Friday Five 10.17.14

It was a very full, fun week around here but I’m so happy that blogging is making it’s way back into my (semi) regular routine! I hope you enjoy my Friday Five and have a great weekend!

1. I made that Ikea trip and got almost everything on my list. I chickened out on the shelves (someday) and had to upgrade the coffee table because they didn’t have the I planned on getting in stock. I ended up with this one. The husband wasn’t happy with the higher price but I was secretly thrilled for my good OOS fortune.

photo 4

2. Fall came for real finally this week! No sweating at all, hallelujah. I got to pull out some of my fall staples like this Single Tread Boutique scarf! This scarf barely left my neck last fall & winter and I don’t see that changing this year.

photo 3

3. We are in the process of becoming puppy owners! We have been looking semi-seriously for about a month so when Meg SnapChatted me she was volunteering at an animal shelter this week, I told her to keep her eye out for our perfect pup. She totally came through! Our application for this precious guy has been sent and now we are just waiting for the word that we are approved so we can go get him!


4. As the whole internet knows by now, the Shopbop Friends and Family Sale was this past week and I didn’t miss my chance to take advantage of the deals! I scooped up this BB Dakota high-low dress and the ever-present leopard clutch (sold out now). This dress is SO PERFECT for fall. It’s a thick (but still comfortable) material and it hits almost at my knee so it’s perfect for work as well. Super happy with my choices!

photo 2

5. Have you all heard the new Florida Georgia Line album yet? I was OBSESSED with their last album and this one is no different. I played it on a continuous 6 hour loop the other day while I was alone at work. So so so so so so so so so so so so SO good. Find it on iTunes here.


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The Creative Closet: Classic Black

I’m exited to be co-hosting The Creative Closet along with two of my favorite bloggers, Maegen & Jana today! The theme today is “Classic Black” and I think we all pulled it off pretty well, if I do say so myself.


Aren’t they adorable? I can’t get over/enough of Maeg’s pregnant belly. My belly is courtesy of our honeymoon and that tight fitting skirt…so you know, not as cute but whatever.

The Creative Closet Classic Black The Rachel Emily Blog

The Creative Closet Classic Black The Rachel Emily Blog 2

Creative Closet Classic Black

The Creative Closet Classic Black 2
Jacket c/o Shopbop // Skirt c/o eShakti // Black Long Sleeve Single Thread Boutique

This. Jacket. I’m 100% obsessed with it. I almost feel bad since you know, the theme is “Classic Black” but I’ve barely taken it off since the day it came so it just seemed natural. Everything else 100% classic black though, so I guess that makes up for it. Classic black skirt, classic long sleeve tee, classic black pumps. BAM. I really love this look! I feel like it works perfectly for everything from a big day at the office to a dressy date night so I guess that confirms the fact that it is totally #classic, right?

Now show us your Classic Black looks by joining in the link-up below! Maeg and Jana do this every Tuesday so make sure you check out the schedule, style your look, grab the button and link up with them! It’s such a fun way to get out of your closet comfort zone.


The Creative Closet
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Best Halloween Memory #TBT

Halloween is not really my thing. When I was young dressing up for Halloween wasn’t a huge thing in my family and maybe that is why I’ve never really gotten excited about it. I dressed up a few years in high school for various things but was always something I could pull together from my closet like “Army Girl” or “Slumber Party Girl” (???) So lame.

Once you are in college, Halloween just becomes another reason to throw a party or for your whole town to go to the bars. Those two things I can* totally get behind. (*Could get behind. Who am I kidding I’ve been inside a bar about 5 times this year, tops.) So one Halloween the bestie, Megan, and I made a last minute decision to go to the bars and we dressed up as, wait for it…ourselves. I mean who needs a costume when you are this awesome, am I right?


So we go downtown to the packed bars and begin being the even more loud, obnoxious people we become when drinking. The thing we loved to do the most while “out for the evening” was butt tickle people. Not actually touch their butts weirdos but just do the motion behind them when they weren’t looking. It was is the most funny thing in the world to us at a certain point of the evening. Towards the end of this particular Halloween night we ran across a Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleader and we knew we just had to get a picture of one of us butt tickling her. Like, “Haha you think you are so cute but in the end you are just a ridiculous butt-tickle victim.” (Side note, I’m sure she was adorable and a very nice person outside of this situation).

