Oh hi there! Long time no blog. I can’t believe the last time I showed up here was before Halloween – that sounds like forever but feels like it was seriously last weekend. It’s completely cliche and redundant but time seriously just flies once you have a kid. (Don’t even talk to me about how our baby boy will be SEVEN months old tomorrow, I can’t even.)

To be honest the past few months have just really kicked my butt. Motherhood + work + home has equaled crazy town. This is always the busiest time of year for me work-wise and this year we took that to a whole other level which has been super fun, but adding that in and adjusting to working with the baby in the same year about sent me to the loony bin, for real. Nathan has also had some long trips and crazy work hours in these past couple of months and I feel like we were hanging on by a thread. But we are in the home stretch and looking forward to a good break over Christmas and New Years. (Holidays over the weekend – all the emoji praise hands, am I right? #alltheextradaysoff)

All that to say a blog break was necessary but I have missed you all! Here’s a little update on what we’ve been up to since I last checked in:

 fall-2016-collageWe falled. Fell? Either way, we celebrated fall and did all the things! Visited the pumpkin patch (Cam was super impressed – he slept the whole time), snapped a pic of him next to our pumpkins (in the same onesie we used for his birth announcement – cue all the tears, and all the drool apparently), and dressed up as the Charlie Brown crew for Halloween.

We documented the last time my child actually took a pacifier, I mean we took our little bear to a football game at my former high school to watch my sister cheer.

fall-2016-collage-2My child practiced his general adorableness. I know I’m biased but he’s freaking CUTE right? He really is the sweetest, too. I love being his mom!

img_4324To add to the already-crazy-enough-thank-you-very-much our son decided to give us the scare of our lives (up to this point anyways) by having a seizure-like episode one morning as I was putting him down for a nap. He’s had a few tremors since he was born but this one was way more significant so our pediatrician wanted to do an EEG. It came back completely normal (Praise God) and we aren’t going to worry about them more unless they become more frequent or something.

Love my healthy, happy boy!

We picked out our first Christmas tree as a family of three. I love the tradition of picking a tree and I’m so glad we are going to continue this with our family! (Thanks for putting up with me, babe 😉 )

img_4271We’ve sneaked in a few fun nights out with friends sans baby as well. We always seem to end the night driving around looking for Christmas lights. I’m so glad God gave me a husband who loves Christmas as much as me (and that we agree on our mutual distaste for those projection lights – or lazy lights as we call them).

Another totally cliche thing? How awesome Christmastime is with a kid. I’ve sort of restrained myself on his Christmas gifts (how do you people not give your kids all their gifts before Christmas day?!) because hi, he’s only seven months old but we’ve been on such a strict budget lately (trying to save for a new car for me! yay!) that there are so many things I want for him and baby stuff is cheap and soo tempting! I did get him this Little People Nativity, these match & build blocks. and this Oball. I’m sure his favorite gifts will be the boxes that everything comes in :)

So that’s what we’ve been up to! T-minus TEN days until Christmas!!

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  1. says

    Great pics. I’d like to go pick out a tree sometime. Love that idea!
    I love update posts. I just posted one a couple days ago myself. I also have a YouTube channel which I took an unscheduled break from in November so I just posted an update video on there too. If you’d like to check it out,

  2. says

    Yay you’re back! I totally understand needing a blogging break and I’m kind of expecting myself to need to take one as well after Rory is born or at least the first month or so that I go back to work. Cam is growing up too fast but is so cute and I’m so glad his EEG came back all good! I can’t wait for the upcoming Holidays and can’t wait to get to celebrate them with Rory next year. It’s going to be crazy giving birth 3 days after Christmas this year.

  3. Katie Elizabeth says

    OMG how terrifying that must have been! So so glad everything is okay! And seriously, I’m having a hard time restraining on the Christmas gifts too buttttt now I think I need that nativity set, ha!

    • says

      Thanks, girl. It was actually terrifying but I hate not having answers!! I justified the nativity set by thinking A) it teaches the true meaning of Christmas, and B) we will use it for years to come, obviously 😉

  4. says

    Rachel! That EEG/tremor must have been SO SO scary! I can’t even imagine! I just showed my husband that picture with Camden’s head bandaged and we both had a very serious moment of “oh man, that must have been so scary as parents” so I’m thrilled the results were normal. (Side note: Devin also was like, “they’re such a cute family!” when I kept scrolling through the post. And I told him yesss they are and Rachel’s the realest.) So glad to have new posts to read from you, friend :)

  5. says

    Your poor baby! That sounds terrifying. I’m so glad he was okay. I hate that. I am glad you guys have been busy and having a good time lately. I’m really impressed that you are (I assume?) still working full time and keeping him with you all day. Maybe you’re not always at an office or something. Seems like that would be tricky!


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