Eeek! Only three more days! I’m resisting the urge to say I can’t believe it (whoops). This time of year always flies by but we’ve gotten in a lot of festive fun so now it’s time to finish up the wrapping and make some yummy food. I wanted to pop in today and share some Christmas-y things we have been loving this year before it gets too late…

christmas faves - coffee
This coffee combo has been on heavy rotation for the last month. I’m not usually a fan of Donut Shop coffee but these are amazing and paired with the peppermint mocha creamer – perfection! I haven’t been able to find them in store at Target the last couple of weeks but they still have them online here or you can get them on Amazon (72 ct. to Prime lol) here!

This candle from Hearth and Hand with Magnolia. My goodness guys, it smells like heaven on earth. I didn’t even buy any Bath and Body Works candles for my house this season, just several of these! (Just maybe don’t tell members of your family that the scent is teakwood and CURRY because they will be really grossed out and think you are a freak. Not that I know from experience.)

If you are a fan of hot chocolate you must make this recipe in your slower cooker this Christmas. I made it as part of a hot chocolate bar at a baby shower I recently threw and people raved and raved about it. So good.

Nathan is actually the one who requested we all have matching Christmas jammies “as long as they aren’t those tight ones.” These are from Old Navy and sold out online but if you Google “Buffalo Check Pajamas” plenty of options come up that can be here before Christmas!

This time of year always makes me rethink our decision to not have cable. I just love those Christmas Hallmark movies you guys. The two Netflix originals (A Christmas Prince and A Christmas Inheritance) were pretty good and give me hope for the future, but it’s still not the same! I got a few of the Hallmark ones from last year on DVD at my local library and there are a few on Amazon. Deck the Halls (on Amazon) was one of my favorites. Amazon has a Hallmark “channel” that you can trial for a week or so to get some more options, so hopefully that will grow next year too. Don’t stand between me and cheesy Christmas movies. One of life’s great joys.

christmas faves - lindsay sterlnig
It wasn’t all Christmas music all month like normal over here because #taylorswift but I gave this Lindsey Stirling album a try after seeing a commercial for it at Target and I really like it! She plays the violin but they are also heavy beat-driven…it just works. My faves are the ones she doesn’t sing on (sorry girl) but definitely worth a listen. I found it on Apple Music.

After looking all over town for something to wear on Christmas with no luck, I ordered this dress from Nordstrom. It should be here today and fingers triple crossed I like it!

I’ve been trying really hard to finish the new Elin Hiderbrand book, Winter Storms but I can not keep my eyes open for more than a couple pages per night. The book is really good though! I also listened to I Heart Christmas on audiobook (which seems to be the route I should go these days – wah) and it was really cute.

There you go! Hope you found something that will brighten up the your last few days before The Big Day! Merry Christmas!!

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    Those pjs are so cute! I wish I snagged some for my family. I was on the hunt for some but didn’t have any luck and ended up getting just the kids jammies. Will have to look into those for next Christmas!

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