Happy Friday, loves! This week has been…insane…to say the least. A death in the family, super late work nights, high pressure cheer time getting ready for a city-wide exhibition, and an ER trip to make sure everything was ok with our baby boy after I had some intense side pain for several hours. Thank you all for all of your sweet words on my Instagram post last night. Everything seems to be fine now, but it was definitely strange, and frankly, really freaked me out.

Needless to say we found joy in the little things this week! Here are a few examples:

+ If you want a good laugh, add me on Snap Chat (rachelemily_49) for some #preggoprobs like crazy eye bags and using the Stair Master at a snails pace.

+ Speaking of bags, I need suggestions on a good eye cream, face mask, SOMETHING to help these suckers. I have pretty sensitive skin so I’m always nervous to try something new. HELP ME.

+ Our local Kids Gap is closing at the end of January which might be the saddest day of my life – they always have my favorite kids clothes! Luckily, online shopping doesn’t seem to be going anywhere 😉 I’ve been stalking their site almost daily waiting for the best sale possible and they emailed me this morning with an extra 40% off your purchase this weekend (use code WEEKEND). So I pulled the trigger on a bunch of clearance basics for Camden and a couple pairs of maternity jeans for me!

+ Evelyn Henson’s illustrations are just the best and her free monthly tech downloads have brightened my screens for years now! I mean, how perfect is the “Always Carry Peonies” one? It’s currently on my iPhone screen!

+ Super obsessed with Making a Murderer. We are only three episodes in so I hate to make sweeping statements but SHEESH, it’s hard not to think this is police corruption at it’s worst.

+ If you love Ed Sheeran as much as I do (or even just like him a little bit I guess) you definitely need to check out the re-release of X (it’s called the Wembley Edition) on Spotify or whatever! It has 8 new songs and they are all just amazing. This one has got to be my favorite, though.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Since we found out we were pregnant people have been asking if we had started planning the nursery. Because we knew we were going to fix out the sex of the baby, the answer to their questions has always been a firm “no”. I really made a conscience effort to never picture our life with a boy or a girl so I wouldn’t get my hopes up for a certain one. And it worked! Of course there was a second of “I wonder how I would feel if she had just said girl” but then I looked at my husband who had tears coming down his face and I forgot that having a girl was even an option.

So now that we know a little boy will be joining our family in May, it was time to start planning his room! It should come as a shock to no one that I was drawn to my favorite neutrals, grey and navy, because they are just so perfect for not only the style of our home, but for a little boy, too. A little pattern mixing to liven things up and whoa baby, I’m so in love! I can’t wait to get started putting it together. Shockingly, Nathan was on board with every single thing pictured below – even the fringe stool (which is Nate Berkus for Target and I’M SO OBSESSED) – except the navy pillow with the gold detailing? Boys are weird.

The only thing I’ve yet to find a good option for are drawer pulls for the dresser.  Anyone have any good site ideas for drawer pulls? I’d like to add a few more gold details so I’m thinking this would be a good spot. I’m also hoping his Mimi will make me something like this because, hi, over sized art is expensive but want to have that be another place where to pull in just a touch of gold!

camden's nursery collage titled

Navy Pom Curtain | Oh Joy! for Target Crib Sheet | The Little Market Garlands here, here and this one too
Pottery Barn Bookshelf | Navy and Metallic Pillow & Grey Embroidered Pillow | Ikea Sundvik Crib
Fringe Stool | Ikea Malm Dresser | Laundry Hamper | Gray Rocker Chair | Navy Chevron Shag Rug
House of Belonging “Little Boys” Print

So…what do you think?! Am I missing anything major? The dresser will also serve as a changing table, so don’t say that :)

I can’t wait to see what you all were up to this weekend! Linking up with Biana, and Erin.

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Happy Monday and happy second four day weekend in a row! And to those of you who were smart enough to take off the next three days, too – I’m super jealous. Either way, I truly hope you had a great long weekend celebrating the birth of our Savior with your family and friends! I know we did.

