Weekend Recap

Monday, Monday, Monday. Don’t no body like you, why you still a thing?

Actually, I’m pretty excited for today. Well, tonight. My cheerleaders have the exhibition we have all been pouring our hearts and energy into the last few weeks, so wish us luck!

Anyhoo…weekend! I won’t say this weekend was the most eventful I’ve had in the last few weeks, but it was a nice mix of productive and relaxing and just what I needed!

PicMonkey Collage

Friday night was spent first at cheer practice. They killed it and I only had to tell one girl where she could take her attitude (it was along the lines of “somewhere far from me” if you couldn’t put that together yourself). Then myself and the other coach/my roommate/my landlord/my future sister in law went to one of my newest favorite sushi places for dinner. Give me all the rolls that incorporate jalapenos. Then we went back to our place and talked extensively about if we were going to wake up and go to yoga the next morning or not. I’ll let your imagination run wild wondering if that happened. (Hint: it didn’t).

PicMonkey Collage2

Saturday was spent doing mostly boring, adult things like cleaning the house and running errands. I also spent a good chunk of the day “working” (aka crafting that poster up there) from the comfort of my bed. I also did some total cliche blogger things like eat that delicious gelato and buy a Sugar Paper planner. Not disappointingly, my late night plans fell through, so I spent the rest of my evening reading almost every single post from Venus Trapped in Mars’ Saturday Sessions. Including downloading this super cute wallpaper for my phone.

Sunday. Oh Sunday, how I’ve loved you since graduating. I feel pressure to continue to be productive most Saturdays (unless we are talking about doing homework, that ish was ALWAYS done at 6 PM on Sunday) but Sunday…ahhh. I feel like I can finally relax. If you know me, “relaxing” hardly ever means sitting on my couch watching Snapped marathons, but my version of relaxing. This week that included taking pictures for a future blog post, making cupcakes for my cheerleaders, doing this awesome workout, cooking dinner with my finace and  finally…watching E! Red Carpet coverage and the Grammy’s.  THAT, my friends, is a fun filled Sunday in my book. Make sure to come back tomorrow for my Grammy fashion/show recap. I also didn’t take any pictures…fail.

How was your weekend? I love being a busy, social person but these low key weekends are much appreciated. My coming weekend is already booked and I’m already looking forward to it.

So in Love vs. Hate to Love

Like most women (or so I’ve heard) I contradict myself at least 59.638% of the time. It’s our right since there are certain times of the month where most of us could be considered clinically insane, I say. So tonight I’m giving you…5 things I’m currently loving, and 5 things I’m hating to love.


Currently Loving

1. Breaking Bad. I know, I know I’m a little (lot) late to hop on this train. But, I’m hooked. More specifically I love the fact that my finance and I have time to watch Breaking Bad…together! Glorious. It’s his second time through the series so we are going pretty slow. But let’s just say, I’m fully contemplating heading down the same route as ol’ Walt to pay for this wedding. Or a house. Or a new car. Whichever, I won’t be picky!

2. My Valentine’s decorations from the $1 section of Target. THESE. Best $3 I’ve spent in a while. If I was a good little blogger who didn’t wait until 9:45 PM to come up with a blog post, I would add a super cute picture of my desk area right now. Maybe I’ll remember to Instagram it/them tomorrow. But let’s just say, “Be <3 Mine” sign + Pink Heart Garland + Mini Vase +$3 = instant happiness. GIVE ME ALL THE HOLIDAY THEMED DECORATIONS. Especially when they come from the dollar aisle. Mmhmm.

3. Award show season. And we are in the thick of it! I’m less about the actual show (Especially the Oscars…ZZZzzzz) but gimme all the fashion. The Golden Globes did not disappoint, and the Grammy’s are up next this weekend. Expect a full recap of the fashion & show here on Tuesday. Obviously, I’m expecting to be blown out of the water somewhere between Beyonce and Jay Z. Throw a little JT & TSwift in there an I’ll probably just die of excitement.

4. My cheerleaders. I know I mentioned them yesterday. But I’m actually obsessed with them. It may be on the verge of creepy. Jury’s still out on that one. But really, they are pretty good and I can’t get over how happy it is making me to be coaching again. They are sucking up all of my free time these past few weeks, but it will all be worth it Monday at their performance.

