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Still going strong eating my bean muffins for a snack most days. I shared the recipe in this post and a lot of you thought I was super crazy but that just means more chickpeas to go around for me. Other than that, I don’t bake. I thought for one hot second about making Camden one of those healthy baby cakes for his birthday but then I remembered who I was.

Still listening to all the podcasts but I’ve also jumped on the audiobook train and am loving how many more books I am able to get through. I just finished this one but I’m not sure I would recommend it. It was just ok and I figured out the ending within the first couple of chapters.

How I can finally really tell a difference in the way my body feels after I’ve eaten crap vs. something healthy. Like, immediately. I’ve heard people talk about this for years but never really got it until the last couple of weeks even though I’ve gone through several super-strict clean eating periods of my life. I’ve been eating really clean the last couple weeks (well, I didn’t eat much of anything last week thanks to a stomach bug that ravished our household) but I let up and ate some chips and queso last night while out with a friend and my stomach hurt alllll night. And still this morning! Maybe I’ll remember this next time? I’ll never fully give up chips and queso but maybe we don’t need to eat a whole basket Rachel? No? Maybe?

I don’t want to talk about it. (Why can’t I keep plants alive? WHY? They act like they can’t water themselves. Or maybe there’s been too much water falling from the sky lately? I really don’t know why I even try.)

Past beach vacation trips! I’ve got vacation fever something fierce right now and I love that I can go back and reminisce on trips past here on the blog! My Girl’s Trip to Rosemary Beach, our 2015 trip to Captiva Island (though I was super newly pregnant and MISERABLE on that trip), and our trip to Orlando/Cape Canaveral (omg look at that tiny baby) last year. I’ve also been stalking our vacation house via the website which is super normal behavior, right? We are going to Captiva in July and I can. not. wait!

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    I’ve been listening to a lot more audiobooks lately too. I find it a nice way to tackle some non-fiction things that I wouldn’t be as likely to pick up otherwise. And also I love the funny girl ones (like Amy Poehler’s book) – so much better when read by the author! I’ve heard that the audio for The One in a Million Boy is really good, if you haven’t read that yet – I thought it was a great read.

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    I’m so sorry about your plants. It really is disappointing that they can’t water themselves. They do so well in the wild, why do they die when we take them home? It’s like the get suicidal or something. Terrible.

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    You are so right about feeling better when you eat better. It took me a long time to realize it too 😉 Also, I just checked out your post on podcasts – thanks for the recommendations!

    Midwest Darling

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    I feel way better when I eat healthy vs. crap too. It’s a great feeling (when you eat healthy, not the crap feeling, lol)
    Remembering past vacations is fun. I just put together an album for my parents of past family trips we went on and it was so nice to reminisce. I really need another vacation soon though!

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    I’ve been making chickpea blondies which are pretty much exactly like your muffins, but have chocolate chips as well and is baked in a pan instead of muffins. I love the idea of muffins instead to keep it neater, so I’ll try that next week! Thanks for linking up :)

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    i do not bake, ever, but i LOVE chickpeas so i am checking that recipe out.
    i totally can’t keep plants alive. don’t even try. lol.

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    UGH I feel your pain on plants. I just keep forgetting to water them…. that’s the only upside to all the recent rain we’ve gotten in ATL. It helps my plant skills out! haha

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    Ah, don’t you just hate it when you figure out the ending of the book in the beginning or middle of reading it!? That has happened to me once and I was like “darn it!” I like it when a book throws a curveball at me and makes me go WOAAAHH I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT! lol

    I feel better when I EAT better too. Whenever I eat something really greasy or fatty I just feel so crappy. I hate it though because I want to enjoy that food but it’s hard now since I think I’ve accustomed my body to eat cleaner/healthier. It mostly sucks the most when I try to eat my mom’s cooking. We’re Mexican and she loves to cook with A LOT of oil and salt but whenever I eat her food I just don’t feel too good! :(

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    i need to start listening to more podcasts – there are so many great one!! I dont have any plants for that exact reason!! Can’t keep them alive lol!! Going to stay away from that book since you didn’t like it!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

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    I completely get what you mean about the feeling of eating healthy. I feel SO much better after and I think ‘oh I’ll eat like this forever’ then you know what happens? I immediately stop eating like that because I’m the worst. Cute post I loved it!

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    I always start off so strong with plants and then I fizzle out and forget about them and they die a sad, slow death lol! I need to get better about it because I do love having them around!

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    I don’t bake either! I’m all about store bought baked goods! And you have to let your Camden try REAL cake and icing for his birthday! It is so cute to see their reactions to the sugary goodness! I need to start getting into podcasts more… seems like everyone listens to them these days!

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