I know Mother’s Day can be sad for some people. Every year I see posts on Facebook about how we should stop rubbing Mother’s Day in the face of those people who have lost their mom’s or are struggling hard to become mommies themselves and believe me, my heart actually breaks for those people. But also, I can’t think of any other group of  people who deserve to be celebrated like mom’s (maybe single moms specifically but I won’t go in to all that here). Mom’s are amazing and 100% deserve to be showered with social media love, in person love, and gift love on their day!

Not going to lie, the best gift I can think of (for my first official Mother’s Day) would be for this little boy to come a week early and make me a momma for real, but since I have no control over that – any of these will do :) Women are so much fun to shop for, I don’t know why men act like it’s so hard! We like pretty things and flowers. It’s not complicated! If you are still struggling to come up with something great to get your mom, or ask your husband/children for, or get your wife/mother (to the .5 men who read this) – I hope you find something you like here!

mothers day college

New Mom Wine Labels | These are adorable & hilarious! Definitely picking a set of these up since I have so many pregnant friends right now.

Bread and Wine | An encouraging book and cookbook in one! Perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Illume Candle | I’ve said it before (and so has almost everyone else…) who doesn’t love a pretty candle as a gift?

Original Watercolor Portrait | I got one of these made for my best friend for her birthday last year and I can not wait to get one for myself. I’m so obsessed with it.

Farmgirl Flowers | Typically, I go the plant/flower route for Mother’s Day Gifts. Having three mom’s to shop for is almost like a second Christmas and it can really stress me out! This company will send this beautiful bouquet right to her door. And hello, who wouldn’t love that bouquet?!

Magnolia Wreath | Mother’s Day = Spring. Spring = Plants & Flowers. Love this magnolia wreath option as well!

Personalized Initial Bar Necklace | As a (almost) new mom, I know I would love something like this celebrating our new family of three!

UGG Robe | UGG. Robe. Is there anything else you really need to say? Look how pretty! Look how cozy! Yes, please.

Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig | You know how I said I love giving plants as MD gifts? Please don’t spend your hard earned dollars to give them to me. Without a doubt, they will die. But this faux fiddle leaf fig would be perfect for those of us without the green thumb!

Love is Patient Sign | Gosh I just love this sign so much! (And I’ll admit it. I threw this in hoping my husband will see this and get this for me for Mother’s Day. Pleeeease babe! It’s for our room. It’s totally fine that it won’t be here in time! Now I’m off to tell him he really needs to read today’s post.)

Swell Bottle | I got my step-mom one of these for Christmas and I’m convinced it’s the perfect gift for the practical gift lover! She loves it.

Do you all have go to gifts for Mother’s Day? Let me know what they are!

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I really hate to say this and jinx myself, but I think we are pretty much baby ready – I mean, as much as people could possibly be. Prepared? Maybe that’s a better word. There are, of course, a few little things that would be nice if I could get done (looking at you baby shower thank you cards and freezer meals) but nothing I feel like has to be done or my life is just going to suck once he is here, you know? So now we wait!

Now that my brain is a little less full of all the things between work and home that I need to do to prepare for the baby I feel like I have a little actual mental space to form coherent sentences together on this blog. So today you get a Top Ten, AND I have two more posts started (both baby related, of course). My oh my, how lucky are you all?!

top ten tuesday 2

1. Well, let’s start with the most awkward, shall we? I’m not sure if I’ve ever confessed on this blog the fascination I have for polygamy – but now you know! I have read so many memoirs of people who escaped from it in real life and Big Love is one of my favorite shows of all time, for real. It’s been several years since I last watched it, so I started up again a few weekends ago. It’s so good, guys. The only downside is I have them on DVD and getting up to change those discs can get really annoying – first world probs. Thanks for spoiling us all a little bit more, Netflix.

2. Several of you have read and recommended Luckiest Girl Alive and though I’m not far in, I am really liking it!

3. Icee cravings while Target shopping have been real the last few months. I’ve stayed strong, until I didn’t about two weeks ago. Now I’ve had three. Whoops.

4. We finally got our new (king!) bed up and it’s an actual dream come true. We ended up returning this Nate Berkus bedding (I liked it a lot, the color was just a little more cream than I liked) and replacing it with this pure white one. I also picked up these white pillow covers and these teal ones. Love love love. Some day I’ll have new bed side tables and not be too embarrassed to show a picture of the actual bed in our room. #goals

5. So happy I finally found a place for this Target vase – on the new dresser in our room. Now do I want cotton stems or cherry blossoms to fill it? Ps. There is so much Target going on in this post today. It could also be named “Top 10 Target Purchases as of Late.” The Icees made me do it.

6. You may have seen on Snapchat (rachelemily_49) but I totally gave in and tried that alcochol-removed wine (well champagne) The brand is Fre and it was on clearance at Target (sheeesh THERE IT IS AGAIN) for less than $2 so I thought, what the heck and made myself a faux-mosa when I got home. It is 100% ok if you are judging me right now, I’ve totally judged other pregnant women for drinking it but dang, it really hit the spot.

