on Sunday, but I know many of you didn’t have as much success – so I wanted to share the wealth! I hope you enjoy the “Lilly Pulitzer Inspired” items I rounded up today and that you use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter to win this LP for Target Upstream Tassel Pouch I picked up on Sunday! Good luck!

PicMonkey lilly bag collage

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Creative Closet: Pastel Me

Look who showed up for Creative Closet two weeks in row!

When I saw this week’s prompt, pastel, I got so excited. Who doesn’t love a pretty spring pastel? I certainly do. Or I thought I did. When I went to my closet this top was literally the only thing I had that could pass as pastel! The only thing. My mind was blown. This is obviously a huge hole in my wardrobe so I’ll have to get to shopping right away. (I’m kidding husband.)

So I had a top and of course I wanted to wear my beloved Converse so I took to Pinterest for a little spring outfit inspiration and here’s what I found:
converse inspriation CollageJulia, Jules, and Amy all rocking spring appropriate skirts and Converse looks! Adore.

And here’s my take on the look…creative closet pastel 2 creative closet pastel 4 creative closet pastel creative closet pastel 3 creative closet pastel 5
I hope that goofy last picture makes you smile. Nathan is a clown behind the camera and basically teases me the whole time he’s snapping pictures. So helpful when you are trying to be all serious and blogger like :) I was still dressed in the outfit when he got home last night, shoes and all, and he said “Well I know what my job is here!” The man knows me too well. It’s either comfy clothes or gym clothes as soon as I walk in the door or we are probably taking blog pictures! I love that guy.

Top | Flutter (old)
Necklace | Nordstrom Rack (old)
Jacket | Gap (similar)
Skirt | Old Navy (similar)
Shoes | Sopbop (exact pair)

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Weekending || April 17 – 19

weekend 4.19 Collage 2 weekend 4.19 Collage


Happy Monday! I’m not sure how to even sum up this weekend. Crazy? Busy? Fun? Exhausting? D. All of the above I think.

We ordered pizza and took the pup for a long walk. I had to go into work around midnight so anything else was out of the question. We watched every episode available of Lip Sync Battle. Has anyone else watched this show? Basically two celebrities lip sync to two songs – one low key and one all out with costumes, props, choreography…the whole thing! Hilarious. And it’s not like, Dancing with the Stars-type people. Anne Hathaway, Anna Kendrick, Jimmy Fallon and lots more like that!

Started with six miles of hills. I can’t believe my half is on Saturday! I’m excited, but ready to get it over with in all honesty. After that we went to the zoo with our besties and Godson. It was the most perfect day ever weather wise and it just felt so good to be out of the house doing something (anything!) outside after this brutal winter. Afterwards, we dropped the tired muchkin off with his grandparents and went to an impromptu adult lunch at BWs. It’s been so long since the four of us have been able to make on the fly plans like that so it was extra special to me! Lunch was followed by a food coma nap and then going in for another late night of work. Tis the season.

Not even working until 2 AM was going to keep this girl away from Target Sunday morning! I was the second person in “line” and only had to get there about 45 minutes early. That’s medium-size-town living for you. I got about half of the things on my wish list but I made up for it with other things I found ;) I was super disappointed that my store didn’t have any sandals or napkins, so I’m still on the hunt for those. I did get my pineapple bowl and one of only two weekender bags they had in the whole place so I can’t complain. Multiple naps were had on Sunday and we went to dinner for my brother Parker’s 14th birthday. He and Nathan were really excited for whatever that baseball thing we got him was!

Have the best Monday!

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Saturday Morning Read | Volume Six

saturday reading main


The theme of the next party I throw will be pineapples thanks to this party from 100 Layer Cake’s inspiration. Someone get married or have a baby or something for Pete’s sake.

Even though my most classic parent text came from my step-father and read “Mom dead. Call me” (herrrr phone was dead…) these 12 Classic Mom Texts You’ve Received at Least Once in Your Life had me rolling.

I love peppers and I love quiche so these Stuffed Pepper Quiches from Skinny Fat Girl Diary were a total DUH and will be made STAT.

These tips on how to pray together with your spouse from Marriage More really spoke to me. Praying out loud with anyone can be hard to get used to – you are seriously opening up your heart! They can really be applied to any situation where you are praying with another person.

Glitter Guide’s Must-Read book list for April was on point. I’ve read several of them already and added a few more to my ever-growing list of must reads!

Garlicky Kale Salad with Crispy Chickpeas. Uhhhh omgomgomgomg.