Pregnancy Week 9 – 11

Week 9

How far along: 9 weeks!

Size of Baby: Green Olive

Gender: We don’t know yet, but can not wait to find out!

Movement: Too early

Weight Gain: None that I’ve noticed yet, but I don’t weigh myself regularly yet. I did lose a couple pounds last week while on vacation because I just can’t stomach eating very much.

Sleep: Has been so much better this week! I’m still waking up about twice a week to pee around 2-3:00 AM and then can not go back to sleep for almost an hour. But I am beginning to wake up naturally at my normal time (5:15ish) instead of having to drag myself out of bed around 6:15/6:30. So I consider that a big improvement! I still get incredibly tired around 3:00 PM every day and if I’m not able to lay down at that point (aka Monday thru Friday when I’m at work) I am DEAD tired by 7:00 PM.

Workouts: Still taking our dog on long walks (sometimes two) every day. I’m really going to try to be better next week now that I am feeling a little better and we have stopped traveling for a few weeks (which has been very, very hard).

Maternity Clothes: I got a BeBand from Target this week. All of my pants still button but do get a little uncomfortably tight around the middle certain parts of the day. It kind of just smooths everything out and actually makes me feel very…secure (?) around my middle since I feel like everyone is staring right at my belly. Even though hardly anyone knows so they surely aren’t, HA. I also ordered a few maturity things from Old Navy this week because they were having a great sale!

Symptoms: All day nausea, especially right before it is time to actually have a meal. No physical sickness at all yet though. Super tired as I mentioned before. And…I can’t go to the bathroom. Ever. Which is probably the worst of the three.

Cravings/Aversions: No cravings. As for aversions – basically everything but most notably eggs (don’t even talk to me about them), yogurt, anything with a “strong” odor (mainly spicy smells but also coffee which is SO sad), and the list goes on. I barely WANT to eat anything at all, but as soon as I am truly hungry (which only happens 2-3 times a week) I have to eat RIGHT NOW. I have found the true feeling of hanger since being pregnant.

Missing Most: Just feeling like my “normal” self with plenty of energy.

Nursery: Lol. We still need to decide which room we are going to use! Office or man cave?

Nathan: Had to learn a few “we (you) do not say that” lessons this week. Such as referring to the baby as going to be big or small.

Best Part of the Week: Telling the rest of my siblings they are going to be aunts & uncles and how thrilled they all were!

Can’t Wait For: Our three month doctor’s appointment on the 27th!


Week 10

How far along: 10 weeks!

Size of Baby: Prune

Gender: We don’t know yet, but can not wait to find out!

Movement: Too early

Weight Gain: Lost even more weight this week (just a few pounds). I still don’t have a huge appetite in general, I’m not drinking coffee every morning and an adult beverage several times a week either, so I’m sure that is contributing too.

Sleep: I’ve been waking up almost every night at least once to go to the bathroom. I’m also making a real effort to not sleep on my back (my favorite!) so that has been pretty uncomfortable. My dreams are out of this world crazy though!! I had a dream I lost the baby one night this week (woke up in a full blown panic attack and hysterically cried for several minutes before I calmed down) and to make it a little less serious…we were at Jurassic Park when I found out! Talk about strange.

Workouts: Still just took long walks every morning and that’s about all I have energy for right now. I hear this gets better after the first trimester and we are almost there!

Maternity Clothes: I got sucked in to the Pink Blush website a few times this week but didn’t pull the trigger on anything! I’m still fitting in all of my normal clothes for the most part.

Symptoms: We’ve figured out the bathroom situation (insert Praise Jesus hands emoji here) but I’m still steady nauseated all day long. This week we added extreme, nightly gas that is just about the most embarrassing thing I’ve every gone through. Poor Nathan.

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing has sounded better to eat than mac ‘n cheese! I did give in to that once this week for lunch. I am definitely finally getting HUNGRY at 7 AM, 11 AM, sometime in the afternoon, and around 6 PM. Like, HOLY HUNGER that I’ve never felt before. When I’m not hungry, I’m nauseous so I pretty much eat whatever I can at those points, but planning meals is very, very hard.


Nursery: Lol. We still need to decide which room we are going to use! Office or man cave?