7. First, I’m super unhappy that none of you told me that Emily Blunt was playing the lead role in The Girl on the Train. I don’t love to be out of the loop on these things, guys. Anyways, the first trailer came out this week and I can.not.wait. It looks so good! If you haven’t read the book do that before you see the movie!

8. I’m working on collecting things for a gallery wall to go over our new living room bookcases. This Beautiful Mess sign from Jaxn Blvd would be such a perfect addition.

9. We joined a couples Growth Group (small group, life group – whatever your church calls it!) a couple of months ago and Nathan and I are both loving it so much. It is the most perfect fit for us and have both said multiple times that we are so glad we were brave and took this step! I’ve been in a few small groups in my life but Nathan never has and I’m so proud of how much he is opening up and putting himself out there. Good looking out, God.

10. My sweet tooth has been out of control in these last few months of my pregnancy – which is probably a direct result of indulging in it a little more often than I usually would but that’s not the point here. Sunday when we were at my mom’s for lunch I was reminded how satisfying a simple bowl of strawberries and cool whip is. So this is a dream mostly. Until I can get to the store after work today 😉

There you go! 10 things I am loving right now. What are you loving these days?

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36 week bump2 text

Month Eight | 32-35 Week Update

How far along: 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant today!

Size of Baby: The app says a papaya butttt it also says he should be around 5.75 lbs and our ultrasound last week estimated he is more like 7lbs. So we might have a big boy on our hands! 9 out of 10 people have told me they were way off on weight when they estimated, but one person has said they were right on and out popped a 10 lb baby. We will see!

Gender: A precious little boy!

Movement: Most of the month I would say he was the same as last month, lots and lots of rolling around and moving. But over the last few weeks, not so much. He has definitely slowed his roll, but it just depends. For instance right now he is going nuts but it’s the first time I’ve really felt him all day.

Weight Gain: Up 30-something pounds. Ugh. I have retained some serious water the last few weeks. I finally had to take my wedding ring off for good. (Especially after hearing how Brittney’s got stuck for real). I share a little about how difficult it was for me to accept here on Instagram. I’ve gotten so many “Your belly is so huge for still having X number of weeks!” that seeing such a significant weight gain over just two weeks put me right over the edge.

Sleep: I have a pretty solid routine right now where I’m up every two hours (almost on the dot) to use the bathroom. I can usually go right back to sleep most of the time, though.

Workouts: Lots of walks! But they are sloooow. And getting shorter. Percy and I took a pretty long one on Monday and I ended up having several contractions later that morning. So I’m not sure if that was a good idea or not. I’m going to go with not until I see my doctor on Thursday.

Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes, all the time. Not even my baggiest shirts fit over this bump anymore. Some of Nathan’s t-shirts don’t even fit – which is just mind boggling to me!

Symptoms: My heartburn and simmered down (thank you Jesus) but the exhaustion is still very real. Also, swelling in my legs and feet because of the water retention. It actually hurts, which I didn’t expect for some reason.

Cravings/Aversions: None really. I enjoy something sweet after dinner more than I ever have, though. I’m usually not a dessert person!

Missing Most: Still just Mexican food (the residual heartburn is just not worth it) and this beautiful spring weather has me missing running something fierce.

Nursery: We rearranged some of the furniture this weekend and I like it a lot more. We still have a couple of things to hang on the walls and then I should be ready to share it with you guys!

Nathan: Has been a busy bee helping me nest around the house :) Putting together furniture, cleaning out the garage, installing car seats and more! Don’t feel bad for him, he watches a lot of baseball as well :)

Best Part of the Month: Baby shower number two! Ugh, so much fun and at the most beautiful, unique location I have ever seen! I have a post started called “A Tale of Two Baby Showers” but zero motivation to blog most nights. Someday.

I can’t believe this is my last (hopefully) monthly post! Here they are in all of their glory :) Maybe by the next time I’m pregnant I’ll really have it together and will have a picture for every month. Lolololol.

5 month pregnany collage

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2016-Kristy Woodson Harvey-Acts of Love5541 (1)

Happy Friday, friends! I can’t believe the first week of April is gone! This weekend our plans include a little work around the house (like, fingers crossed, putting our new bed together), my final baby shower (can not wait), and hopefully some downtime/extra sleep! We are really trying to make the most of our last few weeks as just the two of us before this little babe takes over our live’s (and sleep) for a while.

I hope you all have a great, spring weekend – hoping for no more snow for my Northern friends – and I hope you enjoy this random roundup of some of my faves from the week!

