If you think November is too early to talk about Christmas, you’ve come to the wrong blog. I’ve held in my excitement for oh, about 3 weeks now and I just can’t take it any more. Thank goodness for Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. That last sentence basically sums up my day yesterday and I’m not upset about it. Percy and I will be listening to Christmas music on our walk this morning and probably each day from now until Christmas! #notsorry

I’ll stop talking about Christmas now.

Life lately has been…a lot of things. It’s kind of hard to sum up your life when you are pregnant. I go through almost every emotion, feeling, and just general state of being every day at least, if not multiple times per day.


I snapped this photo when we were carving our pregnancy announcement pumpkins last week! My pup, pumpkins waiting to be carved, and The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown – the best kind of fall night!


This cookie? I thought I wanted it. Turns out, I used it for this Instagram picture then wanted nothing to do with it so it got stale in my car and I threw it away. #pregnancyproblems My husband is going to kill me if he reads this because those cookies are his favorite. Sorry, babe!

Halloween 2015 Collage

Ahh, a pregnant Halloween. After waiting around all day (trying not to eat all the candy) we made some yummy food, settled in with A Haunting in Connecticut, and were promptly interrupted by our dog barking his head off every five minutes at the trick-or-treaters! Subdivision life. But really we love seeing all the kids! Plus, several of our favorite little ones stopped by to see us including our Godson – aka the cutest koala bear in all of the land. He was really into photos at this point in the evening, obviously.

One more thing worth mentioning here…I was asleep at 7:30 PM on Halloween. Blame it on the baby, blame it on the fact I was up until almost 1 AM the night before for work, blame it on the fact that I wake up basically every hour during the night because I’m so uncomfortable. Whatever it was I was not upset about it – I’m really trying to listen to my body right now! It’s not just me to think about any more :)


Whoops, I’m going to talk about Christmas again! If you follow me on Snapchat (rachelemily_49) you already know that I am over enthusiastic (<— just spelled that right on the first try!) about the red cups at Starbucks. No desire for a skinny vanilla latte yet but my caramel apple spice did not disappoint!

Thank you so much to those of you who may have commented on my Instagram photo last night! Any mommas reading this now, go check it out if you have an opinion (or need advice!) on the Bump Nest/Snoogle/body pillow while pregnant debate.

My weeks 9-12 updates will be up tomorrow morning! Like, for real. It’s already scheduled :)

I can’t wait to see what you all were up to this weekend! Linking up with Biana, Meg, Bella, Erin,  Carly, Carylee, and Rachelle.

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Annnnd it’s Monday again. How does this keep happening?

This was our first weekend AT HOME in over four weeks! It was glorious. There was no where I would have rather been than cleaning the house, finally unpacking my suitcase (insert embarrassed monkey emoji here), getting my fall clothes out of storage, finishing some projects, starting some projects, and washing our couch. Hashtag adulthood.

Of course, we did some fun stuff too! Saturday we went to a local hockey game with my parents and some friends which was really fun but I didn’t take one picture because I’m the worst, obviously.

IMG_5998 pumpkin patch 2015 collage
Sunday was what you could call “a basic fall day” from the weather to the activities and I loved every minute of it. After church we headed straight to the closest pumpkin patch with our Godson and besties which was the best decision ever because we got there right after it opened and there was hardly anyone there. Well, hardly anyone when you compare it to the number of people that were there when we left. Sheesh.

Side note here: I’m thinking of switching careers and becoming a farmer/pumpkin patch owner. Holy money maker Batman. I almost died as I handed over seventeen of our hard-earned dollars to literally get on a tractor to ride out to where the actual pumpkins were (picked pumpkin not included) oh, and to get lost in a corn maze. As a person who works in a small, family owned business I am pretty much always doing the math on how much money people are making based off the number of people in my line of sight and like I said, I’m switching careers.

pumpkin patch 2015 collage 2
I couldn’t leave without a few pretty pumpkins and an apple cider slushy, duh.
fall 2015 collage
Sunday afternoon I decorated the porch with our purchases (excuse the half dead plants by the door) and made this Chicken Tortilla Soup. Nathan actually really liked it and he doesn’t usually like soup! I thought it could have been more spicy. I also made cookies for the first time in…months? at least and caught up on the newest season of Reign. I loved the first season and had a hard time sticking with the second season, but am already loving this new season! Do any of you watch this show? I really haven’t found many people that do.
fall 2015 collage 2I can’t wait to see what you all were up to this weekend! Linking up with Biana, Meg, Bella, Erin,  Carly, Carylee, and Rachelle.

