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spring blooms bunch

It’s that time again! The weekend is (basically) here and we are ready for it! We’ve got another low-key weekend on the horizon and if it doesn’t finally include some pool time I’m going to consider it a real disappointment! Fingers crossed. Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope you have a good one and enjoy these Friday Faves!

+ That pretty photo up there? It’s part of a new set of free stock photos from the Queen herself, Helene! You can download them here. This is the thrid set she has put out so make sure to check out the others, too.
+ If you love birth stories as much as I do (which would mean you obsessively read them over and over) don’t miss this one from Katie about Miss Haddie! That baby girl’s hair! Ugh, my heart can’t handle the sweetness.

+ I never really embraced drinking Rose until this summer – I know, what kind of blogger am I?! But I’ve keep picking up this Charles & Charles version and I could not enjoy it more!
+ 15 Rose cocktail recipes are perfect for my new obsession.
+ Making your own pizza dough is so easy and so worth it. Trying this oregano garlic version this weekend!

+ I got my first Stitch Fix in a while this week and was pleasantly surprised! I’ll share more details next week but for now check out my very first post about Stitch Fix here and giggle along with me at how terrible the pictures are and cry with me over how skinny I was.
+ A few FFs ago I told you how surprised I was that I loved this Lilly Pulitzer dress but unfortunately, your girl doesn’t have the budget for $178 dresses. BUT I got this BB Dakota dress in my Shopbop order this week and it is SO similar and on sale right now for less than $40!!!
+ I finally ordered these sandals too and I LOVE them!

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Have a great weekend, friends!

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Normally, Nathan is the only one who gets jazzed about dessert in our house. Most typically, he will suggest we get ice cream immediately after we just ate (what I consider) the most indulgent dinner of all time but I am 100% certain he would go to Dairy Queen every single night for a Oreo Blizzard if I would let him. Me? I could take or leave dessert most days. I’d rather eat all of those chips to go along with that salsa or every single crumb of that bread basket, thank you. Team savory over team sweet. Unless we are talking about chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, never ever ever will you see me turn that down.


That was the case until (of course) the last few months of my pregnancy. I craved sweets like it was my j-o-b and did not feel my day was complete until something sweet passed through these lips. But apparently, eating ice cream every night is even less frowned upon when you are nourishing a child, so these “healthier (non) ice cream sandwiches” came to the rescue!

Here’s what you need/What you need to do:
– Cool Whip
– Graham Crackers
– Strawberries

Cut strawberries into small-ish pieces. Fold in about 2/3 of the container of Cool Whip. Pile the mixture up high between two graham crackers then stick them in the freezer on a cookie sheet for a couple of hours. I stored these in a tupperware for several days and they stayed fresh!

Do you think you can handle all of that? I hope you’re not overwhelmed.

strawberry coolwhip 1

strawberry coolwhip 2

strawberry coolwhip insta

These really could not be any easier to make, the hardest part was making them pretty enough to photograph, HA! Hope you enjoy. What is you favorite “healthier” sweet treat? Let me know in the comments!

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healthier ice cream treats


Hello Patriots! Holiday weeks are always weird, aren’t they? Last week was extraordinarily weird and hard because we lost a member of our management team to heaven on Sunday, then the 4th, then all of the senseless violence that happened at the end of the week (more thoughts on that in this Instagram post) and blogging about the frivolous stuff just seemed wrong.

Even though all of this made our hearts a little heavier than normal last week, we still tried to enjoy celebrating Camden’s first major holiday! I love the 4th and even though Nathan wouldn’t let us go any where near a fireworks show with the baby, we managed to still have some fun 😉 Here are some pictures from the holiday and our life lately:

IMG_2363Work with Camden has been going great! Thank you so much to everyone who has checked in on us!! He is still getting used to everything and will only nap if he is wrapped up in the Solly Baby Wrap. I can’t say I truly mind.

IMG_2367My parents just got back from our favorite place in the entire world, Captiva Island! We were super bummed we couldn’t make the trip this year – a 16 car ride with a 4 week old sounded like pure torture to me! BUT my parents brought us back TWO loafs of our favorite cheesy bread from a local bakery.

IMG_2381Post church Chipotle dates with Nathan are my fave. Two things of guacamole are always part of our order – we CAN NOT SHARE Chipotle guac without ended up in an argument over who ate more than their fair share.

IMG_2397On Sundays we like to test our marriage by hanging gallery walls. It was worth it in the end, we both love how it turned out! Here it is…

IMG_2485bottom left print | golden arrow | frames: TJ Maxx | everything else: Hobby Lobby or Michaels
Obviously, the shelves still need some work. So don’t look at the shelves, look at the wall! Love it. I still need to change out the 4th of July printable and add something to the top blue frame. Favorite printables annnd go.

IMG_2399My boys celebrating our Godson’s second birthday. I love these two!