5. My wedding dress. Random, but I was showing my friends some pictures of it tonight and I just really can’t get over how pretty it is. I’m actually sad I only get to wear it one time. If/when it comes home to me, I will most likely put in on every day until the wedding. Not that this currently happens with my wedding band…


1. Teen Mom 2. Can we all just agree that this show/these people are disgusting? Now that we did that, can we talk about why we all CAN’T. STOP. WATCHING. So cliche, but it really is like watching a train wreck. I can not look away.

2. My job. I hate to love my job mostly because I know how blessed I am to be excited to go to work every day and sometimes I feel guilty about it. I know not everyone is so fortunate and I don’t ever want take these feelings for granted.This is also true because, truth be told, I really haven’t loved my job over the past 6 months. But lately, I have such a passion for it. I don’t know if it’s the whole new year/fresh start/let’s make this the best year ever excitement, or the fact that I feel like I can actually focus on doing new things to improve the business instead of just getting by.

3. Justin Bieber’s demise. I’m sure I should feel some sort of sympathy, somewhere for this monster our society has created, but I’m not sure I do.  If you couldn’t see this one’s troubles today coming you may want to come out from under that rock there, sweetie. But seriously, that mug shot. THE ACNE. *insert laughing so hard you are crying emoji here*

4. My super sore body. It’s been about six weeks since the last time I did boot camp twice in the same week, and maaaaan am I feeling it. I’ve been a pretty active person the last few years (yoga, Insanity, boot camp, running) and I’ve never been so sore in my life. Not even after my first competitive cheerleading practice, and I will NEVER forget that pain. Now if I could stop eating so this soreness would pay off a little more…

5. The Polar Vortex. Alright, hear me out on this one. Does it suck when you walk outside and your exposed skin feels like its being stabbed with a million tiny needles? Absolutely.  But do I look super cute in my winter gear? You bet. But really, I’m actually loving the challenge of being warm & stylish at the same time. It’s a game my closet and I have been playing every morning.

I’d love to add something clever and witty here to wrap all this up, but it’s 10:41 PM and those who know me know my brain goes into complete shutdown mode at 10:30. So really, I’ll consider myself lucky if those last few sentences made any sense.


Really, I’ve never been a “goal setter.” I’ve never been the one to set major goals or plans for my life. I want to have experiences and memories, have true relationships, and be the best version of myself I can, but that’s really it. However, this January marked the first I haven’t been a full-time college student with a full-time job in over 6 years, so obviously, my life feels completely different. I have time to actually THINK about the long-term instead of what has to be done right this minute. And I have to say, I love it. I have really felt challenged to live more intentionally in 2014.

I’m sure you all are super tired of goal posts by now. But I really think there is something to be said for the accountability you feel after writing out, and in this case, sharing your goals with the world. By the world I mean all seven of you who have already checked this blog today :). PS I love you all.

I may not be a goal setter, but I don’t think I’ve ever done anything, productive at least, that wasn’t written on a to-do list. So that is the way I look at this list. A to-do list of my intentions for my life now that I am a college graduate. Let’s get to it.

grad goals

1. Blog – Well lookie there! 21 days into the year and I’m checking things off the list. Yay me. But really, blogging is something I have wanted to do for a long time. So far I’m loving it as an outlet for my feelings and emotions. Feelings and emotions are my specialty, so look out for more of those. My fiance claims I’m dramatic, I like to call it passionate.

2. Read Books for Fun – Failing at this so far. Failing hard. I guess I’m still not recovered from the past 6 (er 20?) years of school where they force you to read books. I used to love to read and have a ton of books pilled up at home and on my iPad I WILL get to. But I really just want to reread the Harry Potter books. Nerd alert.

3. Volunteer/Give Back – I can’t claim it was exactly intentional, but an opportunity to help my roommate coach a middle school cheerleading team for a few weeks kind of fell in my lap, so that totally counts. Side note: I am LOVING getting back into this coaching thing. I have missed coaching girls who can actually do stuff. I think I’m going to be able to coach this team for the entire season next year, so fingers crossed that everything works out.

