Since we found out we were pregnant people have been asking if we had started planning the nursery. Because we knew we were going to fix out the sex of the baby, the answer to their questions has always been a firm “no”. I really made a conscience effort to never picture our life with a boy or a girl so I wouldn’t get my hopes up for a certain one. And it worked! Of course there was a second of “I wonder how I would feel if she had just said girl” but then I looked at my husband who had tears coming down his face and I forgot that having a girl was even an option.

So now that we know a little boy will be joining our family in May, it was time to start planning his room! It should come as a shock to no one that I was drawn to my favorite neutrals, grey and navy, because they are just so perfect for not only the style of our home, but for a little boy, too. A little pattern mixing to liven things up and whoa baby, I’m so in love! I can’t wait to get started putting it together. Shockingly, Nathan was on board with every single thing pictured below – even the fringe stool (which is Nate Berkus for Target and I’M SO OBSESSED) – except the navy pillow with the gold detailing? Boys are weird.

The only thing I’ve yet to find a good option for are drawer pulls for the dresser.  Anyone have any good site ideas for drawer pulls? I’d like to add a few more gold details so I’m thinking this would be a good spot. I’m also hoping his Mimi will make me something like this because, hi, over sized art is expensive but want to have that be another place where to pull in just a touch of gold!

camden's nursery collage titled

Navy Pom Curtain | Oh Joy! for Target Crib Sheet | The Little Market Garlands here, here and this one too
Pottery Barn Bookshelf | Navy and Metallic Pillow & Grey Embroidered Pillow | Ikea Sundvik Crib
Fringe Stool | Ikea Malm Dresser | Laundry Hamper | Gray Rocker Chair | Navy Chevron Shag Rug
House of Belonging “Little Boys” Print

So…what do you think?! Am I missing anything major? The dresser will also serve as a changing table, so don’t say that :)

I can’t wait to see what you all were up to this weekend! Linking up with Biana, and Erin.

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I can not believe Christmas is just a week away! Well, Christmas Eve is a week away but Christmas Eve is essentially the same as Christmas to children of divorce like myself. Can you ever have too much Christmas, though? Don’t answer that.

ANYWAYS, being the fairly new homeowners that we are, Christmas time is one of the only times our house feels really “homey” and decorated so I thought it would be as good a time as any to show you parts of our home! My friend Megan put it best when she stopped by last week, “It looks like Christmas exploded in here!” I took it as a compliment.

Before you ask me where anything specific is from, just know that whatever it is there is, a 95% chance that it came from either Target or TJ Maxx – and probably not this year. The only exceptions I can think of are that the buffalo check throw pillows are from Nordstrom and our stockings are from Pottery Barn (and are on major sale!) Praying those stockings don’t sell out before the 23rd so I can buy another one for whomever is in my belly! Oh, and if it’s furniture, it’s probably Ikea and if not, Target :)

Disclaimer: Our house is no where near where I want it to be decor-wise. Instead of putting a ton of pressure on myself about it like I have for last year, I’m starting to embrace the fact that it is a much slower process than I anticipated and that’s ok.

Christmas Decor 4I love our entry, it’s one of the only spots in our house I really feel is complete! I love the paper stars we add during Christmas. They were from Target last year but I love this year’s gold and red versions, too.

Christmas Decor 3

Christmas Decor 6This console table under our TV is the only thing left in our living room that makes me cringe, it’s got to go ASAP. However, it is much prettier this time of year all styled up for Christmas! I frame our Christmas cards every year to use as extra holiday decor.

Christmas Decor 5Deer pillows were from JoAnn’s this year, buffalo check pillows are from Nordstrom here.

Christmas Decor 8

Christmas Decor 9

Christmas Decor 10The Merry Christmas banner in the second picture is a free printable from Just Destiny that I found here then had printed at Walgreens. We hung it above the back door last year but I love where it is in our kitchen even more!

Christmas Decor 2

Christmas Decor Collage 1Our guest bathroom is the last place that gets some major Christmas loving! Adding Christmas frames and printables in cheap frames is such a fun way to switch up your decor! I know you are all dying to know where “Ho Ho Ho” canvas is from and let me just say, I take orders 😉 (That is 100% a joke, by the way.)

