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Month Eight | 32-35 Week Update

How far along: 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant today!

Size of Baby: The app says a papaya butttt it also says he should be around 5.75 lbs and our ultrasound last week estimated he is more like 7lbs. So we might have a big boy on our hands! 9 out of 10 people have told me they were way off on weight when they estimated, but one person has said they were right on and out popped a 10 lb baby. We will see!

Gender: A precious little boy!

Movement: Most of the month I would say he was the same as last month, lots and lots of rolling around and moving. But over the last few weeks, not so much. He has definitely slowed his roll, but it just depends. For instance right now he is going nuts but it’s the first time I’ve really felt him all day.

Weight Gain: Up 30-something pounds. Ugh. I have retained some serious water the last few weeks. I finally had to take my wedding ring off for good. (Especially after hearing how Brittney’s got stuck for real). I share a little about how difficult it was for me to accept here on Instagram. I’ve gotten so many “Your belly is so huge for still having X number of weeks!” that seeing such a significant weight gain over just two weeks put me right over the edge.

Sleep: I have a pretty solid routine right now where I’m up every two hours (almost on the dot) to use the bathroom. I can usually go right back to sleep most of the time, though.

Workouts: Lots of walks! But they are sloooow. And getting shorter. Percy and I took a pretty long one on Monday and I ended up having several contractions later that morning. So I’m not sure if that was a good idea or not. I’m going to go with not until I see my doctor on Thursday.

Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes, all the time. Not even my baggiest shirts fit over this bump anymore. Some of Nathan’s t-shirts don’t even fit – which is just mind boggling to me!

Symptoms: My heartburn and simmered down (thank you Jesus) but the exhaustion is still very real. Also, swelling in my legs and feet because of the water retention. It actually hurts, which I didn’t expect for some reason.

Cravings/Aversions: None really. I enjoy something sweet after dinner more than I ever have, though. I’m usually not a dessert person!

Missing Most: Still just Mexican food (the residual heartburn is just not worth it) and this beautiful spring weather has me missing running something fierce.

Nursery: We rearranged some of the furniture this weekend and I like it a lot more. We still have a couple of things to hang on the walls and then I should be ready to share it with you guys!

Nathan: Has been a busy bee helping me nest around the house :) Putting together furniture, cleaning out the garage, installing car seats and more! Don’t feel bad for him, he watches a lot of baseball as well :)

Best Part of the Month: Baby shower number two! Ugh, so much fun and at the most beautiful, unique location I have ever seen! I have a post started called “A Tale of Two Baby Showers” but zero motivation to blog most nights. Someday.

I can’t believe this is my last (hopefully) monthly post! Here they are in all of their glory :) Maybe by the next time I’m pregnant I’ll really have it together and will have a picture for every month. Lolololol.

5 month pregnany collage

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thirty two weeks

Month Seven | 28-31 Week Update

How far along: 32 weeks today! Some days I can not fathom we will HAVE A CHILD in eight short weeks! Cue the freaking out/uncontrollable excitement.

Size of Baby: A squash. When I told Nathan this he said, “What does that mean? Aren’t there A LOT of different kinds of squash?!”  Uhh…yes? And then I wanted some grilled yellow squash. YUM.

Gender: A precious little boy! An ultrasound last week left NO DOUBT in my mind he is a boy. Zero.

Movement: Changed so much again this month! He rolls, and rolls, and rolls around in my stomach basically all day, every day. A few times (usually after dinner) it has almost gotten annoying! Which I feel bratty even saying but it’s true. He is a very active little boy. I’ve had people see my belly move from across the room, which is so weird.

Weight Gain: Up 20-something pounds.

Sleep: Sleep was really hit or miss this month. Some nights I slept great and others were the most miserable nights I’ve had. Heartburn is a nightly occurrence now no matter what I eat and I’ve had some trouble with the muscles in my sides pulling, which makes it hard to then try to sleep on your side. One night my left side felt like it was practically on fire from my hip to my shoulder and they told me he was probably touching a nerve. So much fun.