4. Eat better – I’m just going to say, no. I won’t go in to how I ate Penn Station last night for dinner, pizza tonight, and have a date with girl friends tomorrow at my favorite Mexican place. Oh, wait…

5. Save Money – I funded my college education almost 100% on my own, with cash, not loans. Hence the many jobs. I have always lived paycheck to paycheck, essentially, so I’m excited to start saving some money. I’m doing ok, but have made some large wedding related purchases over the last few weeks. Definitely am going to have to make this more of a priority.

6. Buy a House – Still a pipe dream for today my friends. But we are working as hard as we possibly can to make this a reality in the next 2-3 months.

7. Get Married – I’m only half of the equation here, but I’m pretty sure this will happen on a certain day in September. Lord knows we’ve shelled out enough money already. Elope people. Just do it.

There we have it. Write down your intentions! I swear, it helps.


The Only Thing That Feels Right

But on the other hand, nothing feels right tonight.

My second post in and I already have to bring sadness here. But that is the twisted, sick, real world we live in and this blog will not be a place where I ignore that part of the world. Especially on days where it is thrown in my face.

This morning I was tweeting back and forth with my little sister, a student at Purdue University. We were chatting about how we missed each other and couldn’t wait to see each other in a few weeks when she comes home. Not 10 minutes later I get a message from another one of my sisters, who is also a Purdue student, that there was a shooting in the building where my aforementioned sister was attending class. She is completely safe, thank God, but one teaching assistant is not. His family isn’t sitting around tonight thanking God for protecting their loved one, like I am.

Immediately after hearing about the shooting, my heart broke and I began sobbing. I cried for my sister’s safety. I cried because my family and I can’t be there to hug her and just be there for her during this traumatic time. I cried because I doubt Purdue will ever be the place of complete fun and innocence that it has always been for both of my sisters. I cried for the entire University, because so many people’s lives will never be the same. I think I’ve been numb since I stopped crying. I just can’t wrap my head around tragedy like this.

My sister is completely safe. Her entire class and everyone else in the building got out safely. It feels so wrong to thank God that there was “only” one victim. But again, I won’t be anything but real in this space, and I’m so relieved and thankful that God protected my sister today. It feels completely ironic that this happened on National Hug Day, when all I want to do is hug both of my sisters, but I can’t. Please, go hug your sisters for me, if you can.


Julep Maven Review

Julep Maven1

I received my first Julep Maven box this past week and I love it so I thought I could do a Julep Maven Review! A few weeks ago Kate posted a coupon code on her Facebook that made the box $free.ninetynine. Well ok, I paid $three.ninetynine for shipping, but still…great deal and highly recommended to try at least once! I was already a fan of Julep nail polish, but they are kind of expensive ($14/bottle) and I don’t treat myself to them often. I love that I usually only have to apply one coat, that is a HUGE plus and something I always look for in nail polish. Their colors are always really on-trend, too.

Julep Maven3

To become a Maven you first take a “test” (as you do with all these kinds of things) and tell Julep about your personal style. Then they assign you a Style Profile. There were five results available based on your answers: Modern Beauty, Boho Glam, Bombshell, Classic With a Twist, and It Girl. I got Boho Glam, which apparently means I am a “dynamic free spirit with a creative eye.” Uhhhh…maybe? Sometimes? Whatever.

Julep Maven2

My first box did not disappoint! I got two polishes, a cuticle serum and a small sample of a face primer. One of the polishes is a deep burgundy and the other a dark teal that I haven’t seen anything like before! I love them both already. The serum is already transforming my AWFUL cuticles (Seriously, they are embarrassing. I doubt you ever see a picture of my nails on this blog.) The primer was ok, but honestly I’m never impressed with primers. I don’t feel like they do much for me.

Overall, I loved my first Julep Maven box! The box is normally $19.99 and you can preview what is in your next box before you pay for it. I think that is awesome in a world of OTHER boxes where you take-what-you-are-given-and-you-best-be-happy-bout-it. Which usually means one of two things for me: A) I hate/won’t use anything in my box or B) I get hooked on an amazing product I can not afford to buy when I run out of the tiny sample. That’s what I call a lose-lose my friends.

I digress. Try a Julep Maven box, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Just remember to use the code “FREEBOX” so your’s will be free.ninetynine, too.