Coming at you (a little late for the link-up) with the first gift guide of the season! I’ve talked about my love for a gift guide relentlessly on this blog so I’ll spare you that again. Usually by now I would be 1000% in full Christmas swing (minus my house, I do wait until Thanksgiving to fully decorate) but Orlando/Disney planning has taken up any of my extra time and brain capacity lately. Maybe now that’s over (post coming soon, promise) I’ll be able to get into the holiday spirit for real! I know linking up with Brittney, Owen, and Emily and seeing all the gift guides today will totally help.

Today’s theme is kid’s gifts and while I admittedly don’t know the most about what all kids want, I can certainly speak for the toddler boys. Thankfully, one-and-a-half-year-olds don’t understand the concept of gifts so I get to fully decide what he “wants.” So this basically feels like my second list, ha! (And of course I don’t have my list done yet #momlife).

toddler boy christmas wish list 2017

We need a ton more toys in this house (said no mom ever) so we will be adding things like a membership to our local zoo and children’s museum, Kindermusik and swimming lesson gift certificates to our list. Try to think about activities available in your town for toddlers and add those! You will thank yourself on those super cold (or super hot!) days when you need to get out of the house.

Outdoor activities reign in our house so this slide, basketball hoop, and tricycle are going on our list. We also have and love this bubble machine, water table, swing, bounce house, bubble lawn mower, and sidewalk chalk that are always a hit as well if you need more outdoor ideas!

Next week we will be turning our guest room into a playroom (to make room for the Christmas tree, I mean GET ALL OF THESE TOYS OUT OF MY LIVING ROOM) and I know Camden would love to have a play kitchen in there! I’ve heard great things about the quality of KidKraft ones, but that they can be a bear to put together. This one is really cute and on sale for less than $70 right now, so that may be the winner! (And of course the Pottery Barn one is more beautiful than my own actual kitchen if that hefty price tag is in your budget.) He’ll need pots and pans, food, and of course this little Keurig for his kitchen. Some storage like this toy chest will be helpful in there as well!

Other things on our list include Little People sets (the barn, school bus, and nativity are already big hit), a stuffed animal for our Curious George obsessed boy, more puzzles and books.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your little boy! Now I guess I better start my shopping…insert monkey covering his eyes emoji here.

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    Our 3-in-1 tricycle broke and idk what brand it was, but I was so disappointed!! Aiden LOVED it up until it totally fell apart (literally. Irreparably.)…This is 100% an accurate list of what toddler boys would want!

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