Nathan: Was a real life saver this week! Once I am home, the dog is taken care of, and dinner is made I am d-e-a-d. He helped me out so much around the house, cooked dinner a couple of nights, and has endured a few hormonal break downs – all in one week 😉

Best Part of the Week: Carving our announcement pumpkins!

Can’t Wait For: Our three month doctor’s appointment next week and telling the world about our precious blessing as long as all goes well!


Week 11

How far along: 11 weeks :)

Size of Baby: A lime

Gender: We don’t know yet, but can not wait to find out!

Movement: Still too early but we definitely SAW the little guy/girl moving around like crazy at our ultrasound this week. I’m not one for the overly cheesy but it was one of the most magical things I’ve ever experienced!

Weight Gain: My weight did not change from last week as of my doctor’s appt. on Tuesday. But that was before I indulged a little bit this weekend. My appetite is back and I took advantage! Reeling it back in this week.

Sleep: What’s sleep? I am now a firm believer that God is teaching me already on how to live on less sleep. THE BACK PAIN. I’m basically awake every hour.

Workouts: Still just took long walks every morning and that’s still about all I have energy for right now. I hear this gets better after the first trimester and we are almost there!

Maternity Clothes: Nothing yet! I returned a few of my Old Navy purchases because I got everything in medium sizes and they were all wayyy too big, and not just in the belly. I need to get serious about what I am going to be able to wear to a week-long work conference in Florida in a few weeks though!!

Symptoms: My sciatic pain is already pretty unpleasant. Especially if I sit or stand for extended periods of time – whiiiiiich happens every day, obviously. I also learned a nice lesson this week in eating when you I am hungry. I had a full on low blood sugar attack on Tuesday night when I waited to long to start making dinner. Let’s just say, I was in tears by the time those fajitas were prepared. Nathan thought I was insane, surely. But I’ve never felt anything like it!

Cravings/Aversions: I haven’t really craved anything yet. I’m just excited to eat again! My egg aversion does seem to have gone away but I still have no desire to drink or smell coffee.

Missing Most: Drinking/wanting to drink coffee. Also, I had to unfollow Palm Breeze on Instagram this weekend because I longed for one after a picture from them showed up in my feed.

Nursery: Lol. We still need to decide which room we are going to use! Office or man cave?

Nathan: Was so excited to come to my first appointment with the doctor this week 😉 I mean, he was excited and loved hearing the heartbeat and seeing the baby on the ultrasound but he was a little awkward during the physical exam. Men :) He is definitely not going to be one of those people filming the birth, lol.

Best Part of the Week: Seeing the baby swimming around like crazy in our ultrasound. The doctor had to work pretty hard to find the heartbeat (which was super scary) because he/she was moving around so much. She had to take some pretty drastic measures to keep him/her still (uhhh, whoa) and Nathan and I both just busted out crying!

Can’t Wait For: Continuing to feel better and better each day/week! There was one day this week where I truly felt like a whole new woman. I had actual energy after work and cheer practice. It didn’t last more than that one day, but it was still glorious! I also did not feel nauseous more than maybe once a day this week which is a huge step.

I should have bump pictures to accompany starting next week :)

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    So exciting! Food aversions are no joke!! I haven’t had much of an appetite and when I did, I would cook something but could only stomach a bite or two before I was completely turned off!

  2. says

    awwwww! what a sweet post. i’m so excited for you and for all the changes! it’s CRAZY how fast things change in the second trimester. another pregnant teacher at my school who’s 14 weeks remarked that my entire baby bump basically showed up in this past trimester (as i’m about to enter trimester #3!). wild! hope the maternity jeans/beband is working for you :)

  3. says

    You’d think reading this might freak me out about getting pregnant (what with the nausea and the back pain and etc) but it just increases my baby fever!!! Ahhh. I can be patient… Haha. I’m happy to have another blogger’s journey to follow along for now. :) So excited for you guys!

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    I couldn’t stomach the thought of coffee or some of my favorite foods until about 15 weeks, but it got much better after that! I’m at 30 weeks now and just want to eat EVERYTHING, ever haha!

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    Oh my goodness…food aversions. I can’t do chicken, eggs, soup, rice, carrots, celery, tomatoes…it’s madness! With my son, I had cravings but no real aversions haha this must be a girl!

    Congratulations, and just remember: the second trimester is HEAVEN :)

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