IMG_4715Nathan and I could not be happier to FINALLY announce that we will be adding another Sansing to the family next May!

Keeping the news (mostly) to ourselves has been one of the hardest things this open-book-type-of-girl has ever had to do! It was killing me! Nathan had no problems at all, lol. This also has a lot to do with the almost radio silence from this blog over the last few months. It’s really hard to blog about your life when you can’t blog about the biggest thing effecting your life, so suffice it to say I am thrilled this day has finally come!

IMG_4717To answer a few frequently asked questions:

When are you due?
Right now my due date is on my 28th birthday – May 14th, 2016. Even though I know the chances of the baby being born on that actual day are very slim, as a person who does not love to be the center of attention for almost any reason, I am thrilled to pass along a little of my birthday glory on to our baby!

How far along are you?
I won’t be 12 weeks until Sunday but after hearing the baby’s heart and seeing him/her kicking and swimming around like crazy on an ultrasound this week we felt comfortable sharing our big news a few days early!

How did you find out/tell Nathan? 
We had been trying for several  months (I think this was our fourth month) so I took I test right at four weeks that came back negative, then another one around five and a half weeks when things were still up in the air if you know what I mean. That one happened to be one of those fancy tests that tells you about how many weeks along you are (thanks for your hand-me-down pregnancy test Meg!) and it came back as “2-3 weeks Pregnant.” Of course, Nathan was out of town on business this particular day so I had to keep it to myself FOR AN ENTIRE 12 HOURS at least and it was torture. I had been waiting so long to tell him that as soon as he walked in the door from the air port I basically blurted it out at him and he was THRILLED! He only cried a tiny little bit 😉


Will you be finding out the sex?
A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y. I can not wait to plan every single thing that I possibly can before this baby gets here! And I need to be able to call “it” by it’s actual name ASAP.

Do you have names picked out?
We have a girl name that is 100% settled on but have not been able to agree on a boys name yet. And no, I will not tell you what they are until we know the sex of the baby. I have an irrational fear of someone stealing our names.

Are you going to be doing those annoying weekly “bump dates” on the blog?
You bet your bottom dollar I will. Stay tuned for the first few weeks of updates coming at you soon! Ultimately, this blog is to document our life and this pregnancy is a huge part of that so I won’t apologize if you find bump dates boring. Feel free to skip right on over them :)

How have you been feeling?
Not great the last few weeks if we are being honest. All day sickness, followed by all day exhaustion – I go into more about how I was/am feeling in the weekly updates I’ll be posting soon. I will say I am starting to feel back to my normal self more and more each day so… Praise Jesus.

IMG_6041Super blurry but I can’t stop looking at our ultrasound pictures!

I can’t wait to share this whole experience (the good, the bad, and the ugly) with you all! Let me know if I missed any questions you need the answers to :)


  1. Lizzy Hill says

    Yayayayay! I’m so exited for y’all!! I love bumpdates so I cannot wait to read all of yours!! Congrats!! :)

  2. says

    Woohoo! So stinking excited for you! I agree, it is the hardest secret to keep and it’s really hard to blog while keeping he secret! Haha. I need to do some bump updates but I don’t have much to show yet :/. Haha

  3. Tammy Hirsch says

    I’m a friend of your Mother’s. She’s just a little excited. My husband & I were never able to have children, it’s great your sharing your own journey~thank you for that. It will be very cool to see how you progress!!! Good luck with this very special time in your lives. :)

  4. says

    YAY! I was so excited when I saw your announcement on Insta last night. Michael and I have some baby fever. His is worse than mine, and his has gotten even worse since the wedding! We were at Old Navy over the weekend and they have THE CUTEST onesies right now…Michael was trying to use my heightened baby fever at that moment to convince me we need to start trying now! Hahaha.

    And girl, you post the heck out of those bumpdates! I will be reading. :) And when I’m pregnant one day I will be posting bumpdates too! Oh and I also have a fear of people stealing our names haha. I don’t even want to tell the names we have picked out to any of our siblings or cousins or anything!


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