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It’s time for another Currently link up with Jenna and Anne! I can’t wait to see what you all are dreaming, planning, baking, making and watching this month.

Currently march 2015 Collage

Of the beach in Captiva, Florida where we will be heading with my mom’s family in a few short months! I’m particularly dreaming of this today where the forecast is somewhere between six and fourteen inches of snow depending on who you ask. (Raise your hand if you are tired of hearing about snow and how cold it is but I just can’t stop)

The rest of our summer! I’m trying to embrace the “collect moments not things” idea, which can be hard when you are new homeowners and want ALL the beautiful things for your new home. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran concerts, baseball games, girls trips – there are so many things I want to fit into our summer and I don’t want the time to get away from me!

Planning to make might be a better way to describe what I’m doing with that TV console from Liz Marie Blog. I’ve had this idea particular table in my head since we moved into our house, now I just need to make it a reality. I’m not above buying a similar one but I like the idea of doing it ourselves (and by ourselves I mean my dad) so we can customize it to the exact size we need. A girl can dream that it will happen this month, can’t she?

You all know I’m not much of a baker, but I’m hosting an after-dinner get together this week which seems like a great excuse to make these Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies from Creme de la Crumb and not have too many leftovers. I mean salted. caramel. chocolate. chip. #oinkoink

Way too much TV, per usual. Let me tell you about the TV shows I have watched just today (well yesterday technically, blog life is confusing that way sometimes): Vanderpump Rules, Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, The Blacklist and House of Cards. It’s shameful really. I’m going to go ahead and guess that 9/10 of your posts will include House of Cards also :)


Saturday Morning Reading | Volume One

saturday reading main


Saturday mornings are for blog reading (or long runs if your name is Rachel) so here is a round up of some of my favorite things from around the web this week. Hope you enjoy!

I love Target. Who doesn’t love Target? Glitter Guide rounded up 25 Target Pieces That Look Way More Expensive Than They Are and you’ve got to check out what they found. So fab.

If you have been to Paris or not (raises hand) I think you can appreciate this Walk Through Paris post from Ma Nouvelle Mode. She literally walks from one side of Paristo the other, snapping gorgeous pictures along the way. It’s like a virtual tour but better!

I have a deep love for the entire Bud Lite Lime Rita family (Cran-ber-ita and Stra-ber-ita being my faves!) so I’m always excited when they announce new flavors. Lemon-ade-rita will be out soon and I’m so interested to try it!

I have dreams about these Chicken Pesto Sandwiches from Damn Delicious pretty much any time I am not eating them. Run don’t walk to the grocery and make these today. So simple but so so so incredible.

Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere has the greatest interior decorating style so I was over the moon when she post about Rugs For Under $300 this week. Yes!

If you haven’t listened to Ed Sheeran cover Dirrty yet, we just can’t be friends anymore. Ed is just the coolest and I’ve listened to it at least 100x so far. Obsessed.

I fully intend to install some of these 26 Widgets to Dress Up Your WordPress Sidebar ASAP. Great list with several different options for each thing she suggests.

Did you guys know you can Schedule Out Your Photos on Instagram? Mind. Blown. And a total game changer! I don’t even post on Instagram a lot and even I can tell that their are certain times during the day that I get more engagement.



Realizing it’s Monday, it’s still winter, and it’s going to be below freezing every day this week so this snow is not going any where is proving to be a hard pill to swallow this morning. Has any one else come to realize that snow being on the ground is actually a really great way to save money? Before Saturday the only thing I had charged to my debit card all week were our regular groceries. I’m not trying to go any where or do anything when it’s one degree out there. #nope

weekending feb. #3 Collage
Have you taken advantage of Chik-fil-a’s free coffee February? Iced coffee all day, even when it’s 2 degrees. // Vacay dreaming // Our dog’s new favorite spot. INSIDE the lining under our mattress // Bundled up to be Nathan’s personal Macy’s shopper

Our weekend was pretty laid back with several different things being cancelled because people didn’t want to get out in the cold/freezing rain (go figure). Friday we tried a new burrito place close to us  and watched The Judge. Verdict: The burrito place is no Chipotle but it will do in emergencies. Yes, I have Mexican food emergencies often. And The Judge was really good, much better than I anticipated and definitely a must-see.

Saturday I dragged Nathan kicking and screaming to the Macy’s to buy a new pair of khakis and a sport coat. Getting that man to spend any money on himself is not a task that I hope to continue to have to argue about for the next 50 years, but I guess we will have to wait and see. Macy’s is right next to Old Navy so of course I had to pop in and buy a few of the spring staples I have seen around Blogland.
old navy spring

Shoes // Blazer // Socks

Ok, maybe the socks aren’t that popular but they are the best athletic socks I have found and I grab some almost every time I go.

Sunday we celebrate my sweet Grandpa’s 75th birthday with brunch (Where Nathan could not wear his new sport coat thanks to the lovey lady at Macy’s who did not take off the security tag. Nothing makes my blood boil more for some reason.) I also spent a lot of time vacation planning! We are going to our usual beach place with my family in May but my girlfriends want to do a girls only trip this summer too, so I’ve been researching places to go. My brain is stuck on Hilton Head for some reason, I’ve never been! Would any of you all recommend Hilton Head for a laid back girls trip? Or is there some where else? Help a girl out.