IMG_2444When you are born so close to the most patriotic of holidays, sometimes your mom buys you a cupcake cake in the shape of a bald eagle. Nathan somehow ended up with the eagle’s face and when someone asked him how it was he said “tastes like freedom.”

IMG_2364outfit (only $6.50 with the code SUN) | shoes: Gymboree

4th of july dessertsGod bless America…and dessert.

IMG_2445This pretty much sums up our 4th night. Family, babies, and ribs. My sister Snapchatted this picture and captioned it “Baby. Back. Ribs.” She gets her cleverness from me.

IMG_2446My precious boy loves his Grandpa!

IMG_2447shoes (only $17 now!)
The rest of the weekend was pretty gloomy. We tried to get some pool time in, and only got rained on a liiittle bit.

IMG_2454outfit: Carters | shoes: Gap | moccasins: Freshly Picked
No, these are not the same pair of shoes. (Explained further in this Instagram post)

IMG_2456outfit: Carters | activity mat
Watching this boy change and develop is one of my favorite things, ever. He loves this activity mat and over the last week he has actually comprehended how to kick and hit the pieces to make them jingle.

IMG_2372Our first family movie theater experience! We saw Finding Dory at like, 10 AM on Saturday and it went ok. Not as good as Camden’s first theater experience but ok. I had to nurse him for the last 20-ish minutes but we are getting better at doing that out and about now that we are back to work.

IMG_2434comforter | curtains | love wall art: Magnolia Market
I call this one, “A Boy and His Best Friend.” Aka, the fan. He could stare at them all day.

IMG_2481This weekend was pretty laid back, thank goodness! Lots of house and yard work with a little friend and family time thrown in. Sunday our church had a baptism service in a local park. It was the most beautiful July day ever. Can we have church in the park every weekend?

IMG_2480My boys. These two give me all the heart eyes.

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a good weekend!

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Helloooo, Friday! I’m so happy to see you I could cry. Mainly because it means I made it through this week! Nathan came home yesterday after eight days of travel, I started back to work, and we had family in town for a couple of days. My heart feels full and my body feels exhausted. Welcome to motherhood, right? Even though it is a holiday weekend we are going to intentionally take it slow the next few days before the celebrations start on Sunday!

Whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope you have a safe and happy 4th and enjoy these Friday Faves!

+ My friend Julie announced the opening of her new Etsy shop! I’m so excited to make my first Wild Cedar Co. purchase sometime very soon!

+ The ultimate list of where to buy farmhouse decor.

+ I love how Laura used an Etsy download and engineer sized prints to make this.

+ Dark chocolate brownies with cream cheese frosting and fresh fruit sound like everything I’ve ever wanted in life. Making them this weekend (when plenty of other people will be around to eat them), for sure.

+ Coconut margaritas. Maybe if I drink one of these, close my eyes, and turn Camden’s sound machine to the wave setting I can  convince myself I’m at the beach? I’ll let you know.

+ I can not wait to put Camden in his Fourth of July outfit this weekend! Both of my boys have their outfits ready to go and I’ve got nothing… #postpartumbodyprobs

+ A beautiful 16in. boxwood wreath for under $40? Such a steal.

+ I drooled over these Splendid sandals all last year and now that they are on sale for 50% off, I really couldn’t resist them any longer.

+ I don’t typically fall head over heels with anything Lilly Pulitzer but I lovelovelove this dress.

+ POPSUGAR sent me their newest Must Have Box to try and I’m such a fan! I’ve actually considered buying one several times, but haven never bitten the bullet. The large monthly subscription box is only $39.99 and June’s came with everything you see above, plus some sriracha pretzels that were promptly eaten after I shared them on Snapchat – whoops! This box had such a wide variety of NICE items – beauty, fashion, food, and games! So much fun and such a nice treat. You can find out more about it and sign up HERE.

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Have a great weekend, friends!

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Last year I wrote a post on the summer’s most anticipated beach reads and it is hands down my most popular post of all time! It blew up on Pinterest and still gets hits every day. PLUS I think I’ve ended up making a whole $20 with the Amazon links from it. #blessed HAHAHA (But really if you know anything about Amazon’s affiliate links you know that is actually pretty legit for one post on a very small blog.)

They say you should give the people what they want when it comes to this blogging stuff, so let’s do it again, shall we? Even though I’m not going to the beach this summer (thanks baby Cam), you will be able to find me soaking up the sun on my patio or perhaps next to a pool if the stars align. Either way, I can not wait to read these new releases!

2016 beach reads text

Rich and Pretty | The Weekenders | The Singles Game
The Knockoff | Truly Madly Guilty | The Wedding Sisters
First Comes Love | Nine Women, One Dress | America’s First Daughter

What books are you looking forward to reading this summer? Which have you already read? Leave me a comment to let me know!

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