27 Things About Me (For My 27th Birthday!)

Sometimes I struggle with what this blog is supposed to “be about.” And what I want it to be about. I love ALL the blogs. The beauty blogs, the fashion blogs, the foodie blogs, the mom blogs, the lifestyle blogs, the party planning blogs – I don’t discriminate. When I started my blog (I refuse to say that word one more time from this point forward), it was much more about me and just my thoughts on things but in all truthfulness, those things are so much harder to write about. You are putting your heart out there then openly asking people “So what do you think about what I think?!” and I don’t know if you all have noticed, but not everyone is nice and agrees with everything I think.

What I’m trying to say is maybe that is the reason I’ve been not showing as much of myself and my heart around here lately, but I want that to change at least a little bit. So since today is my 27th birthday (whoa) I thought I’d share with you 27 things about me. A lot of them are things I’ve already written whole posts about, so click the blue links to be taken to the post I have written on that topic. Some are serious, some are not but all are 100% ME!


1. I am a Christian. I don’t talk about that on my blog enough and I want that to change too. I am not perfect but I try hard to honor my Savior with my actions every day and this blog is part of that.

2. I once met Taylor Swift and that day is still in the running for possibly the best day of my life. Top two for sure :)

3. Margaritas will always be my #1 beverage of choice. Skinny, full calorie, lime, strawberry, frozen, or on the rocks just give it to me because I will love it.

4. I have a job that I love but it doesn’t define me.

5. I am a full-blown Harry Potter nerd. I’ve read the entire series at least six times and I cried I was so happy when I got to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. Cried. Which leads into…

6. I’m obsessed with all things British and sometimes think I was born in the wrong country.

7. I have the best husband. No really. I don’t brag on him enough but he is a saint for loving my crazy self the way he does. Some days I know I am just really hard to put up with.

8. I could be perfectly content solely eating Mexican food for the rest of my life. 24/7. 365. And I really mean that.

9. My husband and I bought a house while I was on my period and it made for a really entertaining blog post.

10. I am fascinated by polygamy. I’ve read countless of those “I Escaped Polygamy” books and Big Love is one of my favorite TV series of all time. I fascinated by other religious beliefs in general, actually.

11. My best friend (and mother of my God child) and I were in the same graduating class at the same high school but didn’t become friends until after our first year at college.

12. Once, someone sent me a Snapchat so we got a dog.

13. I coach a middle school cheerleading and dance team.

14. Nashville is my favorite city of all time. So obviously I had to celebrate my bachelorette there.

15. I am a product of multiple families and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

16. I’m super basic. Give me fresh flowers or an Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks or take me to Target and you have just made my day.

17. If I really love a series (both TV and book) I will read/watch it over and over and over and never tire of it! Here are just few book series I have read multiple times each.

18. I am head over heels for the Real Housewives franchise and I will #neverforget these moments.

19. I’ve listened to the Serial podcast from start to finish twice and I really think Adnan did it.

20. I ran my first half marathon this year and I really have no desire (right now) to ever do one again.

21. Within the past three months I have had two of my siblings move to polar opposite sides of the country. My brother moved to LA and my sister to Connecticut. Now we really have no reason to check NYC and Cali off of our travel bucket list!

22. Making this list is a lot harder than I imagined, I probably should have started earlier than 9 PM last night.

23. Bless you if you are still reading.

24. I took a semester off in college and lived in Vancouver, BC for about 6 months. If it wasn’t so far away from all of my friends and family I would live there for real in a heartbeat.

25. My husband and I are obsessed with Ed Sheeran. I walked down the aisle at our wedding to Tenerife Sea and our first dance was to Thinking Out Loud (before it was mainstream cool). What can I say, the man’s got the romantic thing down.

26. I’ve spent countless hours over the last 2 months searching for the perfect throw pillows for our couch and haven’t pulled the trigger on a single one. Or had a blog post to show for it.

27. I’m 27 years old! (I literally could not think of one more semi-interesting thing)

So how about it? Still want to be friends after you learned all this random stuff about me?

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  1. Andrea Nine says

    Happy birthday beautiful! That was so cool to learn so much about you you have so many wonderful qualities and I hope you enjoy your day to the fullest! I know what you mean I started this lifestyle blog but it seems like the fashion posts get more comments than anything ha ha. well, I’ll keep plugging away and doing a variety and you have a terrific day sweet girl!


  2. says

    Happy happy birthday! Have a fabulous day!

    I think it’s hard to put yourself out there in a way that shows vulnerability but still allows you to keep a bit of a wall between yourself and the internet. It’s a delicate balance.

  3. says

    Happy birthday girl!!!! Ohh I met Taylor Swift once too and it’s definitely on my top favorite moments of all time! Every time I go to London I really feel like I was meant to live there too. There’s just something about it. Ok a lot of things. And yes to the Mexican food! Loved reading more about you!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. says

    Happy Birthday! I enjoyed reading your 27 facts. I’m oddly obsessed with the polygamy culture & the Holocaust/Nazis…two very weird things but they both intrigue me!

  5. says

    girl.. you do you. you blog you.
    some people won’t like it, but the people who love it.. will LOVE it.

    ps i cannot believe you met tswift!

  6. says

    Happy Birthday from a fellow May birthday girl! (Mine was last week–May 6). As it goes, I also had a birthday post with 23 things about me for my 23rd. Great minds think alike?…:) I think I am going to be checking out that post about buying a house while on your period…sounds like a story I can’t miss! Haha. I hope you have a great birthday!

  7. says

    Happy Birthday (late…sigh). And you think Adnan did it!? AHHH! I feel like I want to listen to serial again too! I binged it so hard the first time that I’m sure I missed things!

  8. says

    I love these posts on birthdays, I feel like we get a sneak peak into a little bit more about you. And good lord, I had to do 31 things about me last year and it was tough…I think I’ll have to change it up for my 32nd this year. Happy Birthday!!!

  9. says

    Cute! Love all your interesting things. I’m a Christian and don’t talk about it enough on my blog- and that’s a good thing to change. Thanks for sharing with honesty! Also- I’m super jealous you met Taylor Swift.

  10. says

    Happy belated birthday :)

    Mexican Food is a staple in my house as well – breakfast, lunch or dinner. There’s nothing that a breakfast burrito can’t fix.

    Big Love was a crazy good show. Heavy on the crazy towards the end. Definitely find myself missing it every now and then.

  11. says

    I believe that you and I would be very good friends! Margaritas, Harry Potter, Mexican food, Nashville love, the loves go on and on!

    Happy happy birthday!

  12. says

    I know exactly how you feel. I have not shared the fact that I blog with many people I know because of the fears you mentioned. I am gained some confidence in my writing through bloggers I have met online. Keep at it and remember to be true to yourself. And Happy Birthday!! Love this post!

  13. says

    Happy (belated) birthday! I love birthday lists!! I always write a list of things I want to complete in the next year and just finished writing my list of twenty-nine things that will be going up on my blog on Thursday -since that’s my birthday :)
    Also, I’ve only listened to Serial once and think Adnan is innocent, I’d say something fishy is going on with Jay though, his story always changes.
    Also, I’m totally with you on being willing to move to BC. I’m from Canada, the flat province of Saskatchewan, and BC is definitely where I’d choose to live (if only I could convince my and my husband’s family to move there too).
    Excited to have stumbled across your blog!


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