+ First, you all have GOT to pick up my friend Kristy’s new book Lies and Other Acts of Love! She sent me an advanced copy to review and WOW, I couldn’t believe how much I loved this book! The story is told from the perspective of three generations of the same family and the lies we tell our family’s to hold us all together. It is set in the south (I know how much you Southern girls love that!) and is beautifully written. It was a great mix of fun and heartbreaking, and just the perfect read to get you in the summer mood. Get it on Amazon here. I will absolutely be picking up her first book Dear Carolina, too!

+ Speaking of Southern, did you all watch Southern Charm? Gah, I love this show! Can not wait to see how Katherine and Thomas go from barely speaking now, to him telling everyone how much wrong they’ve done her and why they suck by the end of the season. #rivoting

+ I have always felt like I hit the jackpot working for a small business who will allow me to bring Camden to work with me for as long as I want. I truly have never thought of this as anything but positive! So this post from my friend Jess in defense of the working mom totally spoke to me for a couple of reasons. The first being judgy people suck, period. Why can’t we all just support each other in this motherhood thing? And second, because I have already been criticized for choosing to take our son to work with me. “But what will he DO all day?” And while I could go into what he will do all day and why it works with the details of my job, I won’t in the middle of the “sharing time” of this yoga class because it’s really none of your business, lady.

+ Still drinking too many Caramelized Honey Lattes from Starbucks. Can’t stop, should stop.

+ The recap of Katie’s babymoon in Cali had me feeling all kinds of jells this week. I mean, have you ever seen somewhere so beautiful? Swoon.

+ I really want to get some freezer meals prepared before this baby comes in a few short weeks. We have been eating out tooo much lately for a lot of (bad) reasons and I do not want to fall down that hole for good once he is here! I started a Pinterest board to get some ideas but if you all have any recipes that freeze well, please send them my way!

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The last time I did a life lately post, aka iPhone photo dump, was the weekend after Valentine’s Day. Which is just mind blowing because that was more than seven weeks ago but it actually feels like yesterday. What is life?

That being said, we have a lot to catch up on, so let’s get to it!

Easter 2016 CollageWe did a lot on Easter but it was actually really low-key – in my holiday business definition which I admit is skewed. Church, country club brunch, a quick visit to my mom’s, then a gender reveal for my sister-in-law! She is having a boy too and I’m so excited that Camden will have a cousin so close in age! Lord knows none of my siblings are anywhere close to the point of having children 😉

IMG_1261His and hers Easter baskets! Oh how I wish those Angry Orchards were for me. Five more weeks.

IMG_1229We’ve been workworkworkwork working on Camden’s room! I have my last baby shower this weekend so my goal is to be 100% finished with his room next weekend. Fingers crossed. I will share it all when I’m done but for now you can find the curtains here, the fitted sheet is sold out, and the bed skirt is here.

IMG_1303Pistachio, sausage, mozzarella, basil, and spicy honey pizza from a new restaurant in our town called Pangea. It is hands down my new favorite pizza on the planet.

IMG_1259When your husband is in sales for a sporting equipment manufacturer, you spend Saturday night date nights at Dick’s checking out new basketball system displays. To be fair, I’m sure he took me to a nice dinner before this and I’m pretty sure I was dragging him to Target after! Adulthood, man. I’d love to say the old me would be embarrassed to see myself today but I was never good at acting like a young person.

IMG_1147Several of my friends are expecting (yay!) and I will be on Team Boy for now until forever, or until I have a little girl I guess! I’m batting 50/50 so far which seem like fair odds. Give me all the babies!

IMG_1312Spring weather = grilling season. Why does food taste so much better on the grill? I could seriously eat this exact meal every single day and be 100% happy with my life. Now, if the weather would jump completely on board with my plan. I need some warmer weather on my morning walks.

IMG_1313I’m so glad these tulips in our mailbox bloomed again this year without me doing anything! Flower whisperer I am not. Last spring/summer I focused on trying to keep plants alive (and failed FYI) and this spring/summer the plan is to keep a child alive. Let’s hope I have more luck this year 😉

IMG_1300The saddest puppy dog in all of the land when the smoke detector is beeping from a low battery. This guy is not scared of anything, until those things start beeping. It is the saddest thing ever, but not sad enough to get me to jump on a chair to change the battery before my husband gets home, so he has to deal. I would like to say that’s because I’m almost 9 months pregnant, buuuuut… Insert eyes-covering monkey emoji here.

IMG_1321THIS GUY finally got the promotion everyone has been talking to him about for what seems like a year! So obviously we celebrated with our favorite indulgent Bonefish dinner. He has been working so hard and so deserved this! I love doing life with this guy.

IMG_1205You know your husband travels A LOT when you pull up to the airport and your dog knows exactly what that means – without even seeing his dad yet! Jokes on me though because then I have to sit there for 10-15 mins with him losing his mind with excitement before Nathan actually comes out. It’s just so cute!

So that’s life lately according to the (highlight) iPhone reel! I hope you all are finding lots of ways to enjoy the spring weather, too!

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