Last weekend, my mom and I threw a baby shower and this guest book was such a hit with my aunt (aka the baby mama) and the guests that I knew I had to share it with you all!

baby shower ABC guest book main

Everyone was invited (men, women, kids) so when planning the shower I really tried to be intentional about doing some things that would make it fun for the kids as well! No one wants to be the mom of a bored kid at a shower. After falling down a deep, dark Pinterest hole one night (as you do when planning a party in 2017) I was super grateful when something sparked the idea to do this ABC coloring pages guest book! So I hopped over to Etsy and did a quick search of “printable ABD coloring pages,” purchased this set of lowercase letters and this set of uppercase letters, printed them on card stock paper, bought some Crayons that hadn’t had all the tips bitten off by my one-year-old, and BAM super cute and unique baby shower guest book!

I used a small chalk board to explain to people what the coloring pages and Crayons at their tables were about and asked them to write a little message and sign their name on the back. How sweet will it be for Baby B and his/her parent’s to look back on over the years?! And educational, too 😉

baby shower ABC guest book

baby shower ABC guest book chalkboard

baby shower ABC guest book pages
So cute, right? I plan to take these pages to Kinkos or something soon and get them bound like an actual book before handing them over to my aunt. So let’s all start taking bets if that gets done before the child’s due date. #christmasbaby

Oh, one more thing! Since this activity was geared towards children, you will get some that look like this:

baby shower ABC guest book baby page
But I honestly think it adds to the charm of the thing! It is for a baby after all.

Baby B., you are already so loved!!

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    I’m definitely going to have to remember this one for the next baby shower that I plan!!! Awesome idea! I would have loved to have received this!

  2. says

    I LOVE this idea! It could work for so many things. A baby shower is obvious but also a first birthday, or a Thanksgiving activity for a big family with ready made gifts for all the kids at Christmas.

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