A few years ago Bud Lite changed my life when they started making their RITA line. Lime-a-rita, Straw-ber-ita, Raz-ber-ita, Mango-rita, my personal favorite Cran-ber-ita, and a few others – I’ve tried and loved them all! Before this time in history, one had to go to their favorite Mexican restaurant (where they are always too sweet) or buy one of those (not super delicious) mixes from the grocery store to get their margarita fix. As a young 20-something it was great but to be honestĀ I’m pretty sure my waistline has not been the same since, because wouldn’t you know, optimal health is not achieved by drinking a margarita every single day! Sorry if that burst any bubbles.

As I’ve become more conscience of what I put in my body (and where our money goes) over the last few years my sweet, indulgent, buy-a-case-every-few-weeks-at-the-grocery-store, margarita habit has died off (though I did somehow have one. single. can. taunting me in my fridge for my ENTIRE pregnancy which was just mean). I still get a serious Cran-ber-ita craving now and then so instead of buying a whole case and being temped every time I open my fridge, I use this recipe! I store it in a big mason jar and it makes about three moderate size servings. Feel free to play around with this recipe like I did to achieve your optimal taste but if you want a less-sweet drink try my mix below!


Cranberry Margarita – Makes 3 Small Servings
2 Cups 100% Cranberry Juice
3/4 Cup Key Lime Juice
3/4 Cup Clear Tequila
1/2 Cup Triple-Sec
Mix well and serve over ice!

Oh, one last thing. I find that the flavors are better if you let them sit together for at least an hour before serving. If you can wait that long. If not, your second will just taste a little better than your first. Not that I would ever drink two in one day šŸ˜‰ Enjoy!

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    That sounds AMAZING. I went nuts for the Bud Lite Ras-ber-itas!! Though it was wayy too easy to drink it too quickly since it tastes so good. Haha I will definitely have to make this soon!!


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