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A C C O M P L I S H I N G 
Finally accomplishing some home projects/decor decisions! I am typically the one who has motivate both my husband and I to do those types of things and being a new mom can really put a damper on your desire to do anything but snuggle and play with your baby (and sleep), you know? I’m also really intentional (picky) about only buying stuff for our house that I LOVE because when I get tired of something it has got to go and go fast. So you know, it can get a little expensive for those of us on a limited budget (who also like to go on vacation #amen). Truthfully, I also feel very accomplished that this is my second time blogging this week, ha!

I’m actually feeling pretty good right now! After a few hard weeks (the hardest I’ve had being a mother, truthfully) transitioning from breastfeeding then going right in to a couple weeks of sleep issues (thanks Leap 7!) it’s nice to not feel like we are just surviving, if that makes sense. Not that we don’t have our moments! The lovely Spring weather we’ve had the last week doesn’t hurt, either! Being able to just open the doors and get some fresh air in the house always does wonders for my mood.

A dress for Easter! Well, actually a whole new summer wardrobe really, but let’s not get into all that 😉 All of Old Navy’s dresses are 50% off right now (uhh hello $15 beauty!!) so I’ll probably order a few and see what works. Does anyone else avoid the mall with a baby at all costs? Aren’t dressing rooms claustrophobic enough without a stroller and a baby taking up space?! Unless I’m desperate, I just can’t do it.

Running with the jogging stroller. It’s a art form that I have not yet mastered, friends. My poor dog nearly gets run over by it multiple times a day.

I’m going to go literal here and share the very last thing I pinned. A video popped up in my Facebook news feed yesterday of this Avocado Tuna Salad and I pinned it right away. I would probably switch out the tuna for chicken but I can’t wait to make this for lunch next week, yum. I still love Pinterest dearly and love finding new people’s pins to stalk so go follow me here and I’ll follow you back!

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  1. says

    Online shopping + free returns is definitely the best thing ever when you have a baby, isn’t it? Hope you find something that makes you feel cute for Easter :) And jogging stroller running is hard! I feel like it requires a lot of arm strength so you can one-hand it.

  2. Katie Elizabeth says

    I CANNOT figure out the jogging stroller thing either. It’s so weird to me to not be able to move my arms because i’m holding onto the stroller and the dog. I have actually just let his leash go a couple of times now and he’s getting some firsthand ‘heeling’ experience – just don’t tell my husband, ha!

  3. says

    I know the feeling of “just surviving” – I think we all go through it! We’ve had some hard weeks with teething where I just literally don’t know what else to do! ACK! I make an avocado chicken salad almost every week for lunches for me- I LOVE IT :)

  4. says

    My son is two and a half and I still avoid the mall with him at all costs, so I completely understand. :) I’m glad you’re feeling good and have bounced back from a tough time! Anytime poor sleep is involved for any length of time, it’s hard to feel like you’re doing anything more than just surviving. When we find ourselves in a really sweet spot with good sleep, good attitudes, and cute behaviors I always try to remember to tell myself to really soak it in because the tides will turn and there will be a rough patch at some point soon before bouncing right back to the really good stuff. :)

  5. says

    “Who also likes to go on vacation #amen” HAHA YESSS GIRL. I will budget year-round so we can do vacations. Devin would much rather enjoy any extra money throughout the year and I’m definitively on the side of LETS BE SO THRIFTY THEN HAVE AN ILLUSTRIOUS VACAY.

    Good for you for the jogging thing!!!!! So so so impressed.

  6. says

    Oh gosh, I don’t think I could shop with a baby or even a toddler! I’m not really a big fan of trying on clothes to begin with. haah I hope you find some cute dresses though.


  7. says

    We made a greek bean tuna salad this week and it was so good so I’ll be trying out the recipe you shared for sure!! Glad you’re feeling back to normal girl! xo, Biana

  8. says

    I had the same thought as you about that Avocado Salad–so much yummier if it’s chicken rather than tuna! I’ve never been tuna’s biggest fan.

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