Hope you enjoyed this little peek inside our home!!

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Now that I’ve reclaimed the office from the junk room it was being used as for the past year, I’m ready to start working on sprucing it up! (You can see a picture of what it looks like currently in this post). I’m excited to have a space for limited distraction blogging and when we have kids I will likely work from home a bit more than I do now – so this space is needed!

I’m also ready to have a space in our house that I can make ever-so-slightly girly. Nathan (like most men, surely) has an aversion to over-girly things. I know, how can someone not like the color pink or say no to flamingo print sheets? Mind blowing. Anyways, since this space will mostly be used by your’s truly, I’m going to add a few girly touches. Sorry hubs.

We (Nathan) have already begun the process of painting this room Snowbird White by Sherwin Williams (buh-bye ugly dark beige) but here are my other plans for the decor in this room:

Office collage

faux peony | desk | light fixturerug | ghost chair | bird print
gold metal wall art | spotty chair | pineapple pillow | bookcase

What do you guys think? This is pretty much my “too buy” list so if you know of any better pricing on similar items (or something better in general) send your ideas my way!

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Weekend Recap // Feb. 27 – March 1

weekending Collage march 2

Friday was a loooong day at work followed by catching up with some friends I haven’t seen in a while over pizza, wine and board games. Has anyone played “Would You Rather?” the game? It was ok but it is no Cards Against Humanity. We love board games around here, and I’m always looking for suggestions. If you guys have games you love leave them for me in the comments!

Saturday morning my running buddy and I needed to do nine miles according to our half marathon training schedule – a schedule that we have completely ignored for the past two weeks I might add. Turns out, taking all that time off makes running nine miles of hills not a whole lot of fun, then add in icy trails and we ended up doing more like seven and called it a day. Seven is more than zero, right?! I had to work Saturday afternoon/evening so I didn’t get my “long run Saturday” nap and crashed right when I got home.

Sunday was a perfect mix of productive and relaxing! We celebrated my youngest brother’s 12th birthday (holy cow I’m old) and I booked a hotel for the bestie trip Meg & I have coming up. Oh! And we painted the door! I’m beyond obsessed with the way it looks. We finished it late Sunday night so I couldn’t get a good picture, but I will share soon! We also got a few episodes of House of Cards under our belt Sunday night. Is it bad that I’m more into Claire’s story line so far than anything else? What do you guys think of the season so far?

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Small Bathroom Redo Inspiration – Obsessed With Pedestal Sinks

In my head, our house is divided in to two sections. The living room, kitchen, and master bed/bath to the right, and the “other” side to the left with three more bedrooms, a second full bathroom and mud/laundry room. We haven’t done much to the other side of our house yet besides unload extra furniture. Nathan uses one room as a man cave and I have my joke of an office but we do use the second bathroom often.

I love the fact that we have a second full bathroom, but it is pretty small. One of my main goals in this house is to make this bathroom seem larger because frankly, when I sit on the toilet I get claustrophobic. This is what it currently looks like…

small bathroom edited 1

See what I’m saying? Hello sink DIRECTLY to my right and hello shower DIRECTLY to my left. I get claustrophobic just looking at it in this picture!

Side note: We also haven’t painted or bought any decor for this bathroom yet. We bought the striped curtain when we moved in and then I found various beachy nick-nacks we already had, threw them in there and called it a day. Also, the off-white toilet…yuck. The whole thing is just bad.

small bathroom edited 2

I’m not willing to give up the shower/tub combo in this bathroom, so we can’t change that. The only other obvious options is to switch out the vanity to something smaller.

After looking at every picture in the “small bathrooms” section on Pinterest, Houzz, I’m starting to think a pedestal sink is the way to go. Here’s my inspiration:

small bathroom collage 1 Image Links: Photo One // Photo Two // Photo Three
small bathroom collage 2
Image Links: Photo Four // Photo Five // Photo Six

What do you guys think? Is a pedestal sink the way to go? Do you have other ideas of ways to make this bathroom feel bigger?

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