I get my phone ready to take a picture, Megan stands behind her, butt-tickles her, and I take a full-flash shot of the whole thing (rookie move). Turns out, ole DCC was not appreciative of us documenting her in this fashion and turned around and gave us, GASP, the most dirty look of all time. She turned back around when she felt she had made her point and my sweet bestie just straight up pushed her from behind. Hard. Then, my sweet bestie immediately ran for the hills leaving me standing behind the DCC dumbfounded. Like, I’m pretty sure my mouth was hanging open when this chick turned around and looked at ME with daggers in her eyes. Luckily for Meg, I’m her ride or die and I would have still spoken to her (eventually) had I been punched in the face for her actions. Luckily for me, this girl didn’t have any girl friends with her, only male acquaintances she met that night obviously because not one of them came after us after I too ran for the hills. I’m sure we promptly left the bar because it was obviously getting late in the evening if you catch my drift.

Moral of the story is I love my (honest to God, not violent) bestie, and that is definitely my best Halloween memory of all time.

Helene in Between Blogtober

Ikea Trip Planning & Inspiration

As you know (or maybe you don’t), we bought a house about three months ago. You haven’t seen much of said house on this blog because well…there’s not much to see. Our furniture is basically 100% hand-me-downs that are well…not cute. But since we are no longer saving every penny for our wedding it’s time to take the plunge and start making this house our home.

Where does every starter-home start? Ikea, obviously. So this weekend a friend and I are making the 3.5 hour trek to the closest Ikea and I am very happy I get to be there for her first experience. Ikea is basically like Disney World. You walk in, your face lights up because THERE IS JUST SO MUCH TO SEE, you spend ungodly amounts of money, and you are 100% exhausted when you leave.

Where does every Type-A, overly organized person start their Ikea trip? Pinterest, obviously. I went through all of my home decor boards, then scoured Ikea’s website to make a master list of things that will bring my Pinterest dreams to lyfe. Today I’m sharing all my hard work with you because I’m nice like that.

Nightstand InspirationNightstand Inspiration CollagePhoto One (Great DIY Instructions!) // Photo Two

Ikea Purchase
Rast 3 Drawer Chest
I love that a little DIYing completely transforms these dressers. I’m SO into the whole look of them and I’m never scared of a little paint. The husband however, is not fully convinced on either count. He’ll come around.

Kitchen Table Inspiration
Kitchen Table Inspiration Collage
Photo One // Photo Two

Ikea Purchase
Ingatorp Table & Ingolf Chairs
I am absolutely planning to add a bench to one side as soon as I find one, and I’m REALLY hoping to convince the hubs to let me paint the chairs a fun color like that teal. Our kitchen needs some color!

Coffee Table InspirationCoffee Table Inspiration CollagePhoto One (Great DIY here!) // Photo Two

Ikea Purchase
Hemnes Table
Something the husband and I agree on; a big, square coffee table. I really like the look of adding the wooden planks to the top to fancy it up and the blog post linked under the first picture makes it look easy.

Shelf Inspiration
shelf inspiration

Ikea Purchase
Fjalkinge Shelving Unit
I’ve got an awkward corner of the living room calling out for some styled shelves. Not going to lie, I think I’m most nervous for this one. So much pressure.

Now let’s hope it all fits in the car…

Summer Bucket List – How Did I Do?


Finish a 10k training program once and for all…I’ve lost count on what number attempt this is. Five? Eight? Well…no. Off to a great start! But I am almost up to five miles on my own, so that has to count for something.

Get married, move into our house…and make that house our home. So ready for this one. SO. READY. The first two are definitely done and done, and this is house is for sure technically our home, but it still has mostly hand-me-down furniture and almost zero decor…so we still have a long way to go.


Throw a kick ass shower and bachelorette party for my bestie/roomie/future sister-in-law. Done and done. The shower was at a beautiful wedding dress shop in our area. I took LOTS of pictures with my father-in-law’s fancy camera of this shower but then I gave it back to him before downloading them on my computer. Classic. It was gorgeous though and I plan on recapping it…some day.

Create an outdoor space that I love…much like this one if I’m lucky. I can not wait to be sitting on our patio, drink and book in hand. Well…no. Turns out outdoor furniture costs your first born child, but my mom gave us some old stuff she had so we have something. And we got the fire pit that we registered for so we plan on using that space more now that the weather is cooling off. 

Go to one of the three awesome farmer’s markets in my town at least twice a month. Fail.

Meet Griffin…can not wait to love on this little man. Five more weeks!! I think I’ve made my obsession with my godson very clear but here is another picture because can you ever see too many cute baby pictures? Answer…no.


Go on my first blate with MegMelissaAmandaKay and CarolineWe couldn’t ever find a day that worked for us all so it didn’t happen (boo!). But Meg will be in my town in a few weeks for a wedding and I can’t wait to meet her IRL then.