I really tried to soak up this whole season more than usual this year. I just kept thinking “Slow down, your life may really never be the same after this” and tried not to over-commit myself to things that were not truly important to me or that would add any additional stress to our days. Since my current bedtime is truly around 8:30 PM right now, that meant a lot of cooking at home and snuggling on the couch while watching all the Christmas movies. Here’s some other snapshots of our life, lately:

christmas 2015 collage 5
Even though it’s out of chronological order, I guess I’ll start with the most exciting thing first. On Wednesday we found out that the next member of our family will be a little BOY and that news was most certainly the best Christmas gift by far! We are absolutely over the moon and can not wait to meet Camden Lewis Sansing in May!!

christmas 2015 collage 1
No holiday season is complete without a trip through The Fantasy of Lights which is an awesome light show through a historic park in our town. It’s one of Percy’s favorite traditions, too 😉


christmas 2015 collage 2
We had a free coupon code for a Datebox which is a really cool subscription service that sends you a different, fun “date night” once a month! This month was perfect – a gingerbread house, two adorable mugs, and hot cocoa! I think the regular rate is $39.99/month and would be such a fun gift for any couple!

christmas 2015 collage 4
We’ve eaten…a lot. I hope that’s obvious. I hope in my heart of hearts that you and yours ate a lot too. Because if not I am super sad for you.

Atop of many other things, we have made and eaten a few double batches of homemade Chex Mix, Martha Stewart’s sugar cookies, crock pot buffalo chicken dip, cheesy breakfast casserole, and the most delicious baby-Jesus-birthday-cake EVER tiramisu from the Fresh Market. My pregnant behind needs more of that ASAP.

Classic Christmas selfie. This was our sixth (seventh? He’s going to kill me when he reads this!) Christmas together and our last Christmas as just the two of us!

2345656B-2307-4BEC-AAC2-B3B08FC28BA7Well, the two of us and P-Man – who moves between the naughty and nice list on a daily basis. PS. Will this rain ever end so my dog can return to going to the bathroom OUTDOORS?

christmas 2015 collage 3
Saturday morning we braved the crowds to pick a a few 50% off Christmas lights. We will definitely have the brightest house on the block next year! Jk, they are for something we are doing at work next Christmas season.

I did manage to buy a few things for myself this weekend including the stocking for Camden I mentioned in our Christmas decor post which I was so excited about! It’s sold out now but make sure you check out all of Pottery Barn’s holiday clearance here – how adorable are these Santa mugs that are marked down to $5? I scored pretty big at Old Navy too getting this active top, this blouse in light pink, a burgundy sweater, my favorite long sleeved v-neck tees in multiple colors, AND this chunky infinity scarf ALL FOR JUST OVER $50 including shipping. Amen.

Did you all scoop up anything from the sales this weekend?

I can’t wait to see what you all were up to this weekend! Linking up with Biana, Meg, Bella, Erin,  Carly, Carylee, and Rachelle.

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Happy Friday!! We have a busy, fun weekend ahead and I am so looking forward to finishing my shopping (whoops), making lots of cookies and other treats, wrapping gifts and celebrating the season with friends! Can it be Christmas forever?

I shared the above picture on my Instagram the other night and I think it was the moment I fell in love with our new jute rug (found here for 75% off right now!). I mean, I knew I liked it but I am officially in love. It’s actually softer than I imagined it would be and fits our living room perfectly! If you (cough, or your husband) is on the fence – take the plunge! I’ll try to remember to share a better picture someday :)

Please tell me I’m not the only one obsessed with this season? Ask my husband, I’m never a huge fan of war-themed things like movies but I am enthralled by this story line! They are unraveling the story of American Army Soldier Bowe Bergdahl who left his post in Afghanistan, was captured by the Taliban and held captive for five years. He has never told his side of the story before now and it’s just…riveting. I mean, the host talks to people from the Taliban on the phone. I didn’t know that was even a thing! Find out where you can listen, here.

