Oh hiiiii. Long time no talk, friends! Going from a week-long business trip, to Thanksgiving, right into my busiest time at work and woof, your girl is barely keeping up! Which means fun stuff like blogging goes on the back burner…whomp whomp.

Since it’s been a minute (and I’ve actually been feeling like a normal person since hitting the second trimester so we’ve actually left the house) I thought I’d do a mini life lately today! Here’s what we’ve been up to:

I love this time of year for many, many reasons but one of the main ones is that I can usually count on some good movies coming out in theaters! Over the past few weeks we have seen I Love the Coopers and the newest Hunger Games. I Love The Coopers was just ok,  I definitely had my hopes up that I would love it and I was really underwhelmed by it. The Hunger Games was the exact opposite. I hated the last book – I almost didn’t finish it! So I had low expectations for the movie and ended up loving it! Have you all seen either of these? What did you think?


You may have seen my Instagram post about these prints yesterday, but if not they are from Inkdot and were supposed to be a Christmas gift to me from Nathan but he couldn’t wait that long to give them to me, he was too excited! So adorable. Him and the prints 😉 The bottom one miiiight be the only printed engagement photo in our entire house. Maybe.

We spent Thanksgiving morning/afternoon with my mom (and the world’s largest dinner rolls) then packed up and headed to Chattanooga to be with my dad’s side of the family. 18 total people including grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins all under the same roof made for a great time! We hiked, ate lots more yummy food (Public House is a must if you are in the area!), and got to check out the aquarium. So much fun! 
Thanksgiving 2015 Collage


I didn’t get around to a full bumpdate post this week but I still managed to get a photo of my belly! Not a huge change this week from last except that things seem to have shifted up a little more – which I am defintely feeling around my lungs! Every once in a while my breath will catch, which is no big deal but kind of freaks Nathan out lol. Other than that I am feeling great and about the same as last week. We had our 15 week appointment last week and everything went great. We find out who is in there December 23rd!! Best Christmas gift ever? I think so. 
14-15 week Collage

Did you all watch The Wiz last night? What did you think? We loved it!! The sets were far better than any of the other NBC productions and the cast was great! So star studded but Neyo (Tin Man) and Shanice Williams (Dorothy) absolutely killed it! There is always backlash and nay-sayers after these performances but I really don’t know what they will be able to say bad about this one.

Hope you all have the best weekend!

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    Jason and I went to see Mockingjay Part 2 this week too, and I loved it!! Sounds like you enjoyed a really fun Thanksgiving with family! Glad you are feeling great, and how exciting that you’ll find out if you’re welcoming a baby boy or girl just days before Christmas – that IS the best gift ever!! 😀 So happy for you! Have a beautiful weekend! xo – Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

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    So glad you’re feeling better and out and about doing fun things! And I hear ya on the last book of The Hunger Games. It took me forever to finish it, and I re-read it as the movie release got closer to remember all the random detail. The movie was definitely much better than the last book!

    Green Fashionista

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