Make tons of memories with my family, old friends and new friends at the 118435 weddings we will attend…ok four. Hard to get out of these…
audrey's wedding10402014_10152277538920208_6669945919292784720_n

Spend every moment of sunny free time by the pool. It wasn’t much…but something is better than nothing!

Do an outfit post once a week on this here blog…I’ve got some great outfits but almost zero motivation to take photos of myself. Do we even need to address this one? The biggest thing I failed at this summer was blogging and I think we all know that. 

Get to know my new cheerleaders and have a blast at our cheer camp. Done! Cheer is so. much. fun. this year! I love these girls already.

Read…like a lot. I’ve done ok at this! (You are not a failure). On the honeymoon I read Where’d You Go Bernadette and An American Heiress and would highly, highly recommend both. I’m working on Gone Girl now because the bestie said she wouldn’t see the movie with me until I read the book. It’s good!

Finally get around to some of these DIYS…now that I have a whole house to fill I have all the reasons to stop putting them off. Well…no. Moving this to the “fall bucket list” I guess.

Drink all the margaritas…I think we all know that this was zero problem for your girl. I did switch from my beloved Strawberitas to SkinnyGirl Grapefruit Margarita so you know, I could fit into that very form fitting wedding dress pictured above. 

Go to as many baseball games as possible…because it is where the fiance is the most happy. Fail. This is becoming a not so fun process, reliving all my summer failures. 

Let’s end on a sappy one because why not…soak up all the memories (and take more pictures!!) of “the busiest, most wonderful summer of my life.” I think I would say done and done on this one. This was by far the greatest summer of my life. I married the man of my dreams and went on the most beautiful honeymoon. I can’t wait to get back into blogging regularly and sharing all of these events with you in more detail!

friday five 8/29/14

The fiance has made several comments to me over the last week about how I “never” blog any more. I’m not sure he fully appreciates the brain power it takes to come to this place and put enough coherent words together that I don’t sound like a complete idiot. I know I didn’t back when I was just a blog-reader. This wedding planning stuff is taking up all the extra creative space in my brain, and frankly there’s not much up there in the first place.

Anyhoo, not only do Five on Friday posts not require a whole heck of a lot of brain power, I actually really love reading other people’s. So obviously…you all love it too. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

alex and ani

1. Monday, I felt super-cute on  in my Target clearance top and skirt (with pockets). Add in my new pineapple Alex and Ani bracelet and it was a match made in twenty-something blogger heaven.

hot yogs

2. Hot. Freaking. Yoga. I’ve been wanting to try it forever so when I saw this coupon I knew I had a ten day yoga cleanse in my near future (these classes are usually $15 a piece!). That future was this past week and I am hooked. Sorry in advance, Fiance for the small fortune I will spend from here on out on hot yoga. Namaste.


3. Coming home to wedding RSVPs every day doesn’t get old. I wish it never had to end. Coming home to a broken air conditioner at the end of August though, I could really do without. That was a long, hot 24 hours. Hallelujah for home warranty plans.


4. We spent a significant portion of our evening last night picking out all the important songs for the wedding. I don’t want to give them all away but we do have everyone joining us from James Taylor to Miley Cyrus to Ed Sheeran to Bruno Mars. And that’s all before the real party (dancing) starts. I plan to be making ^that^ face all night long, except I’ll be the one in the white dress.


5. Yeeeah so I’ve watched a lot of Pretty Little Liars this week too. I got way behind last season so I started over at Season One (thanks Netflix). Criminal Minds, you’re next.

Are you all tired of hearing the words “wedding” around here yet? Frankly, I’m kind of tired of hearing myself talk about it but it consumes my life so for now we shall suffer through together. Namaste, bitches. -R

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Honeymoon Essentials (Under $100) From SHOPBOP

T-minus 35 days until I’m on the beach in Mexico my friends. Wedding smedding, get me to the honeymoon. Your girl already needs a vacation and there is still five weeks and a million little details to go. It can’t come soon enough!

The great thing about getting married and honeymooning during the last official week of summer is that I’m still in “LET’S BUY ALL THE SUMMER THINGS” mode during a time where everyone else is over it, so all the stores are putting said summer things on crazy sale! Give me all the dealz. Shopbop is one of the places I stalk when it comes to the end of any season because, hello, designer clothes on sale…dur.

Shopbop Collage

Coral Romper $40 // A totally appropriate way to go from the beach then straight to lunch when you don’t want to waste any time between drinks.

Tote $98 // Use as a carry on for the plane, then beach bag & excursion bag once you are there.

Hat $61 // Trendy, obviously, but also…ain’t nobody got time for wrinkles.

Towel $50 // Because the plain white ones the resort provides just won’t do. I would probably get lost on the way back to my chair without my own.

iPhone On The Go Charger $34 // I can see it now. Layover flight delayed, phone’s on 12%, and I have no way to update you all on Instagramshudders.