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Hello, Friends! Long time, no talk. Life lately has been pretty crazy but we were able to slow down last week and visit our favorite vacation spot Captiva Island, Florida for a little R & R! Captiva 2015 Collage 1

We hit the road for our approx. 14 hour trip around 5:00 Friday afternoon so we got to the island much earlier than my parents and brothers who left around midnight. We hit the grocery, got unpacked, grabbed lunch,  and went straight to the beach. We have stayed in the Captiva Shores community the last few times and I LOVE it. It is right at the beginning of the island so the beach is directly in front of you and the bay is directly behind. It also has a pool smack dab in the middle for the people staying in the community! We are much more of beach people than pool people but it’s still nice to have the option.

Side note: October is such a perfect time to visit Florida. If your schedule is flexible I would really recommend it! It’s not as blazing hot, plus it’s their slowest season so we basically had the whole place to ourselves. We went to Disney/Universal in October two years ago and I would say the same thing about that. October. Is. Awesome.

Captiva 2015 Collage 2

Day One was filled with FOOD. A yummy Mexican lunch at Cantina Captiva (because I can find any and all gauc in a 10 mile radius) then a late dinner after some beach time at on of our all time favorite spots The Lazy Flamingo. If I could eat their conch fritters (yes those spiral-y shells you find!) and shrimp caesar salad all day every day, I would.

Captiva 2015 Collage 3 Captiva 2015 Collage 4

Day Two we were back and forth from the beach to the house on and off all day thanks to Hurricane Joaquin. I have never seen waves that big or felt wind so strong and I’ve been vacationing in this spot on the gulf for almost my entire life. It was nuts. That night we went to Nathan’s first ever Crab Races at the Tween Waters Inn. It’s basically exactly what it sounds like – the stupidest thing you’ve ever seen! You pick out a hermit crab, name it (mine was McSteamy, duh) then the comedic host tells you a bunch of stupid rules to follow, dumps the crabs in the middle of the table and they race to the edge. The do a couple of “heats” until the top three are picked.

Like I said, it was Nathan’s first time and his darn crab got third place! He got $12, a third place ribbon, and a kazoo. My stinking crab just sat there and never moved. That’s what I get for naming him McSteamy instead of McDreamy I guess.

Other than a crab race, it’s basically a comedy show. The host makes up all sorts of stupid rules (ex. You can’t sit at the table and wear contacts – hence why I am wearing goggles in some of the pictures.) There is a family show at 6 PM, which is the one we went to since we were with my brothers, and an “adult” show at 9 PM. It’s definitely worth going if you are in the area!

Captiva 2015 Collage 5

Day Three was pretty laid back! More beach time then we made dinner and played some board games. My brother’s got the biggest kick out of Evansville-opoly which is just like Monopoly but customized to our town.

Captiva 2015 Collage 6

Pretty much every day after that was more of the same! Beach, beach, beach, beach, dinner. I loved it! I read so many good books – I will definitely be reviewing them here soon.

There were SO MANY dolphins out this year! That top picture isn’t even the time they got closest to the boys in the water. It was so crazy. Another time there were packs swimming by of like 5-6 at a time all day. It was so so so cool!

Captiva 2015 Collage 7

The Bubble Room is another one of our all time favorites and CAN NOT be missed! Carolina Moons (homemade chips with cheese and bacon) and chocolate cake. There was some sort of real food in the middle there but I can’t be bothered to remember what it was. They are famous for their cake selection here and for good reason! Cheesecake, rum cake, chocolate cake, orange cake…the list goes on and on and all of them are delicious.

Captiva 2015 Collage 8

Like I said earlier, there were sunrise and sunsets views just steps from our door! Though I can’t say we were ever up early enough to see the sun rise we were faithful sun set watchers. I mean…look at those views!

Captiva 2015 Collage 9

I think it is 100% safe to say that Captiva is my favorite place in the whole world. Hands down! Do you all have a place where your family has vacationed for as all as you can remember? Let me know in the comments!

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Well guys, Nathan and I made it a whole year 😉 Juuust kidding. It was a great year! Not without it’s growing pains but maybe we’ll talk about that more later. I can definitely tell you the growing pains were worth it! I can say with 100% certainty that I love Nathan more than I did one year ago when we got married and I don’t see that slowing down. What more could you ask for?

Friday after work we headed back to where it all started a year ago (aka where we had our wedding) – New Harmony, Indiana. It is a big wedding destination in our area and we loved celebrating our wedding there! It is a super quaint, pretty, tiny town just about 40 minutes away from where we live – just far enough away to feel special.  It will forever be an easy, but special place to head for our anniversary to have a nice dinner and a night away from the house/dog/whatever. I hope we get to spend a lot of anniversaries there!
nathan rachel first anniversaryAnniversary CollageOnce we checked in and threw on something more presentable than driving clothes we headed straight to a nice dinner at the Inn’s restaurant The Red Geranium. I totally cheated on my 21 Day Fix over dinner and it was totally worth it! It’s all about balance. Side note: I’m super sad the only picture I got of us is this super-grainy selfie but what can you do?