Ok, I don’t know if this is news or not, but it was news to me and has changed my life. Did you know you can set your Instagram so that your phone sends you a push notification when your favorite people post?! Idk about you, but every once in a while I was searching out my faves to make sure I hadn’t missed anything and now I don’t have to do that! All you have do is go to any picture of the person you want to get notifications from, hit the “…” on the right side, then hit “turn on post notifications” and they will never get lost in the mumbo jumbo of your feed again!

Thank you SO MUCH for all of the love on my Holiday Decor Home Tour yesterday! I take our home for granted A LOT and hearing your sweet words about it really reminded me how blessed we are to be able to live here. I get caught up in everything that I wish it was too much! So thank you again and if you missed it you can find it here. Encouraging, sweet words welcome, but not necessary :)

Lots of holiday deliciousness around blogland this week! Jess from How Sweet Eats shared the most decadent looking Croque Monsieur Crostini that I need in my life ASAP. These Spiked Peppermint Mochas from Glitter Guide could not be easier to make with a Nespresso or Kurig mocha cup! Obviously, I won’t be spiking mine 😉 Making sure our home smells nice is a job a take very seriously so I can’t figure out why I haven’t ever made something like this Christmas in a Pot Stovetop Potpourri from Carolina Charm. That will be changing this weekend!!

PicMonkey Collage 12-18-15

Happy Friday, friends!

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I can not believe Christmas is just a week away! Well, Christmas Eve is a week away but Christmas Eve is essentially the same as Christmas to children of divorce like myself. Can you ever have too much Christmas, though? Don’t answer that.

ANYWAYS, being the fairly new homeowners that we are, Christmas time is one of the only times our house feels really “homey” and decorated so I thought it would be as good a time as any to show you parts of our home! My friend Megan put it best when she stopped by last week, “It looks like Christmas exploded in here!” I took it as a compliment.

Before you ask me where anything specific is from, just know that whatever it is there is, a 95% chance that it came from either Target or TJ Maxx – and probably not this year. The only exceptions I can think of are that the buffalo check throw pillows are from Nordstrom and our stockings are from Pottery Barn (and are on major sale!) Praying those stockings don’t sell out before the 23rd so I can buy another one for whomever is in my belly! Oh, and if it’s furniture, it’s probably Ikea and if not, Target :)

Disclaimer: Our house is no where near where I want it to be decor-wise. Instead of putting a ton of pressure on myself about it like I have for last year, I’m starting to embrace the fact that it is a much slower process than I anticipated and that’s ok.

Christmas Decor 4I love our entry, it’s one of the only spots in our house I really feel is complete! I love the paper stars we add during Christmas. They were from Target last year but I love this year’s gold and red versions, too.

Christmas Decor 3

Christmas Decor 6This console table under our TV is the only thing left in our living room that makes me cringe, it’s got to go ASAP. However, it is much prettier this time of year all styled up for Christmas! I frame our Christmas cards every year to use as extra holiday decor.

Christmas Decor 5Deer pillows were from JoAnn’s this year, buffalo check pillows are from Nordstrom here.

Christmas Decor 8

Christmas Decor 9

Christmas Decor 10The Merry Christmas banner in the second picture is a free printable from Just Destiny that I found here then had printed at Walgreens. We hung it above the back door last year but I love where it is in our kitchen even more!

Christmas Decor 2

Christmas Decor Collage 1Our guest bathroom is the last place that gets some major Christmas loving! Adding Christmas frames and printables in cheap frames is such a fun way to switch up your decor! I know you are all dying to know where “Ho Ho Ho” canvas is from and let me just say, I take orders 😉 (That is 100% a joke, by the way.)

Hope you enjoyed this little peek inside our home!!

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