If you know me or have been around this blog for more than a week, you probably know that I am obsessed with podcasts – because I never stop talking about things I heard on them or recommending them to you. Tale as old as time, I hadn’t listened to any Podcast ever until Serial came into our lives and I’ve been trying to replace that void ever since the last episode. Which may be why you’ll notice most podcasts I listen to are true crime based and can get a little intense/creepy at times. Which also means I try not to listen to many of them around Camden. If he grows up to be a serial killer my husband would know exactly who to blame for sure.

A lot of podcasts are like radio shows. They have a host (well they all have hosts obviously but stick with me here) or a couple of hosts that interview people or chat about different topics every week and a lot of those are great but I wouldn’t call them binge-worthy. Lately, there has been a surge of podcasts coming out that tell one story over the course of a season and I’ve listened to a ton of them! These are the ones that I can say truly had me hooked like a good book that I could barely put down: (The links will take you to the websites where you can learn more about them than just my brief thoughts)

This one is very unique because it’s scripted. I’ve never listen to (or heard of) a scripted podcast and I was really unsure of how I would like it. Obviously since it made this list, I loved it. It’s about a lady who works with soldiers that have just returned home after fighting in Afganistan and it is riveting. I don’t want to give much more away but it really is a must listen!

This one is about the Boston stranglings that happened in the 1960s and the man that confessed to them and a ton of other crimes (like hundreds and hundreds of crimes). There have been movies and all sorts of things written about him and I can see why. The story is so complex and engrossing! She interviews a lady who had this man in her apartment, managed to get him to leave, then she moved out the next week and the person who had moved into her apartment was strangled. I mean, can you say chilling.

In the Dark
I had to pause this one a few times while listening because it was a little too much for my mama heart to handle. This one is about the case of Jacob Wetterling which actually was solved when someone confessed just before the podcast came out. It talks a lot about all the ways the investigation failed and the effects that this crime had on our society – like the sex offender registry which came directly as a result of it.

This case is about a female college student who was killed in her apartment in Ohio in 1978. Her boyfriend was tried and aquitted by two different juries, and the investigation stopped after that (as is usual because the police just think the person gets away with it). The host tells the story of Elizabeth, the confession/trials, and looks at/interviews all of the alternate suspects. So interesting! These things are always so complex.

This podcast actually started as a follow up to the first season of Serial (by the same person who wrote this book I loved so much) but in all honesty, that season was rough to get through. The second season, though, they detail the wrongful conviction of Joey Watkins who was convicted in high school of the highway shooting of the new boyfriend of one of his exes. Undisclosed is hosted by three lawyers so there is a lot of legal jargon you have to listen to but I feel like it really adds to the story, because they point out all the flaws in this poor guys case. Worth a listen!

The OG of binge worthy Podcasts. I loved both seasons of Serial but obviously the one that is talked about the most is the first season where Sarah Koenig (aka the voice of an angel) lays out the story of a high school girl’s murder, and her ex-boyfriend’s conviction. If you are living on Mars (or ok fine just haven’t thought Podcasts are for you) you really need to start with this one. It’s pop culture iconic and honesty a great example of the reason I like these types of stories – if this was a fiction book, no one would by it (as opposed to buy) because the story is just so unbelievable.

Lest you think I am an actual psychopath for only listening to podcasts about murder, I also love Smartest Person in the Room, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey (duh), Marriage More, Crime Writers On, and The Girl Next Door Podcast. I just wouldn’t classify them as binge-worthy – jump in whenever!

Do you all listen to podcasts? What are some that you love? Always room for one more 😉

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    Podcasts are a recent addiction of mine. I know I would find true crime ones so interesting, but I also know they would freak me out terribly! Ha ha. I was listening to a paranormal podcast for a while and had to stop because it was making me paranoid. It’s difficult when the content is so good though! Thanks for the recommendations, I think I’m still going to give them a try. :)

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    Steve Arterburn has been speaking at my church (Northview Church) this month. And he has written several books. He is hilarious, and kind of add, but I feel like we share somewhat of the same sarcastic personality. I discovered this week that he has a daily call in radio show/podcast New Life Live. Dr Henry Cloud is on it, as well as several other special guests. It’s really good!!

    I also never miss my girl Bekah ( and her Hubby Ryan’s weekly podcast, Spill the Beans. Got to support a fellow Hoosier! Plus, she’s hilarious :)

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    Girl! Those all sound so intense!! What happened to The Happy Hour? Haha. My husband would loooove all those crime ones. He watches ID Discovery on unsolved murders and stuff. FOR FUN. WUT.

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    Thanks for sharing! I’ve never listened to podcasts but I’,m really into talk radio (like morning shows on my favorite stations) so I’m sure I would love podcasts. I might check out a few of the ones you listed!! By the way, I followed you on Bloglovin’ and would love if you’d follow me back when you get a chance!

    xo, Sarah

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    I love podcasts and am always looking for new ones! I love the crime ones too! Serial and Undisclosed are my favorites so far, but I can’t wait to check out some of these!

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    More and more people are talking about podcasts, but for the first time, after reading your blurbs, I understand them a little more, and they sound interesting. Thanks for sharing! Hugs…

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      I was just about to recommend that one as well- it’s SO good!! I just finished binge listening and I’m all caught up.

      Thanks Rachel, for all these recommendations- I added most of them to my ‘to listen’ list 😉

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    I have not heard of any of these. My husband has gotten very into podcasts so I will have to see if he is familiar with these!

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