BB Dakota Dress (Sold Out – Similar Here) | Happiness Boutique Necklace

first anniversary new harmony CollageThe next morning we found coffee and breakfast before just wandering around town for several hours. New Harmony is pretty notorious for having not a lot going on – except for the weekend we chose to get married. This specific weekend in September they have a German festival called Kuntsfest which is basically a huge craft/vendor fair with tons of German food mixed in. New Harmony also has some unique stores (I got a delicious smelling bar of locally made soap) and cool landmarks like the one above. That third picture is of a place called “The Roofless Church” and it’s actually where my dad and step-mom got married over 15 year ago! I spent a good amount of time in New Harmony as a child but Nathan had never been outside of our wedding. Obviously, we didn’t have a lot of time to just wander last year so it was cool to show him around.

rachel first anniversary flowersExcuse the super awkwardness of my face but aren’t these the most beautiful first anniversary flowers you have ever seen?! They make my house smell fantastic too. What are the odds they’ll last forever? A girl can dream.

IMG_5692Other than that, life was pretty crazy busy last week! Nathan was out of town which in all honestly sometimes makes me think I’ll have a break to maybe watch a girly movie or something but in the end just really makes me grateful for all he does to help me around the house. Trash and DISHES? Blech.

My work schedule was off the charts crazy last week but I’m pretty proud of how well I stuck to my 21 Day Fix plan! Life happens and I’m sure I didn’t eat perfectly (I tried really hard!) but I did do every workout. I can’t tell you the last time I worked out for seven days in a row so… #BOOM. I call that a win. I really want this to be a lifestyle change anyways, not just a quick fix. And let’s be honest if you told me I’d never be able to have an indulgent meal again I’d throw your clean eating right back in your face :)

PS. I’m really loving Live Love Lead by Hillsong Church’s founder Brian Houston. I would totally recommend it for any level of “leader.”

Thanks for all your help on this Instagram post. I ordered Me Before You, Girl on the Train and (of course) The Hypnotist’s Love Story. What would YOU say the best book you’ve read all year is?

I can’t wait to see what you all were up to this weekend! Linking up with Biana, Meg, Bella, Erin,  Carly, Carylee, and Rachelle.

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I know, I know, I’m a day late and several dollars a dollar short but here I am! Life this past week has been fairly laid back in some ways, but crazy pants in other ways. AKA we spent some much needed time this weekend chilling out after a long week and before the next few weeks are complete, utter insanity from start to finish. But that is our life and I wouldn’t want it any other way :) Here is a glimpse into our life, lately!

IMG_5580Any time I am at home this guy is either touching me, or near enough to me he could touch me if the mood strikes. I think it is because he likes me best (obviously) but Nathan keeps saying absurd things like “It’s because you give (DROP!!) him food.” Like I said, nonsense.

IMG_5573Cheer season is in full swing! This week involved multiple practices, money collecting (THE WORST), t-shirts and fundraisers (THE SECOND WORST). And of course all of these things happened on the same day because I’m either the worst planner OR think I can do everything and have a hard time saying no. One of those statements is true. Which brings me to…

IMG_5613On Thursday I shared a little of my heart over on Instagram. About how I am a people-pleaser and DOER by nature. Head over there if you want the full run down but long story short, I’m making a conscience effort to put myself first more often. My health has taken a a backseat this year while I adjust to married, homeowner, dog mom life and let me just say, it shows. (See exhibit below)

IMG_5635I picked up this mirror last summer at a yard sale for $15 and I just got around to filling the holes and cleaning it up this past weekend. It didn’t even take me all day Sunday so now I’m kind of kicking myself for not doing it sooner! It’s now a very pale seafoam green color that I got on clearance for like, $1 at Lowes. I can’t wait to put this in our room and start taking more selfies 😉

fall CollageTechnically fall doesn’t start for SIX more days and even though I’m not one to waste a second of summer, you can’t argue with 61 degrees at 11 AM on a Sunday.  Light sweaters were worn to church and many hours outside were had. Glorious. Fall, I’m ready for ya!
Happiness Boutique Necklace | Single Thread Boutique Sunnies | Lou & Grey Sweater


So I started my first 21 Day Fix Challenge Group on Monday and I am loving it! 30 minute workouts I can do at home? Support and encouragement from other women doing the same thing for 21 days straight? Right up my alley. I was skeptical at first because I normally do longer workouts but I am LOVING this workout program! Quick and effective. I’ve been eating super clean too and I already feel so different. Did anyone else start on Monday?

IMG_5654For me, so much of keeping my eating on track is meal planning and prep. Sunday I made a big batch of egg muffins and they couldn’t have been easier to throw together! Whisk up 12 eggs and all the veggies you want then bake for 15-20 minutes at 400 and bam! SO yummy and so good for you. I put a little Sriracha on the top, too. Over the top.

So that’s our life lately! Happy Thursday friends! We’re almost there :)

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