Happy Friday, loves! This week has been…insane…to say the least. A death in the family, super late work nights, high pressure cheer time getting ready for a city-wide exhibition, and an ER trip to make sure everything was ok with our baby boy after I had some intense side pain for several hours. Thank you all for all of your sweet words on my Instagram post last night. Everything seems to be fine now, but it was definitely strange, and frankly, really freaked me out.

Needless to say we found joy in the little things this week! Here are a few examples:

+ If you want a good laugh, add me on Snap Chat (rachelemily_49) for some #preggoprobs like crazy eye bags and using the Stair Master at a snails pace.

+ Speaking of bags, I need suggestions on a good eye cream, face mask, SOMETHING to help these suckers. I have pretty sensitive skin so I’m always nervous to try something new. HELP ME.

+ Our local Kids Gap is closing at the end of January which might be the saddest day of my life – they always have my favorite kids clothes! Luckily, online shopping doesn’t seem to be going anywhere 😉 I’ve been stalking their site almost daily waiting for the best sale possible and they emailed me this morning with an extra 40% off your purchase this weekend (use code WEEKEND). So I pulled the trigger on a bunch of clearance basics for Camden and a couple pairs of maternity jeans for me!

+ Evelyn Henson’s illustrations are just the best and her free monthly tech downloads have brightened my screens for years now! I mean, how perfect is the “Always Carry Peonies” one? It’s currently on my iPhone screen!

+ Super obsessed with Making a Murderer. We are only three episodes in so I hate to make sweeping statements but SHEESH, it’s hard not to think this is police corruption at it’s worst.

+ If you love Ed Sheeran as much as I do (or even just like him a little bit I guess) you definitely need to check out the re-release of X (it’s called the Wembley Edition) on Spotify or whatever! It has 8 new songs and they are all just amazing. This one has got to be my favorite, though.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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    I’m so so so thankful that everything is okay with you and baby boy! That had to be terrifying. And such a bummer that your Gap kids is closing! I already told my husband that is going to be our first stop on the 21st after we find out the gender – ha! My Gap maternity jeans will be here on Tuesday, fingers crossed they work out for both of us!! Happy Friday!

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    we started watching the show too and are obsessed ( i wrote about it in my post as well ha ) but im only episode 5 so shhh ;)your blog is adorable! i can’t wait to follow more and so glad i found you on the linkup! hope you’ll stop by mine as well!

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    You are the 50th blogger I have read that recommends watching Making a Murderer. I have to make this happen. I do not have any particular eye creams myself but I have read that anything with caffeine in it is good and using a pale green concealer is supposed to help cover it. Hope that helps!

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    Glad to hear that everything is okay with Camden now! I’m so sorry to hear about the death in your family though.

    Making a Murderer totally consumed me. It really does seem like some extremely shady/corrupt things went down!

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    All 3 of my local gaps are closing – I couldn’t believe it when I found out recently! And we just got hooked on Making a Murderer too – so good, yet so disturbing. I’ve been navigating snapchat recently and loving it, so excited to add a new friend (I’m kleva21 if you care to follow back!). xoxo

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