Image from Google here

Sunday also meant the Oscars! Duh. I thought the show its self was incredible. Neil-Patrick Harris killed it with that opening number. Thank God no one told me about that Sound of Music tribute too far in advance because there was no relief from my over-excitement once I knew. Obsessed. I thought Lady Gaga did incredible justice to the songs, too! I love the more serious side she has been showing lately. Then Julie Andrews came out and I died.

As great as the show was, I must say the fashion let me down once again, but maybe my expectations are too high. I don’t know. No one blew me away. No one! So disappointing. That being said, there was no one that I thought “OMG that’s terrible” either, everyone was just ehh, whatever. But here are my top three (click the link to be taken to the image source):
1424658463_jenna-dewan-tatum-zoom chrissy-teigen-at-the-oscars-2015 Jennifer-Lopez
Jenna Dewan in Zuhair Murad – Jenna always looks great and I loved the way this white dress fit her! Perfect. I also love and embellished belt so I was sold on this look!

Chrissy Teigan in Zuhair Murad – I just realized Jenna and Chrissy were wearing the same designer! Looks like I have a new favorite. I love Chrissy in general but her dresses have been hit or miss for me this season, but this one was a hit! I love the icy-blue color, the plunging neckline offset by the long sleeves and the ruffle on her hip! So pretty.

Jennifer Lopez in Elie Saab – You can proably guess by now why I love this gown. Sparkle, nude, full skirt – it’s just classic! I am tired of seeing JLo’s cleavage though.

I’m not even going to bother with my least faves, because none were really terrible! Honorable mentions in this category to Emma Stone (never lime green and NEVER at a formal event) and Dakota Johnson (blah dress with even more blah hair), though. Click the blue links to see their looks.

Have a great Monday, everyone! Linking up with Biana, Meg, Bella, and Ashley.

10 Favorite Instagram Feeds


Instagram is definitely my favorite form of social media. It’s such a great way to find some mid-day inspiration and to just connect with people! I also love finding new people to follow so today I’ve rounded up my top ten favorite Instagramers of the moment and shared the last four photos they post to show you why I love them. I also linked their accounts so it will be really easy for you to follow them too, you know, if you want.

Click the blue link to be taken to that person’s Instagram profile.

ashleybrookedesignsAshley Brooke Designs – Queen of the adorable mug (among other things)! Ashley’s feed is a lot of office inspiration and if you know me at all you know office products are the way to my heart.
glistenfitGlisten Fit – Jess is a personal trainer who shares kick-butt work outs, yummy (healthy) recipes and general motivation! Her feed has motivated me more than once to get off the couch.  
heygorgeventsHey Gorg Events – Rhiannnon is a florist and wedding planner extraordinaire! I found her feed when I was wedding-stalking but it’s so gorgeous, I didn’t give it up once my wedding was over. 
house of roseHouse of Rose – Mandy inspires me to capture our daily life with more meaning on social media. She’s so good at it. Her sweet heart & adorable boys are two more great reasons to follow her!
mckennableuMckennableu – Mckenna has such great style and the most beautiful, girly feed. You should definitely check it out!
ohjoyOh Joy – The most adorable DIY projects and adorable babies? If you don’t find Joy’s Instagram enjoyable you might need to go check yourself. 
pizzazzeriePizzazzerie – Courtney’s Instagram is packed full of entertainment inspiration. Weather it’s recipes, tablescapes or fully-styled parties if you love to throw a party, she’s your girl. 
the things she seesThe Things She Sees – Fellow Indiana girl Megan has an eye for the beautiful! Don’t miss the light, gorgeous photos she shares. 
whitvWhitv – The girl, blogger & graphic designer behind Heart and Arrow. If you need inspiration of what your brand’s feed would look like in a perfect world (or maybe that’s just me), here it is!
all she wrote notesAll She Wrote Notes – Maghon is a calligrapher and true Southern Belle! She has the most gorgeous hand writing but also the sweetest heart. Totally worth checking out.

Who are your favorite Instagramers? Anyone I am really missing out on? Leave me a comment and let me know if you decided to follow any of these ladies! Oh, and you can follow ME on Instagram here :)

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My (Amazing) Nashville Bachelorette Party

Yes, you are reading that correctly. I’m finally getting around to recapping my Nashville bachelorette party 5 months after the fact. But before I get into what will surely be a hefty post allow me one moment of classic Rachel-feels the need to explain herself-random-ness.

Everything productive I do in a day probably came from a list I wrote the day, week, month, heck hour before. But do you ever have times that you are managing SO MANY things (seemingly) well without a list that you feel like IF you were to try to write it all down you might feel “safe” and something might slip through the cracks? No? Just me?

I had those feelings a lot around my wedding time and I honestly think it is a main reason I haven’t recapped any major wedding event here on the blog. I’m honestly worried that I will write it all down and my brain will think “You’re all good! You got down everything you wanted to remember in that blog post!” and I will have forgotten something big and it will be lost forever. Maybe that is dumb, but whatever. Onward.