Bikini Top $43 // I think this is as good as excuse as any to upgrade my Target fringe bikini top. Love this L*Space one.

Sandals $49 // Because I need another pair of brown sandals. Because these are really cute and it’s my honeymoon. Only one of these statements are true.

Sunglasses $98 // My fiance used to work at Sunglass Hut and now I’m a sun glass snob. Except he would be appalled to hear me referring to these as snob-worthy. (PS he’s a bigger snob than me).

Magenta Romper $77 // Rompers are my thing and I will need something dressy for those special dinners every evening.

Head over to SHOPBOP and let me know if I’m missing anything ;)

Sushi & A Shower

Those two things essentially oddly sum up the most exciting parts of my weekend, I’d say.

Sorry you are getting another weekend recap, on a Tuesday no less, but my internet wasn’t cooperating yesterday morning and I’ve got a lot of pictures to share. So let’s be honest I’m not really that sorry.

Friday was a typical Friday around here. I went to dinner at my usual Friday spot (my favorite Mexican restaurant) with a friend then binged watched Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. If that was all I was asked of on a Friday ever again, I would be a-ok with it frankly.

Saturday we celebrated the bestie’s birthday! 27 years young. I can’t believe that I have been celebrating birthdays with this girl for six years now. In some ways it feels like we’ve been close forever but on the other hand these six years have flown by in the blink of an eye. IOn the agenda was a boat full of sushi (our first, which means we were way too excited about it), too many adult-beverages, and Sex-Tape. I wouldn’t recommend Sex-Tape, honestly, which is really disappointing.


A closer-up of the dress I wore to dinner. It’s from Stitch Fix. If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is you can read my thoughts on it here. Clearly, I’m still loving it since we are still in a relationship.

Sunday was my second (and last, boo!) bridal shower. It was beautiful filled with so many great memories! I can’t believe both showers have already come and gone. I’m really trying to soak these last 39 days until the wedding up as much as possible, but it’s hard not to wish them away and hope it would just get here and be done already so I can find my new normal. There are so. many. pictures. from the shower but for now I’ll leave you with these.

weekend4weekend3Dress from lulus here.

Just the bachelorette party and actual wedding to go before we get the real party, the honeymoon!



Friday Five

Three blogs posts in one week. What did you all do to get so lucky? For real though I’m pumped to be getting back into a blogging routine! Now let’s see if I can keep it up for the next six weeks until the wedding…no promises on that.

In true “Friday routine” here are five things making me happy this week…


We had a going away party for one of my cousins who spent the summer in Evansville doing an internship. It was so much fun to get to spend so much time with her and I miss her already! Obviously, our parents insisted we take an (almost) all the cousins picture on the front stoop as we have done a million times before.


I had my first official wedding dress fitting this week. It’s so beautiful you guys, I wish I could show it off to you right now. I actually teared up talking about it to someone today (can yo tell what time of the month it is?) It doesn’t fit right now but I mean…details.

shower bridesmaids

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I had my first bridal shower this past weekend! I can’t wait to marry the fiance with these wonderful girls by my side as my bridesmaids!

single thread dress

This dress from one of my favorite local boutiques, Single Thread. A wonderful soul gave me a Single Thread gift card at my shower last weekend and I am trying to decide what to spend it on! What do you guys think? I think I definitely need this, or maybe this, but most definitely this, yes?

trey overnight

We had our first overnight guest in our new house! We spent the evening watching Toy Story and Cars before calling it a night on the floor in our bedroom. I wanted him to sleep in the guest bed, he wanted to sleep in OUR bed, so we compromised with this. Those four year olds can surprise you and be reasonable sometimes when you least expect it, I guess.

Have a great weekend!

Gap Friends & Family Picks + Discount Code

I have a love/hate relationship with Gap. For my style, It is a great place for basics (their jeans are the only I have ever truly liked on myself) but it CAN a be pricey place to shop and momma is on that new house/impending wedding budget. Luckily, Gap is one of those places where something is literally always on sale so by stalking their site and emails, I haven’t paid full price for something I needed at Gap in years.

I was just thinking the other day, “Ew, these jeans are getting really faded (and kinda smelly). I need to keep my eye out for a good Gap sale” and BAM! A Gap Friends & Family sale email popped up in my inbox seconds later telling me everything on their site would be an additional 40% TODAY ONLY. The power of thinking and prayer in full action, people ;) Anyhoo, I thought it would be fun to share some of my picks and the code so you can take advantage too.

Don’t forget to use the code GAPFAM for your 40% discount!