Hello, Friends! Long time, no talk. Life lately has been pretty crazy but we were able to slow down last week and visit our favorite vacation spot Captiva Island, Florida for a little R & R! Captiva 2015 Collage 1

We hit the road for our approx. 14 hour trip around 5:00 Friday afternoon so we got to the island much earlier than my parents and brothers who left around midnight. We hit the grocery, got unpacked, grabbed lunch,  and went straight to the beach. We have stayed in the Captiva Shores community the last few times and I LOVE it. It is right at the beginning of the island so the beach is directly in front of you and the bay is directly behind. It also has a pool smack dab in the middle for the people staying in the community! We are much more of beach people than pool people but it’s still nice to have the option.

Side note: October is such a perfect time to visit Florida. If your schedule is flexible I would really recommend it! It’s not as blazing hot, plus it’s their slowest season so we basically had the whole place to ourselves. We went to Disney/Universal in October two years ago and I would say the same thing about that. October. Is. Awesome.

Captiva 2015 Collage 2

Day One was filled with FOOD. A yummy Mexican lunch at Cantina Captiva (because I can find any and all gauc in a 10 mile radius) then a late dinner after some beach time at on of our all time favorite spots The Lazy Flamingo. If I could eat their conch fritters (yes those spiral-y shells you find!) and shrimp caesar salad all day every day, I would.

Captiva 2015 Collage 3 Captiva 2015 Collage 4

Day Two we were back and forth from the beach to the house on and off all day thanks to Hurricane Joaquin. I have never seen waves that big or felt wind so strong and I’ve been vacationing in this spot on the gulf for almost my entire life. It was nuts. That night we went to Nathan’s first ever Crab Races at the Tween Waters Inn. It’s basically exactly what it sounds like – the stupidest thing you’ve ever seen! You pick out a hermit crab, name it (mine was McSteamy, duh) then the comedic host tells you a bunch of stupid rules to follow, dumps the crabs in the middle of the table and they race to the edge. The do a couple of “heats” until the top three are picked.

Like I said, it was Nathan’s first time and his darn crab got third place! He got $12, a third place ribbon, and a kazoo. My stinking crab just sat there and never moved. That’s what I get for naming him McSteamy instead of McDreamy I guess.

Other than a crab race, it’s basically a comedy show. The host makes up all sorts of stupid rules (ex. You can’t sit at the table and wear contacts – hence why I am wearing goggles in some of the pictures.) There is a family show at 6 PM, which is the one we went to since we were with my brothers, and an “adult” show at 9 PM. It’s definitely worth going if you are in the area!

Captiva 2015 Collage 5

Day Three was pretty laid back! More beach time then we made dinner and played some board games. My brother’s got the biggest kick out of Evansville-opoly which is just like Monopoly but customized to our town.

Captiva 2015 Collage 6

Pretty much every day after that was more of the same! Beach, beach, beach, beach, dinner. I loved it! I read so many good books – I will definitely be reviewing them here soon.

There were SO MANY dolphins out this year! That top picture isn’t even the time they got closest to the boys in the water. It was so crazy. Another time there were packs swimming by of like 5-6 at a time all day. It was so so so cool!

Captiva 2015 Collage 7

The Bubble Room is another one of our all time favorites and CAN NOT be missed! Carolina Moons (homemade chips with cheese and bacon) and chocolate cake. There was some sort of real food in the middle there but I can’t be bothered to remember what it was. They are famous for their cake selection here and for good reason! Cheesecake, rum cake, chocolate cake, orange cake…the list goes on and on and all of them are delicious.

Captiva 2015 Collage 8

Like I said earlier, there were sunrise and sunsets views just steps from our door! Though I can’t say we were ever up early enough to see the sun rise we were faithful sun set watchers. I mean…look at those views!

Captiva 2015 Collage 9

I think it is 100% safe to say that Captiva is my favorite place in the whole world. Hands down! Do you all have a place where your family has vacationed for as all as you can remember? Let me know in the comments!

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    Our favorite is a little 9 acre private island we rent once a year. It’s amazing to have a place to yourself. It’s sleepy with the best views ever. Little deadmans cay.

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    Such a great trip!! I need to check out Captiva Island for our next FL trip. We’ve always gone to Orlando or Naples, but it’s nice to mix it up sometimes! Especially because I need to get a piece of that chocolate cake – yummm! Glad you had fun!!! :)

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