Workouts: Mostly long walks with the dog and prenatal yoga. That’s about all we can handle at this point. My arms feels like jello though so I’m going to really try to do some light free weights more regularly.

Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes, all the time. Not even my baggiest shirts fit over this bump anymore. Some of Nathan’s t-shirts don’t even fit – which is just mind boggling to me!

Symptoms: So tired. So much heartburn. So much stretching of my stomach muscles. He is sitting (or whatever you would call it) SUPER high which makes sitting/breathing kind of hard…Hmm, I’m sure there are more but those are the worst things! I hear that it’s all worth it in the end, though 😉

Cravings/Aversions: I wouldn’t say I have had true cravings or aversions but I do get very hungry, very quickly and have not been great about keeping enough healthy food around so I’ve been eating way more junk than usual. Must do better at that.

Missing Most: Mexican food (the residual heartburn is just not worth it) and my regular workouts! Someone asked me what I missed most throughout this pregnancy the other day and the first thing I said was “working out.” Sad but true!

Nursery: Is officially cleaned out, painted, and the furniture is put together. Now I need to decorate and organize – my favorite parts! Will share lots of pictures when we are done but for now, there have been some sneak peeks on Instagram!

Nathan: Has been gone a lot this month traveling for business which has admittedly been harder than I expected it to be. Shout out to the single mommas out there. No for real. There were times this month I felt overwhelmed being pregnant, taking care of this dog, and this house on my own plus working! I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like when he has to travel when the baby is here. I know I’ll be able to do it and I’ll be fine/better in the end but woof, that’s not going to be a fun transition.

Best Part of the Month: Hands down, my first baby shower! It. Was. Incredible. Hopefully, I’ll have a recap with more pictures to share another day but for now here’s me and one of my (seven) hostesses, one of my sisters!
baby shower with gretlMy dress is from H&M’s MAMA line here

Other Stuff I Want to Remember:
1. These 4D ultra sound pictures! So different compared to last month’s where he looked like a straight up alien. Now he looks like a real baby!
7 month ultra sound Collage

2. Percy is completely obsessed with protecting me and loves to lay across my belly whenever possible. I blame him for the radio silence on the blog because it’s real hard to blog when your lap looks like this every night…

And for kicks…
28-32 WEEK PREGNANCY CollageKeep on growing baby boy!

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Tips for feeling good during pregnancy header
Guys, getting dressed and just generally feeling good in your body while pregnant can be really hard. I know a lot of bloggers that make it seem like sunshine and rainbows and well, maybe they actually really feel like sunshine and rainbows – good for them! I however, have felt like a completely different person has taken over my body (which I guess is kind of true) from day one of this pregnancy, and I have had to really fight to hold on to some of my good pre-pregnancy habits like you know, washing my hair and doing at least semi-regular physical activity. Regular “bump style” outfit posts on the blog? No, never.

These things were a little easier at first, but since moving in to the third trimester (where everything is swollen and I have about two pieces of clothing that fit that I haven’t worn 100x already, eye roll) it’s gotten extreme. But, even on my laziest, most tired feeling days, I have figured out a few things that have helped me feel semi-normal during this whole process.