I’ve always loved Nashville nightlife. It’s way more laid back than a lot of big city bar scenes and the people are just generally more pleasant there for some reason, I swear. My friends and I have gone out in Nashville several times since becoming of age and I immediately knew that it is where I wanted to spend my bachelorette weekend.

Saturday morning six of my best friend’s met me my house semi-early where we loaded up two cars and headed for Nashvegas! The first thing we had planned was a Pedal Tavern Tour but we were about an hour early for our reservation so we stopped to get a quick lunch. The tour headquarters were on Demonbreun Hill which has a ton of restaurant/bar combos so we picked one and sat down. I’m pretty sure it was Tin Roof. The food was ok at best, but that quesadilla sure did the trick of at least partially filling my stomach. Also, bloody marys, yum.

Next up, the Nashville Pedal Tavern Tour!

pedal tavern edited

This was something my friend’s and I had always wanted to do and I’m SO glad we did! Basically you get on this open “tavern” contraption, pedal yourselves from bar to bar in a certain area, hop off and head into the bar of your choosing for a drink or two before getting back on and heading to the next place! Each bar they dropped you off at had a different drink special they offered to us for being on the tour (or so they said). You can either pedal around Broadway (Nashville’s main downtown bar street) or Midtown which is more for locals. Knowing we were planning to go out on Broadway that night, we chose the Midtown tour route. I loved it! I had only ever been to Broadway bars so it was a nice change and a great, more chill way to kick off the day.

Other things to know about the Pedal Tavern:
1. The cost does not include alcohol, so make sure to bring your own. There is plenty of room on board for your biggest coolers.
2. Yes, you actually pedal and propel this contraption forward. Yes, it is actually hard to do in a few places but not so bad that I wouldn’t do it again.
3. Both tours begin in the same place, but neither end back where you started so if you end up doing the pedal tavern make sure to have a plan for rides!
4. The “tavern” can hold 12 people if I remember correctly, so you may be booked with another group if you have less than that. Our tour was actually overbooked so my sister had to stand in the middle and play bartender. She was super upset she didn’t get to peddle. Also, thank God the other group of ladies were super fun, because several of us (two thumbs pointed right at the girl writing this post) can get pretty loud and obnoxious when she “get’s excited.”

Pedal Tavern Collage
Ready to get the party started!

pedal tavern stopFirst stop on the “tour.” This bar was DIRECTLY next to the building where Taylor Swift has a condo/lives when she is in Nashville. I was obviously in fan girl heaven. I also vaguely remember spending a silly amount of money on one of those “touch tunes” things at this place to play 23 by Miley Cyrus. Not sorry, that song still gets me hype.

some guy Collage
I’m really not sure who this guy is but he told us he was on an upcoming season of some show on Food Network an insisted on a photo.

Pedal Tavern Tour Verdict: I’d definitely do it again!

After we were done with the pedal tavern we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We stayed at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel which did the trick, but wasn’t anything to write home about. We kind of had to rush to open gifts (so sweet!) and play some fun games my girls put together, but it was still lots of fun with lots of laughs. Our hotel had a free shuttle downtown every half hour or so, which was a great way to save money on a cab ride. There are some truly hilarious videos of me riding shotty talking to the sweet shuttle-driver-man but those will absolutely never be making their way onto the internet. So sorry.

My two stipulations for where we went to dinner was that 1) It had to be in walking distance to Broadway and 2) It had to be somewhere more fun than fancy (this was going on hour 8 after all…) So we ended up at Margaritaville on Broadway which was a perfect fit!

After dinner we ran from bar to bar for the next several hours dancing our faces off and making all kinds of new friends. To me, there is no place more fun than downtown Nashville. The bars are such a fun mix of live and DJed music, you really can find anything to suit your taste! Actually, I’d like to go back right meow, please and thanks.

going out Collage

Other things that maybe will mean nothing to you but I never want to forget:
-Jimmy the Pedal Tavern driver
-Becoming emotional at dinner looking around at all my best friends who were there for ME.
-The other bachelorette party at the “rap” bar who were, let’s just say…obsessed with me.
-All the people who randomly told me “congratulations” every 4th step I took down the street, and the few who told me “don’t do it.”
-Eating a Nathan’s hot dog from a street vendor before heading home. (I ATE A FREAKING HOT DOG – EW! I needed my sister Gretl in this situation to take it away from me :) ) Also, the really sweet guys I talked to while I waited for my yuck-dog. I have no idea now what actually was said but I remember them being really sweet about marriage in general.
-Ellen’s not so subtle return to the hotel room.


They already know how grateful I am, but thank you again (times infinity) to my two amazing Maids of Honor for putting this weekend together for me! I could not have dreamed of having a better time than I did! And thank you to my sweet friends for leaving your families for the weekend to celebrate me. It meant more to me than you will ever really know! Let me know if there is anything that I missed so I can add it in.

If you have any questions or want any more details feel free to comment or email me!

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