Last week, a sweet reader emailed me and gave me an update on how things were going in her life. She had a baby a few months ago and recently started taking her son to work with her just like I do with Camden. She shared a few struggles and a funny story about how awkward things can get when you tell a man you need to pump (#truth) but my favorite line in the whole email was this one:

“I am so glad I came across your blog–it helped me to realize that I could work with my baby at my side! It’s not always easy but it is so worth it to be with him on more than just weekends! Hats off to you and thanks for the inspiration!

And guys, I cried.

Not because I was so moved that our story inspired her to think she may be able to work and raise her son at the same time (though that part is awesome) but because it encouraged me in two of the biggest ways I have been struggling lately.

The first was just blogging in general. Yes, of course I’m busier now that I have a baby but even more so I have been struggling with constant thoughts like “Why am I even doing this?” “Everything I have to say, someone else has already said/is saying better than me.” “Who wants to read about our boring life?” This sweet email proved to me that those thoughts are lies. Our story is totally unique. Which seems funny to think about because I know almost exactly the number of people in my life that can relate to taking their baby to work with them outside of the home and in the last week that number has risen to two so you would have thought that would have been obvious. But it wasn’t. At least not to me.

The second thing was probably one of the biggest lessons I have been learning as a mother lately, and that is how much I need grace and how much grace I need. I’m just going to lay it all out there – this woman had no reason to A) send me this email or B) be so nice to me in it. She emailed me a few months ago telling me she was going to start taking her baby to work and asking if I had any advice for her. I emailed her back and basically said “Yes! Let me get back to you!” then never did. I thought about it a lot and even took some notes in my phone but just kept pushing it off. What a jerk. Before I was a mom I took pride in being super organized, dependable, and a person who rarely forgot to do things. Now most days, I feel like I am holding on to everything by the shortest, thinnest thread possible and most of the time I have crazy anxiety that I’ve forgotten to do something that I said I was going to do (<— THE WORST). But that’s what grace is. It covers and comforts us when we do everything we can to deserve the opposite. This sweet woman had ZERO reason to think I cared to hear an update on her life (even though I really did!) because all of my actions pointed in the other direction. Thank you sweet Christa for giving me the grace I need in this season! (And thank you to the friends, family, co-workers and probably dozens more people who give me grace on the regular.)

Go out and give grace today, friends. We all need it desperately. But also, ACCEPT IT for yourself. It’s there. Just take it.

colossians 4-6


  1. Katie Elizabeth says

    LOVE this! I too am struggling with blogging. I actually have taken two weeks off – totally wasn’t planning on doing this – but it has been so nice. I feel so torn, I love it, I love the connections, I love the friendships. But I just don’t have the time I used to and don’t ever want it to feel like a stressor (which it was becoming). This is a great reminder that I can still blog, but when I have the chance! I have to give myself grace to not be able to keep up with how I used to do it. Thank you for this post!

  2. says

    I struggle with feeling like my blog is dumb and spending time on it is dumb. Even if I really do like it as a hobby, I feel like maybe there are better ways to spend my time. But I have gotten some good feedback and responses like that email you shared about that remind me that people are being impacted by what I say. Specifically, I’ve had people tell me that my posts about struggling with being away from R so much have helped them know they aren’t alone. I hope to be a light for Jesus too even if I’m not actively talking about faith in that particular post. We really don’t know who may or may not be reading and need to hear what we have to say. That said, it should also be a fun hobby for you, so if it isn’t, I wouldn’t feel bad taking a break from it. But don’t not blog just because you don’t think anyone will care to read what you say! My favorite blogs are the ones that just talk about their life and share stories, not the ones that are always writing “How to” posts and trying to sell me something.

  3. says

    I love this post! It’s such a nice little reminder that you never really know who’s reading and who you might connect with. I’ve had moments like that too where I have no clue how I am going to balance it all and fall behind on posting or reading my favorites blogs, but then something like this happens. I don’t know where I would be without Grace. I fail so many times and it’s His grace that always guides me. Beautifully Candid

  4. says

    I’ve struggled with those same blog-related thoughts, too, and it can be so discouraging! But on the other hand, like you pointed out that it’s encouraging for others to hear your unique perspective, it’s also a fun hobby for me. So I’ve stopped checking pageviews and such and just write what I want to haha. Also, plz never stop blogging. I’d be so so sad.


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