  1. Cut yourself some slack. You are growing another person for goodness sake. This is 100% easier said than done and as cliche as it is, I need to hear it just as much as you! You will feel different. You ARE different. Embrace it.
  2. Keep it moving. I was really into physical activity before I got pregnant. Running, bi-weekly boot camp workouts, power yoga, and long walks with my dog/husband were all part of my normal, day-to-day routine. “They” say that you should be able to safely keep up with whatever activity you were doing pre-pregnancy and to that I say HA. Hahahahaha. I had terrible lower back pain from day one so running? No. I could make it maybe a half mile before my back would start screaming. Burpees during boot camp? Never going to happen. This was very hard (and still is) for me to accept. So instead it was/is extra long walks with the dog, gentle yoga, and a little elliptical here and there – all for my sanity if not only for my health.
  3. Make an effort with your appearance. I am a daily full hair/makeup kind of girl and I have been since graduating high school (when I wore sweatshirts almost everyday because I was so insecure about my body #truestory). Am I tired after waking up at midnight, 2 AM, and 4 AM to go to the bathroom every night? YES. Am I busy with my regular job, coaching cheerleading, blogging, and taking care of my house/dog/husband? UHH YEAH. I could definitely use the extra sleep/time that curling my hair and putting on makeup takes, but I feel so much more like “myself” when I do these things that if I don’t, I spend the entire day regretting it.
  4. Buy clothes that fit and that you feel cute in. I talked in my maternity wear essentials post about how much more comfortable you will be once you embrace maternity clothes, but getting to that mindset can be hard! It’s hard to find things that fit (when pre-pregnancy you had finally figured out how to order online from your favorite store and now you have to learn their maternity sizes which are completely different), you just don’t feel good in things because you are still learning to embrace your new body, and (if you are ballin’ on a budget like me) it’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that you are spending money on a top or dress that you will only be wearing a handful of times. That’s why I love stores like Pink Blush Maternity who have cute, on trend, maternity wear pieces that don’t leave my wallet crying with full on buyers remorse.

One outfit that I have been loving lately…

IMG_0893 edited 2

IMG_0873 edited

IMG_0923 edited

IMG_0921 editedTop c/o Pink Blush | Leggings | Bag (Similar) | Booties (Similar)

…a flowy top, leggings, booties, and cute accessories! I really wear some version of this outfit at least five days a week. It’s comfortable and cute enough to make me feel good throughout a long day!

Now for the giveaway! The sweet girls at Pink Blush Maternity were kind enough to send me this top and a $50 gift card to give to one of you ladies. These sweet ladies really know what they are doing – they have so many cute things and have great sales. Make sure you turn on the Instagram notifications for their page here so you don’t miss any! I’m still eyeing this robe for the hospital, these open-toe booties (Do I have a thing for black booties? Yes), and this floral hoodie – swoon! I also need to find a couple dresses for my showers! So I’m deciding between this striped one, this lavender chiffon, or this pretty floral one. What do you guys think?

Non-pregnant friends, make sure you enter as well! Pink Blush has a regular boutique you should absolutely check out here! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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28 weeks edited 2

Ohhhh, what a month!

Month Six | 25-28 Week Update

How far along: 28 weeks today! Time is flying but it also feels like I’ve been pregnant forever. So there’s a glimpse into the crazy that is my mind right now…

Size of Baby: Today, an eggplant. I’m at the point where I can not, not imagine these fruit/vegetables coming out of me like the baby would! Another app I have said “a camping lantern” a couple of weeks ago. Really? A camping lantern?

Gender: A precious little boy! At least, that’s what they told me. Since my friend Natalie’s big surprise I will now be only fully convinced once he is in my arms.

Movement: Changed so much this month! Which I won’t lie, threw me for a bit of a loop (more on that below) but Nathan also felt him for the first time, so that was exciting. Any time he moves, I can pretty much see it if I’m looking down. The last few days he has moved more than ever – I actually saw him move from one side of my stomach to the other while I was in the bath the other night. That is definitely one of the craziest things to experience!

Weight Gain: Up just under 20 lbs. Again, I’m pretty sure it’s all in my face. Yuck.

Sleep: What is sleep? The first few weeks of this month sleep was getting better, aka I wasn’t staying awake every time I woke up to turn over or go to the bathroom – HOORAY! But within the last two weeks a new monster called heartburn has taken over my sleep life (er life in general). So that’s fun. Last night was a particularly bad (like zero sleep) with hip/lower back pain but that is likely because I missed my chiropractor appointment on Friday.

Workouts: Sloooow but happening! I’ve also been going to my regular yoga class and modifying but I start a real prenatal yoga class this week and I’m so excited!

Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes, all the time. Not even my baggiest shirts fit over this bump anymore!

Symptoms: Missing that second trimester magic! It feels like I’m living in the first trimester but everything is 50x more extreme. Exhaustion. Heartburn. Lowerback pain. Who’s body is this? Heartburn has been the worst this month, by far. I took eight Tums before dinner last Saturday. All that calcium has really started to back things up, if you know what I mean. Which is just another example of first trimester torture coming back even worse.

Cravings/Aversions: Neither, really! I’m learning things to stay away from to help manage my heartburn (tomatoes sugar) but that certainly doesn’t mean I don’t want them.

Missing Most: My regular workouts – running and HIIT workouts. Basically pushing my body to the limit physically. It’s just as much mentally clarifying to me than good for my body and I neeeed it!

Nursery: Is officially cleaned out and painted! Now on to furniture and decorating.

Nathan: Has been such a huge support to me mentally this month. I have been a real nutcase at times and he has been great at at least seeming to take me seriously (even though I know there have been times where that must have been the hardest thing in the world to do) and talking me down. He is also the lightest sleeper ever so I know my terrible sleep habits have been affecting him, but he hasn’t complained!

Best Part of the Month: Sending out invites to shower number one and making plans for shower number two! I can’t wait to celebrate this little boy with our family and friends!

Other Stuff I Want to Remember
1. We went to our childbirth, breastfeeding, and baby care class this month! I truly found it fascinating, Nathan not so much, lol. They really tried to focus on the dad’s roll at points too keep their interest but it was mostly about what would happen to the woman, obviously.

2. I had so much anxiety during the first part of this month. So so so much. Camden decided to change the nice little routine we had going on of when I could feel him and was pretty quiet/calm for a few days in a row – which about sent me over the edge. This was right around the time that there was a Lysteria outbreak in the U.S. So one night (er morning, I think it was about 3 AM) I woke up to go to the bathroom and was just overcome with anxiety about not feeling him move. My stomach hurt too and I was fully convinced I had Lystera because I had eaten half of a Subway sandwich offered to me out of desperation that day. So I laid there silently crying for about 40 minutes before I finally woke Nathan up so he could calm me down. Poor guy. Another great example would be a night a few ays later when Nathan came home to me having a pity party in our bed because I hadn’t felt the baby distinctly at all again that day. He put his hand on my belly and just started chatting about his day and he finally felt Camden kick for the first time! Poor guy couldn’t even enjoy his moment because I immediately started bawling my eyes out in relief. Yes, I realize I’m a nutcase.

HOLY COW, I can’t believe it has grown this much in the last five weeks! Again, I thought I had such a serious bump in that first photo, lol! It’s so hard to wrap my head around the fact that it’s going to get even bigger!24-28 week compare

Can’t wait to catch up with you all today! Linking up with Biana, Erin, Katie, and Christine.

Now that you know how much of a nutcase I am, feel free to follow along with me below 😉

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23 weeks edited 2

So raise your hand if you are surprised that the weekly bump updates didn’t last. Let me be the first to not raise my hand. It has a lot to do with the fact that trying to make time to take the photos while it was still light outside was stressing me out, let alone finding the time to blog. Come back soon, summer. Monthly updates seem like a much more realistic goal at this point!

That picture above? It does not even do the flatness of my belly button area justice. It’s so weird! My belly is super round above and below my belly button but right there it’s completely flat! It’s also W-I-D-E. My belly button is like a crater – my cheerleaders love to point out how big it is, lol!

Five Months | 20-24 Week Update

How far along: I’m actually 23 weeks while writing this :)

Size of Baby: A grapefruit

Gender: A precious little BOY! We can not wait to meet you, Camden Lewis Sansing!

Movement: He moves ALL the time! I have figured out a few of his patterns at this point including: almost every night after I eat dinner, when we start the praise and worship portion of church, when he hears all of my cheerleaders yelling at practice, and several times I swear he has recognized Nathan’s voice a few times when he has come home from work and started moving! It’s so incredible.

