Friday Five 2.20.15

Happy Friday!

Every one of my “Friday Five” today could be It snowed, more snow, really cold, really REALLY REALLY cold, and ice rain on the way. But I don’t live in Boston so it definitely could be worse. Stay warm out there this weekend, friends!

Due to the snow, cold, and school being cancelled every day it’s been a pretty laid back week! My work was closed one day plus no basketball games or practices for my cheerleaders to be at = a much needed break for this girl.

Here are five things that made me happy this week:

1. Galentine’s Day. 
My favorite. Thanks to this post from Lauren Conrad I found the perfect card for my bestie’s Valentine gift this year. If you know us at all you know this is 100% perfect for our relationship. I’m just not sure who is Amy and who is Tina… Or who I would WANT to be, they are both so great! (Amy Poehler any Tina Fey)
bestie valentine

2. The Blacklist
My husband and I finished up the final season of True Blood last weekend and had almost the ENTIRE day on Sunday completely free (gasp), so obviously we needed a new Netflix show to binge upon. Enter The Blacklist. We’re hooked! Do you watch The Blacklist?

3. Heart shaped pizza.
We make home-made pizza almost once a week in our house, but last Friday was my first attempt at fresh dough. It was actually really, really easy and tasted incredible! It obviously needed to be heart shaped because, duh, Valentine’s Day was the next day. (I used this recipe for the dough.) In all honesty I did not expect it to actually look like a heart when it came out of the oven so I was thrilled to see this:

4. What’s two when you’ve got one.
We kept my parent’s dog Stella while they went out of town last weekend and it’s always fun to see these two play together. Turns out, we’ve got a very territorial puppy on our hands! Percy was not a fan of Stella sitting on “his” couch or when we gave her any love, but didn’t care one bit about Stella eating his food or chewing his bone! It was so entertaining and well, exhausting. Percy is usually worn out fairly easily by going for a walk or playing catch for a while but apparently that does extend to playing with another dog. These two did not sit still for four days straight! 
percy and stella edited

5. Anticipating the Academy Awards!
Everyone knows how I feel about award shows (obsessed in a word if you need to catch up) and this is the holy grail of award shows every year! Can not wait. Make sure to come back Monday to check out my Oscar fashion recap post. My Twitter game is always top notch on award show night so make sure you are following me here

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    Love the heart shaped pizza! How cool! And I’ve had The Blacklist on my list for a while now. It looks really good! We just finished something up on Netflix and decided to start Mad Men. I hate trying to find a new show to watch after a really good series is over! Hope you have a warm weekend! And thanks for linking up with us at H54F!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

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    Love the heart shaped pizza!! And can’t wait for the Oscars tonight – I’m seriously so sad I gave up my phone/social media/computer at night for Lent! I’m going to miss the Twitter chatter!

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