Julep Maven Review

Julep Maven1

I received my first Julep Maven box this past week and I love it so I thought I could do a Julep Maven Review! A few weeks ago Kate posted a coupon code on her Facebook that made the box $free.ninetynine. Well ok, I paid $three.ninetynine for shipping, but still…great deal and highly recommended to try at least once! I was already a fan of Julep nail polish, but they are kind of expensive ($14/bottle) and I don’t treat myself to them often. I love that I usually only have to apply one coat, that is a HUGE plus and something I always look for in nail polish. Their colors are always really on-trend, too.

Julep Maven3

To become a Maven you first take a “test” (as you do with all these kinds of things) and tell Julep about your personal style. Then they assign you a Style Profile. There were five results available based on your answers: Modern Beauty, Boho Glam, Bombshell, Classic With a Twist, and It Girl. I got Boho Glam, which apparently means I am a “dynamic free spirit with a creative eye.” Uhhhh…maybe? Sometimes? Whatever.

Julep Maven2

My first box did not disappoint! I got two polishes, a cuticle serum and a small sample of a face primer. One of the polishes is a deep burgundy and the other a dark teal that I haven’t seen anything like before! I love them both already. The serum is already transforming my AWFUL cuticles (Seriously, they are embarrassing. I doubt you ever see a picture of my nails on this blog.) The primer was ok, but honestly I’m never impressed with primers. I don’t feel like they do much for me.

Overall, I loved my first Julep Maven box! The box is normally $19.99 and you can preview what is in your next box before you pay for it. I think that is awesome in a world of OTHER boxes where you take-what-you-are-given-and-you-best-be-happy-bout-it. Which usually means one of two things for me: A) I hate/won’t use anything in my box or B) I get hooked on an amazing product I can not afford to buy when I run out of the tiny sample. That’s what I call a lose-lose my friends.

I digress. Try a Julep Maven box, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Just remember to use the code “FREEBOX” so your’s will be free.ninetynine, too.