Weight Gain: Up 10ish pounds at this point I think. I think five pounds of that is in my chin. Eye roll.

Sleep: Better now that I have been going to the chiropractor regularly but it takes a lot of pillows to keep me comfortable! I do wake up a few times every night but most of the time I can go right back to sleep after using the bathroom or changing the side of my body I’m sleeping on. Sometimes I can’t go back to sleep for an hour or more and I’m up for a while, but it’s rare. We’re at the point where I can absolutely not sleep in even my most baggy t-shirts, only Nathan’s give me the room I need not to feel like I’m suffocating.

Workouts: Nathan and I have been going to the gym most mornings and I have been trying to stretch more lately. Feeling good during them!

Maternity Clothes: I can still fit into a few pre-maternity sweaters and looser tops, but I’m most in maternity stuff now and let me just say – it’s so much more comfortable once you embrace it, ladies. Planning to do a whole post on my favorite maternity pieces so far very soon!

Symptoms: Just hungry. All. The. Time. Starving. Especially on days that we workout in the mornings.

Cravings/Aversions: No aversions at all really any more but craving sugar like never before.

Missing Most: My boot camp workouts – mostly jumping! I just don’t trust myself and my balance to jump at this point. Also missing the occasional refreshing Red’s Apple Ale or Angry Orchard. Sometimes it just sounds so delicious!

Nursery: See our plans on this post! I’m still working on getting his room cleared out of junk but have made a few purchases!

Nathan: I will never forget the look on his face when they told us we were having a son!!

Best Part of the Week: Getting Camden’s first Baby Gap haul in the mail! So many tiny adorable things!

Other Stuff I Want to Remember: A few things happened this month I want to remember…
1. My hair is never oily any more (I’ve been a must wash once a day girl for my entire life). I can seriously go three days between washes and I really could go even longer than that but I feel like it has got to be smelly by that point.

2. We had a scare this month that sent us to the ER to make sure I wasn’t having contractions. I started having significant pain on the right side of my abdomen around 10 AM one day and it got increasingly better, then worse for several hours in few minute increments.  There were some other things going on as well that made us (my doctor and I) all worry about pre-term labor. I watch waaaay too much Grey’s Anatomy so of course my mind went right to my baby in the NICU for the next several months so of course I had a full on meltdown. I’m talking, thank goodness God gave me such a level-headed husband who can talk me down or they probably would have had to sedate me. When Nathan and I got to the hospital, they hooked me up to machines to monitor Camden’s heartbeat and another to determine if I was having contractions. Thankfully, I wasn’t and the baby was totally fine so after a few other tests and a chat with the ER doctor they sent us home. They couldn’t really say what was causing the pain (maybe my gallbladder or just a strained muscle) and told me to come back if I got a fever or suddenly felt much worse. Of course I felt like a nutcase when it was over but was very relieved to know I was not in pre-term labor.

3. Let’s end on a funny melt-down story shall we? As I say in this post I have been living for my chiropractor appointments and had been having some pain all week before my Friday appointment but kept telling myself to hold out until then. Nathan was kind enough to tell me there was a bad wreck on the highway near our house while he was on his way to work so I left my house almost 40 minutes early to make it the 15 mins it usually took me to get there. As soon as I turned out of our neighborhood I knew I wasn’t going to make it. Traffic both ways was at a complete standstill and I couldn’t see the beginning or the end. Anyways, I had a full on melt-down, called my chiropractor’s office sobbing telling them I wouldn’t be able to make it, then took the sobbing to new levels when they told me it would be a week before she could fit me in (I swear I was in a lot of pain). It was so embarrassing but hey, they ended up being able to get me in that day sooo…

And just for kicks and giggles…
15-23 WEEK PREGNANCY Collage…I really thought I had a nice, noticable bump in that last picture. HA. hahahahahahaha.

Please tell me someone out there has an embarrassing break down story they can tell me to make me feel better?

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